Jog Falls and more..

This is my second post on Jog Falls. The earlier post (“Sharavati Beckons”)was an account of my visit during mid 2004 and this is an account of a recent visit. Nothing much has  changed except the perspective.

A brief about Jog falls.

Jog falls is created by the Sharavathi river falling from a height of 253 meters (829 ft). This is said to the highest waterfall in India. Jog falls is situated in the district of Shimoga. Its at a distance of 100 kms from Shimoga.

Jog Falls

Refer to my earlier post “Sharavati Beckons” for more details on Jog.

There’s more to it than just Jog falls and that is exactly what this post is all about. Jog falls can be viewed from 2 sides. From the front side, you can see the jog falls in its full glory (like the one in the pic above).

The other side , one can go near the top of the waterfalls. To get to this place, you have to travel about 8kms by road from Jog.

This place is where the famous Kannada movie, Mungaru Male was shot.

When we reached this place, it had started drizzling a bit. The winds were so strong that the water falling into the falls were travelling up as if defying gravity.


One can go to the edge of the rocks and have a look down the falls. Scary though :-)

A short drive from this place on the scenic Bangalore-Honnavar road is the “Gerusoppa Valley”.
Bangalore-Honnavar roadJumpin Jacks
This is a continuation of the Jog falls. A view point along the road-side offers a nice scenic view of the valley.

Gerusoppa valleydsc_0762


There are not much staying options near Jog. The nearby town, Sagar, has few options.  One good option of staying close to Jog is ” Stay @ Matthuga” resort.

matthuga resortdsc_0792

Stay @ Matthuga is a plantation bungalow, Situated in the middle of 10 acres of Areca Garden on the Bangalore-Honnavar National Highway (NH206), 19 Km from Sagar and 8 Km before Jogfalls.

This is a very nice place to relax. There is a family which takes care of the place. Any needs for food are addressed by this family.

 The resort has a farm which can be explored. There are many a varities of spices and fruits here. One can take a walk inside the plantation.
Walk in the plantationanjoor tree

More info on the resort @

As I write this post, heavy rains are lashing shimoga and nearby areas. Its a good time to go to Jog after the rains have stopped. Every year, August 15th the gates @ Linganamakki dam are opened and Jog Falls can be seen in full glory. At the same time, huge crowds come on this day to witness Jog falls. If you want a peaceful visit, then Aug 15th might not be your cup of tea.

Thats it from me for now.



  • nandanjha says:

    nice pics.

    There is this website called which you can use to resize your images to width 500. It would look good.

  • Veena says:

    despite sleeping u managed to rite a blog on jog ;-).
    good one thou…best part was the resort.

  • Apreet says:

    I would like to thank you for writing this wonderful and informative blog, this is the best blog which we read for the JOG Falls. I have one question I request you to solve this.
    Query: We are planning to go to Jog Falls On 7/8 Aug 09. As you mentioned above that the gates of the Dam open on 15th Aug, should we postpone/cancel our plan. The date for opening the gates 15th Aug is fixed for every year.?? The next question is related to the Resort Mattunga. It seems to be a nice place to stay. What is the accomodation charges in the mentioned resort.

    • Karthik says:

      Hi Apreet!!

      Thanks for the comment.

      Here are suggestions for your queries

      1) Gates are open every year on 15th Aug. You could go to JOG on 15th aug, but here are the downside.It will be heavily crowded and not to mention the traffic jam on the Shimoga-Jog road. The Monday, following the weekend would be a good time to see JOG, provided you can take off n stuff. Thanks to the incessant rains for the past few days, Jog is full of water now, so you can stick to ur plan of Aug 7/8.

      2) As for the Mattuga resort. its a calm place where you can spend a good time.For more details, visit . this has all the info you need.

      Happy touring!!


      • Neelima says:

        I have been to Jog Falls on Aug 1 2009 and the falls were nearly not as full as in shows in your pic.. :(
        I posted a picture here if you are interested

        It may be a better idea to wait for the dam gates to open.

        @ Karthik – that was a valuable bit of information! i didn’t know they open the gates on 15th August! Thanks.. :)
        Will plan a trip accordingly next year…

  • Manish khamesra says:

    Very informative Karthik.

  • rajasee ray says:

    Nicely done – loved your post. We have a trip planned to jog falls 13th to 15th august – but we’re leaving on the 15th late morning. Will we still be able in time to see the falls in their full glory?

  • Dinesh says:

    never visit Jog Falls without checking out how much water is flowing in the falls..otherwise it would be so dull..other places around Jog falls can be visited through out the year..especially a place called Honnemaradu is awesome place for water sports & adventure activities..
    There is also a place called Muppane which is less known to tourists..but make sure you book in advance..

    If you dont have a pleasure of driving to these places in your own vehicle,there is a travel agency called visit Sirsi( arranges packaged tours to these places at affordable costs.but you may need to book in advance as it usually fills out soon!

  • Aashika says:

    Hey nice informative article. Jog falls is very beautiful and adventurous place. You have mentioned the beauty very nicely. Loved the pictures.

    I have visited Jog falls and my experience was so great there. You cherished my memory.

    There has one more accommodation which is reasonable with a homely atmosphere i.e. Sanjeevini Homestay.
    It is just 15KMs from the Jog falls. Visit site

  • Prakash kumar says:

    Respected sir,
    I am having a chance to visit jog falls coming diwali holidays. First time visit. Will be there on 19th and 20th. Will it be crowded because of holidays? I am going by train (talaguppa express).
    How will be the water situation in the waterfalls?
    If it is not worth the visit i will choose some other destination. Kindly clarify :)

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