Bhutan trip

Bhutan trip

It was a trip planned for many years but never happened. At last on may 12th me and Nirmala left for the trip. we took a flight to Kolkata by spice jet at 10 a.m.and reached at 1 p.m. Kolkata airport was very impressive compared to the one I had seen many years ago.

Next day in the morning we left for Paro, Bhutan at 9 a.m. (PS. Only Bhutan air operates flights to Bhutan) It is an hour flight from Kolkata. On the way one can get beautiful view of the Himalayan peaks including Kanchanjanga before you land in Paro, which is in a valley between mountains. I learn that only pilots who are experts in flying over the mountains are engaged for this flight. first thing which strikes you is the cleanliness of airport and surroundings.We drove from airport to Thimpu which is 50 kms away through Bhutan’s countryside. all houses seem to be of similar structure with three floors and ornate windows with a penthouse for drying clothes and other things. In thimpu we had lunch in a Bhutanese restaurant before reaching hotel Riverview, which had a wonderful view of the town, a standing gold Buddha and glistening Bronze Buddha overlooking the whole town.

Next day was the day tour of Thimpu. First we went to handmade paper making factory.Papers are sold at a high price. I think similar factories exist even in Pondicherry. Next visit was to National memorial Chorten in the center of the town. It contains three floors of artistic statues and lots of people seem to be praying here, doing circulation of the chorten. then we visited Buddha point on the hill with 170 feet Buddha statue overlooking the thimpu valley made of bronze with hundreds of smaller golden Buddhas under the statue. we then came back to the town for shopping before we went back to hotel.

Third day we started after breakfast to leave for Punakha, a 3 hour drive through mountains.The highest point in this road is dochula pass at an elevation of 10000 feet.

If the weather is clear the whole of Himalayan range can be seen from here. Unfortunately for us, it was cloudy. we reached punakha , ordered the food and then went to temple of fertility, built by a mad Buddhist monk. People believe that if you come and pray here with circumlocution of the temple with a wooden phallus in hand,  childless couple will be blessed with a child. We found even foreigners doing this here. The hotel we stayed, called RKPO green resorts was one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in with a wonderful view from all rooms, good breakfast, the furnishings were excellent with Victorian bath tub etc.In the evening we went for white water rafting on river punakha. It was once in life time experience. It was not too dangerous since it was grade 2 level only.

Fourth day, we left Punakha to Paro going back I the same route of dochula pass. Checked into Hotel drukchen close to the airport.A very good hotel.Visited Paro Dzong, overlooking the valley. A beautiful place from where you can see the planes negotiating between mountains and landing on a small airstrip.

Day5 was fully devoted to Tigers nest climb.We started early after breakfast to reach th base of mountain. It is very tough climb to 10,000 feet over vertical slippery trail .At the half way point there is a restaurant where you can get snacks, coffee etc. but it is only for the very fit.I climbed upto half way point and gave up considering my age of 71.unfortunately it started drizzling to make the trail slushy. It was difficult even to climb down on slippery walking trail. It is a once in a life time experience if you are fit and love hiking.

Day6 , we took our flights after breakfast back to Kolkata. It was first scary to see the Bhutan air propeller ATR flight, but it was ok with views of kanchanjunga from the flight.

Tashi nima- – 00975-17897591- email- He is a local travel organizer very reliable. Better through him than tour operators.

Bhutan Hotels

Thimpu- Hotel river view

Punakha- RKPO Green resorts

Paro- Hotel Drukchen



  • Patrick Jones says:

    Bhutan is a great country especially as far as natural beauty and people goes. Its my dream too to visit the place. Glad you could do it at the young age of 71. Short but nice travelogue, thanks for sharing.

  • jaykakarla says:

    thanks .hope to improve my writing.

  • Gourav says:

    Hats off to your spirit.Glad to see both of you doing rafting, it proves that Age is just a number. God bless you both!!

  • Hello Sir!
    I am glad you visited our country and seems you loved it.

    But, as you mentioned “mad buddhist monk” it’s bit harsh to address him in that way because he was the great enlightened Mahasidhata popularly know as “Drukpa Kuenly” and mostly tranlsleted as,”Divine Mad man.”

    And, i would be grateful, if you could mention about the fee systems in Bhutan, so, in future ic anyone visiting Bhutan will not be surprised.

    Hope my suggestions would not hurt your sentimental or annoy you, as it not my intention.

    Thank you for visiting and hope you will visit again.

    FromBhutan with tons of love and respect.

  • Pooja Kataria says:

    Hello Sir,
    I loved your write and the time you ahd in Bhutan. I got to know about things that I did not know before about the place I wish to visit someday.
    Knowing your age is an inspiration for all of us as how never stop livign and how one can have a fulfilling life.


  • Tenzin Rai says:

    Best time to make a trip to this inspirational land is between March and April or between October and November. you can check the schedule with Bhutan tour operator by Bhutan Mahayana Tours and that has helped you very much.

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