Trek-log of my 10 year old

Date: December 27, 2009.
I and my little sister visited a place called Kharad recently. We went along with a group of kids and my mum’s friend and her family. We started from Pune at 7:30. It was a long journey. We could see lovely sceneries while traveling through mountains.
After 2 hours we stopped for some snacks. We had tea and idlis as breakfast. The place is near a place called Khambat ki ghat. Here at this point all of us kids played some games, and went to the woods nearby.

The engine started again. We were again traveling for 3 hours. Mum tells me this was way up on the Mumbai-Bangalore highway.
We stopped for lunch at Chaphal and visited a Rama temple on the banks of Maand river, built by Ramdas Swami. We went inside, in groups of eight. I went in the first group. The temple was underground. It was like we were inside a bhoot bangla (haunted house). At the end of the passage we saw a temple. We took some pictures here and then drove on.
We finally reached a dharamsala where we were going to stay at night. I was amazed to see that this dharamsala was on an island of a river. We parked the cars on the banks and took a path to go to the island.
We all rested for some time and we girls played blind fold. We all enjoyed a lot. We all had Maggi as snacks. Then we went to a Hanuman temple nearby and lighted diyas there.
We had an exotic dinner, as I call it. we had Bhakri and mixed veg, and ladi our mats, and slept for the night. It was a clear starry night, and a lovely experience with all friends together, apart from the ground having small stones, which didn’t let me sleep much.
Next day was another adventure. We took bath in the river nearby, splashed water at each other, and had fun playing in the river.

We had our breakfast after we took the bath, and went to a near by park and enjoyed the slides. We also went for boating after that. By now it was time to drive back. I was sad to part with my new friends, and I was sure I’d like to visit this place again.


  • nandanjha says:

    Your daughter looks cute :-).

    How did they allow you and your friend for kids’ trek ?

  • yaminiarora says:

    it was not a kids’ group solely, but any families could join. I didn’t go, only my friend, her son and my daughters.

  • Piyush Mamu says:

    Good job kiddo ! The place looks really cool and it seems you all had lot of fun. I liked your blog, you should write more often :).

  • shagun didi says:

    hey good yaa… thats a nice way to get all d more smart n independent.. lucky u…. n ur cut little genelia de souza must have enoyed helluva!!!! wish i were a part of u all :).. all da best.. n carry on wid all dis….

  • Meethi d/o Yamini Arora says:

    @Piyush Mamu – v did have lot of fun. v r going 2 lonavla next month. will write more then.

    @Shagun didi – thx didi. will surely write more.

  • Pooja says:

    Hi dear,

    Nice blog……… and gr88 to see both of u :) ….Lovely pics…. So it seems you enjoyed a lot without ur mum scolding u and shouting after you ;) …..Ab to tumhari ma meri khoob khabar legi…..

    Now, if u r wondering who is this saying the biggest truth of urs…..and may be u remember me….ur Pooja bhabhi

    Hey…don’t forget to call me for the next trek…I would love to join u both

    Keep writing and take care :)

  • Anand Saha says:

    Hey Kid,

    Keep traveling and writing. Someday we might find you hosting Lonely Planet on Discovery Channel.


  • Ashima says:

    That’s a brilliant write-up by such a young kid. Amazing.

  • Faisal Ahmad says:

    Hey Meethi, Nice blog.Seems you had a great fun..Keep posting. Really liked your style of writing… Keep it up.


  • Meethi d/o Yamini Arora says:

    @Pooja Bhabhi: Sure, Will let u know when v plan our next.

    @Anand Mamu: Thanks :)

    @Ashima: Thanks :)

    @Faisal Uncle: Thanks Uncle. We had loads of fun there.

  • Monica says:

    Hey Meethi, I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have a knack for writing. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Manish Khamesra says:


    Its so lovely to read your write-up. In-fact my kid Rachit was happy to see your post and was jubiliant that some one like him too is writing on ghumakkar. So he can also read someones post and comment on it.

    The pictures you have posted are superb: The one of the bridge, kids sitting near diyas (with the hands under the chin) and the picture just after that.

    It seems all the kids had a great outing together. Keep on writing and keep on telling us things that you have visited. When are you planning to write about Lonavala? I am looking forward to it …

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