Travelling in HongKong

Travelling in HongKong is a unique experience as it combines the best characteristics of the Eastern and Western culture.It is a cosmopolitan city where you can find both greeneries and shopping centers,ancient temples as well as high raise buildings that can compete with the best of the world.

Hongkong is a travel friendly country.You don’t require any visa if your stay is below 15 days in HongKong.Whole of the Hongkong has been covered by MTR [Mass Transit Railway] which is the rapid transit railway system.Buy Octopus cards [similar to debit cards] in Hongkong Airport which can be used in these MTR’s.Travelling in this MTR’s is an awesome experience.They are the super fast cool trains I have ever seen!!.

Victoria Peak
One of the first visiting stops should be Victoria Peak which gives a magnificient view of the city.It has souvenire shops,resturants,Madame Tussad’s wax museum and a motion simulator ride called Peak Explorer.One can go by walk or take a tram to reach the top of the peak.Taking the Peak Tram is a memorable way to get to the Peak.You can spend a whole day here catching the view of city in daylight as well as in night which is awesome.

Wong Tai Sin Temple
Wong Tai Sin Temple,is one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong.The architecture of Wong Tai Sin Temple is in the traditional Chinese style.The temple is named after Wong Chuping whom people worship as god.This temple is also famous for fortune telling.People light worship sticks, kneel before the main altar, make a wish, and shake a bamboo cylinder containing fortune sticks until one falls out. The stick is exchanged for a piece of paper bearing the same number, and the soothsayer then interprets the fortune on the paper for the worshipper.Also at the temple we can visit Nine Dragon Wall–a replica of the renowned Nine Dragon Wall in Beijing, and the Good Wish Garden – a miniature copy of Beijing’s Summer Palace.

Avenue Of Stars
One of Hong Kong’s latest tourist attraction spot is Avenue Of Stars which was constructed to pay tribute to outstanding professionals of Hong Kong’s film industry.The sidewalk and pedestrian area has the handprints and signatures of famous actors such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.You can see most of the tall buildings on Hong Kong Island here.The Avenue of the Stars is also a great place to see A Symphony of Lights, a spectacular light and laser show synchronized to music, staged every night at 8:00pm.There are benches and decorative plants and ideal for spending an evening with lights and music.

Markets in HongKong
Street markets here provide a insight view of real HongKong and its culture.Each market has its own charm and beauty.

Ladies’ Market (Tung Choi Street)
As the name suggests it sells mainly ladies clothes and cosmetics,but u can also find plenty of cloth for men.
Don’t forget to bargain!

Temple Street Night Market
It is one the most colorful markets of HK.The marke aftt opens officially in the afteroon but best time to visit in the nights when its liveliest.Should not miss tasting the local street food here.If you eat sea food then they have unlimited cuisines!.This places is good for shopping CDs, hardware, pens, trinkets, watches and luggage.
Flower Market is worth a look for its color and beautiful flowers imported from all over the world.

Po Lin Monestry
Trip to HongKong would be incomplete if you don’t visit Po Lin Monastry and Giant Buddha situated in Lantau island.Called as Tian Tan Buddha, this statue is 34 m tall and happens to be the tallest outdoor seated image in the world.You need to climb around 270 steps to reach the top platform of this statue.

There is a cable car service to reach Lantau Island which is one of the main tourist attraction.Named as Ngong Ping 360 degree experience, you can have a 30 min crystal cable car ride enjoying the breathtaking views of Hong Kong International Airport, verdant, mountainous terrain of Lantau Island, the Tian Tan Buddha Statue.Ngong Ping Village is a 5 minute walk from Buddha statue which gives a wonderful experience on Buddhist history and culture.Here the main attractions include Walking with Buddha and Monkey’s Tale Theatre.This place also gives tourists a variety of dining and shopping experiences.You need a full day to explore this place and a great place to head to if you want to escape from the crowds of the city.


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