Chail – Nature’s true walk

After a long and extensive search and after looking many options, we decided to visit Chail as we heard a little about this and this time we’re looking for a peaceful place where we can enjoy nature’s peace. So, we start planning a short trip to Chail. First of all I introduce my fellow mates on this trip. Me, Sohit, Hitesh, Pooja and Anupama. Sohit booked a resort in advance as we don’t have much time to waste while we are in Chail. Finally, the day arrives.

May 13th, 2017

We left after my late office hours around 11pm. I picked rest of the mates from Shankar chowk in Gurgaon. The weather outside was very hot as it’s mid of May. It takes only half an hour to reach Delhi-Karnal bypass. We take a stop there to gather essentials for journey like water, juice and some other eatables. Then, we hit the NH1 and as the name suggest it’s the number 1 highway in India. We plan to have some snacks from Sukhdev Dhaba in Murthal which is another famous spot for Delhites.

We ordered some delicious paratha’s with mouth-watering white butter. After spending an hour or so we move ahead as still a long way to cover. The road was smooth and it didn’t took us long to reach Zirakpur from where we took state highway to Kandaghat-Shimla road. After half an hour drive, mountains were in front of us and welcoming us with the sunshine. Some road works were going between Zirakpur and Parvanoo.  At some points the road conditions were worst but soon we left that part behind and now we’re driving in hilly area.

We took a halt before Parvanoo to have some breakfast and stretch out after a long drive of more than 5 hours. Most of us having severe headache as we were not slept for a whole night, we ordered some bread butter and tea for all of us at a local dhaba on the road. Surprisingly, there are few showrooms for well renowned brands like Royal Enfield and Hyundai on that hilly reign. We took couple of pictures and it’s clear in the pic that we’re sleepy at that time. We had our breakfast and we asked for the bill it was super cheap as it costs only 100 bucks for 4 Bread butter and 4 cup tea.

Now, we’re all set to complete our journey to Chail. Soon we reached Parvanoo a small town in hills. You can get Apples, berries and some nuts at a very good price there. We cross the Parvanoo within a few minutes as it was early in the morning and no markets were open till that time. The road is little patch after Parvanoo and takes more time. After one and half hour drive we reached Kandaghat. This is a very some village. You can also reach Shimla from here and take a left turn from the main market to Chail. So we took the left after confirming from some local people.

Me infront of green peaks

I must say the road after Kandaghat is very dangerous as there are some tough turns and also only one vehicle can move freely if a four wheeler comes from front we need to stop at a distance where we can get some space to let it pass. Now, we’re moving slower the earlier. But the scenic beauty in the way is great both the sides you’ll see Pin trees and the Pine flowers which can be easily used as a home decorative.

Kandaghat Chail road

We take a short halt on the way when we get some space to park my car and clicked some pics with the unaltered nature. The place was so quite even we can listen the whizz sound made by passing air, only a few vehicles are passing in long time gaps. We take shots while sitting on road and on the milestone from where Sadhupul is around 3 KMS away. The air was so clear and refreshing that we can easily feel the difference while breathing. Our lungs which usually get cigarette puffs were enjoying unpolluted air.

Greenery overloaded

Greenery everywhere

After 2 hour drive we reached Chail city and found a temporary toll placed before we enter the city and they are charging 20 bucks each to enter the city. We enter the city and roam around a little to look out resort. After confirming from local’s we found that the resort we reserved is little away from main city. First, we were little disappointed with this but when we reach the Fernhill Resort our disappointment gone and we become quite happy with the location of the Resort.

Fernhill resort

The resort was in middle of the Jungle area and surrounded by hills from 2 sides. Luckily our rooms are balcony one’s and it opens to the hills. What else anyone want a good resort with a hill facing balcony. We checked in to resort a little early and thanks to the manager who allowed us to check in before half an hour from scheduled time. We all were very tired after 11 hours long journey.

We all took a quick bath and order some food. The food was tremendous. We fill our stomach up to full and then found ourselves in bed to have a quick nap.


Temple on the top

Sohit was the one who wake up first unwilling we all have to leave bed as we have to visit the Sunset point on the peak and also a temple which is situated on the top of the hill. Soon, we get ready and start the engine to have some great views. The road was not properly maintained. First, we reached suicide point. We all took some photos over there and plan to spend some more time in our way back. We headed towards the temple and the sunset point.

It was surprisingly cold in the evening. It was middle of the May and we all are feeling like it’s a December evening. It was breath taking view from that temple. A must visit place if you’re in Chail. Then, we move back to our rooms. On the way back, we took a halt at the suicide point and have some Maggi.

Till the time we reached our hotel rooms, our hectic schedule already started impacting all of us. So, straight away we ordered some food and found ourselves on bed soon after dinner.

sunset point

View from sunset point

May 14th, 2017

It was astonishing to look sunshine coming ray by ray and increasing inch by inch from the hill top. I was the only one to wake up early in the morning to take that view. It was so pure that I standstill in my balcony for half an hour and chilled air passing through me. It was something I can’t explain in my words. I woke up other around 8’o’clock.

View from my balcony

Now, the real problem starts. Some of us want to stay for one more day and feel that place more. But for that everyone needs to cancel the next day meetings and schedules which were already set. After a lot’s of yes and no finally we left for Delhi.

We reached Delhi around 9 in the night. But our hearts were still in Chail and enjoying the memories we got from there.



  • Lovely! I understand it when you say there were people with yes/no fights about leaving such a place.. I mean, I for one, would say a BIG NO to starting from Chail. What a lovely place it must have been, looking at the post, I am able to imagine..

    Thanks for taking us there, Gaurav!
    Waiting to read more of your travelogues!

  • Nandan Jha says:

    That was quick Gourav. But I guess you made the most of it.

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