Vegas part- 2

This is part 2 of my previous blog on the same place. You can read that by clicking here : Sin City and More

This is how it looks with those neon signs and a happening night life.

Other than gambling, Vegas is famous for alcoholic beverages. Yes- beer, whiskey, rum, gin are easily available at shops. It is comparatively cheaper than other places and you will see people walking down the street with a mug of foaming beer in their hands.
Vegas is also a smoker’s haven. All the casinos and hotels are open to smoke, so you can smoke while you play. People buy a glass of beer take one ash tray and sits on the slot machine smoking and drinking and loosing and winning money. A cigarette pack will cost you around $5 from a shop and a beer in casino is around $5 a glass inside a casino.

Girls! Girls! Girls! Another attraction of Vegas. You will find a number of skimpily dressed girls on the strip. You eyes will pop out when you see the beautiful, sexy blond getting out of a top of – the- line limousine, accompanied by a fat ugly bald but extremely rich man like she is coming to any typical award winning ceremony. It’s not unusual to see girls sipping beer and kissing old men who are playing cards on the table like any Hollywood movie.
Although PROSTITUION is illegal in Vegas, under Clark County regulations, and if you are caught you will definitely be behind bars, there is no dearth of girls ready for some fun. Girls advertise through newspapers and Handouts, which are found everywhere.
Also, you will find many male or female Mexican/Indian standing in a line on the strip distributing small cards of girls available for prostitution, but my suggestion is not to take these handouts seriously- just throw them in a garbage bag as they are all illegal. Don’t get shocked if you see a truck on the strip with a huge advertisement of “HOT BABES- call on toll free number”, you will see it everywhere. Again just click a photograph for fun and move on.

In some parts of the counties of Nevada, prostitution is legal, with girls being advertised as a menu… where you can pick and choose one of your liking.
Vegas is full of Adult stores where you would find a wide variety of things for adult pleasure – from DVD s to costumes. Some of these things are so ridiculous that you will be laughing just looking at them, specially the costumes.
There are a few Nude dance bars where you can go and see topless girls. Other then this, there are many high profile topless shows in the casinos and hotels which are really expensive but classy. If you want to go in any of these shows check out the adult entertainment guide which is available on the strip.


Food is not a top priority in this City of Sin. However, one has to eat sometimes. Of course like everywhere else you have a wide variety of selection from sushi, pizza, burgers, Chinese or Indian food. As I am a hardcore Desi food fan I found out one of the best Indian restaurant called TAMBA Lounge. They have very good buffet and you will see photographs of lots of celebrity including GUGGI (laughter champion) in Vegas. The best part about Tamba lounge is it’s the only Indian restaurant on the strip The other Indian restaurants are off strip like Indian Oven, Origin India, India Palace, Himalya cuisine. If you want to try out a Chinese buffet, there is one right next to the Tamba Lounge.

Other attractions

While you are in Vegas, don’t miss the chance to go to the Grand Canyon at Arizona. There are hundreds of tour operators who would provide you with a helicopter ride to Grand Canyon. The tour package includes picking you up from the hotel, taking you to the chopper, flying through the Grand Canyon and dropping you back at the hotel.
They have different plans and with a price structure. If you are interested in just looking at the Canyon from air, that would be cheaper but it’s more expensive if you want to land and spend some time there
. Most of the packages are with meal and takes around 3 hours 30 minutes from pick up to drop off and approximate charges starting from 250 USD per person depending on the kind of tour you want to take. The Grand Canyon tour is mesmerizing and once in a life time experience. In my opinion it’s a MUST SEE.


The Price on this visit to Vegas would vary according to your plans. There are many packages that you can choose depending on your requirement and preferences.
A 2 night trip (a regular hotel room and flight from LA) would costs $250-$300 per person.
There are a number of buses too from LA if you have the time and the inclination to travel 8 hours to save the time. The cost for this bus trip would be approximately $50
If you have the time and the funds, I would advise you to book everything separately(lodging, travelling and the trip to the Grand Canyon) This would give you a lot of flexibility but not much savings.

Most of the people in Vegas are tourists and are very helpful. On my trip I lost my cell phone. I called the number, a couple picked up the phone and agreed to wait for me to come pick up the phone from where they had found it.

Most of the hotels have a kitchenette, and if you are in a group or with family you will save money if you do your own cooking.

If you are travelling with family and aren’t a gambler, wanting some touring and fun, 2 days is good enough for Vegas (including one day for the Grand Canyon)
If you are out with friends, wanting to check out everything, plan for around 5 days.

Everyone is on a vacation there and people will not bother you generally, unless you do something to illicit a response.

Be ready for crude offensive comment or compliment from bar tenders. They say it lightly to make people laugh and that’s their idea of having fun, so laugh or smile don’t react aggressively to it. They don’t mean any harm.


Ones you reach McCarran airport remember you are in Vegas and just fly, do whatever you always wanted to do, have as much fun as you can, forget everything, don’t sleep, go out, eat less drink more, breathe less smoke more, do whatever is Forbidden at least once in a life time, there is nothing called SIN in this SIN CITY

Coming Up next: San Diego, California


  • nandanjha says:

    Good Photos. I think there is a typo where you are explaining about prostitution. guess you wanted to say its a No No. Re-read it and fix if its not what you wanted to write.

    Everytime I go to SanJose (of whatever few times my office work makes me to go there) someone always wants to go to Vegas but was never able to do it. Should probably plan better, next time I am there.

    On to San Diego —–>

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