Safety First

Ae bhai jara dekh kar chalo… Be Safe while on road


I was travelling to Bareilly from Moradabad, distance is about 80 KM, highway is nice but with 5 railway crossings. I was lucky to pass 2 of them without any stop, 3rd one took me 55 minutes and 4th one took 40 minutes to cross. Reason, I stopped my car in the lane I was driving and watching people zooming from right, left, sidewalks, everywhere, not just the cars but state transport buses as well. Once the train got passed, I am not sure whether my car was moving or not, but after 30 minutes, I was able to see railway line men getting ready to close down the crossing again for another train. Same story is during traffic jams. So, guys, please wait patiently, be in your lane, don’t try to rush from your right or left, otherwise you will also be contributing to the traffic jam.

I thought of writing lot of things, but I do not have right words, we experience these things when we are on road, I should have a video for it. Long back I read in one of the article that your child observes your driving, they adopt the same driving habits as yours, so, be careful.

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