Iceland – (the moving continents) part 2

Iceland – (the moving continents) part 2


The first tour is called “Golden Tour” and it consists of  pingvellir (spoken as thing – vetlir), Geysir and Gulfoss.  This Golden circle is a 5/ 6 hours journey by tourist buses, but it can actually take the whole day, if you are driving on your own, because tourist buses only stop at fixed places, but there are so many view points in the way that you need a full day to complete this circle.

So on a beautiful morning, after killing the cloud demon and freeing the Sun, we started our journey from Reykjavik and reached pingvellir… a distance of 40 Kms covered in one hour.  Pingvellir is the biggest valley in Europe and is on the banks of ping lake, again the biggest lake in Europe.

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