South Bank, Globe Theatre, London Eye – Killer 26 Degrees – Day 7

We completed one week in London …….. the UK today!

Our plan for the day was to go to the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s plays are staged – that Aman had shown to us on our five minute walk (refer to Day 5) & from there we were to go to the London Eye.

All Distances in Minutes..

London Eye

We got our act together by 11am & left on time. We reached Westminster & took a lot of photos of the London Eye & Big Ben (once again). We then started walking towards the Globe Theatre, it didn’t seem so far from the tube station the last time, when we came with Aman, but it was quite far. On the way my dad bought himself a new pair of sunglasses. On the way we saw a man feeding his dog ice-cream, it was so cute. The dog had ice-cream all over his face by the end.

Hot Dog…

After the walk that took forever, we finally reached the Globe Theatre. We bought tickets to Macbeth& stood in the open air & crowded theatre. It was a little warm. The news said that the temperature was up to a ‘killer’ 26 degree Celsius :P.

Globe Theatre

Anyway, I couldn’t understand the story & why the 3 old women, dressed in black, holding candles in broad daylight, were coming through the crowd onto the stage. Couldn’t they have come from behind the stage itself? In the overcrowded place and in the midst of so much of body heat, those 3 candles were passing heat-waves rite on me every time the ladies passed us.

Below the Eye-Pod

Goes Round & Round…

After the play, we moved out to have some sandwiches. We then proceeded to the London Eye. First there was 3D movie hall thingie that we had to visit to get a sneak peek about the forthcoming attraction. They showed us a 3D movie of London, complete with snowfall. It was really beautiful☺. After that we went to join the line to get on the London Eye. The queue was quite long, but just gazing at the London Eye was enough to keep me entertained.

Westminster View

Jubilee Bridges View

View from the Top

London Skyline

Finally we got our chance after about 30 minutes of waiting in the queue. The pod was a little full, but it was still very enjoyable. The view from there was to die for. We could almost see the Buckingham Palace from there. We could also almost see the park (St James) in front of Buckingham Palace where we sat yesterday (Day 6)☺. We took lots of pictures & it was a really nice experience☺, considering the fact that when my mom and I had visited London the last time, my mom conned me out of ‘riding’ on the London Eye saying it will be too boring:P.

Sea Life Aquarium

Tate Modern Gallery

After the London Eye ride my mom & dad stopped for some coffee. We were all hungry by then & planned to go to a McDonalds, on account of the yummy large hoardings we had seen around. But just in front of the McDonalds’ there was a crepe seller. I remember having crepes the last time we came to London & I had loved them. So all of us decided to have crepes instead. There was this nice guy who was making them. He spoke many languages. He asked us where we were from. We asked him the same & he said Cameroon. My dad instantly said ‘from the land of Samuel Eto (a famous footballer). The guy got quite surprised…… and quite pleased. He didn’t expect Indians to know much about football. We had a small discussion on Cameroon’s dismal performance at the World Cup.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Victoria Embankment

Anyway, after getting our crepes we started moving to the Westminster tube station. On the bridge we saw a street-performing-bag-piper-man dressed in kilts. He was charging people £1 for a photo with him (smart guy).

Battle of Britain

We reached Hornchurch & at the bus stop met Renu ji & we went home together.

We reached home & I saw the Spain Vs Switzerland match. I was shocked to see that the European champions lost to Switzerland.


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