Saskatchewan – Land of the Living Skies


Canada being where it is on the earth is a cold country. Snow and ice just becomes part of your surroundings when you live here. Here, Mother Nature showcases her pure beauty in the form of vast expanses of lands and skies. The clouds and sun compete to paint the skies with lovely colours every day. You can drive out of town for ten minutes and find yourself on a lonely country road amongst land covered with nothing but snow. This is the land of the living skies, as Saskatchewan is fondly called here. Saskatchewan is a fast-growing province of Canada which is strong in farming, the energy sector (natural gas and oil), potash, diamond and uranium mining.

Having been brought up in a city like Delhi all my life, little was I aware of the stunning beauty of nature. Every day after I landed in Canada came with a lot of surprises. I caught the tail end of the winter of the province when I landed in March. Saskatchewan has a long and cruel winter from mid-September to mid-April. I saw knee-deep snow heaped up on my in-laws front and back lawns. The branches of the bare trees were caked with frost and snow. I also saw my first snowfall a couple of days later, the sugar-like flakes slowly getting dusted on roof tops, tree tops and just about everywhere. The frost would be adamantly stuck on our car windows. We would have to scrape it off our windows every morning to be able to drive. It does make it look exactly like what we call frosted glass!! And the snow crystals do look like the way we draw it in cartoons!

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