Bura na mano holi hai

Holi with friends in Vrindavan

It was my 43rd holi.  You must have guessed my age. But here I am not talking about my age. Here I am going to talk about Holi which I celebrated first time at Vrindavan with my beloved friends and their families and it was a lifetime experience. My childhood friends usually visit somewhere in India at least once a year with family. Which increase our bonding in between family and our child.
I reside in Faridabad but my friends were coming from the different location of India Mumbai, Varanasi. We reached just one day before the Holi festival. My friends had arrived early in morning and I drive through to Vrindavan from Faridabad and reached hotel around 1 PM. Because of heavy traffic police stopped me at multilevel parking in Vrindavan and I parked my car there and took a three-wheeler to reach the hotel.
It was looking like every soul in Vrindavan was celebrating Holi. I am deliberately mentioning soul because tree, animal, men, women everyone was drenched in colour one day before Holi. Nobody was asking who are you from where you are coming, they were just throwing colour on you and hugging. I could see God in every partial there. Nobody was caring who you are from where you are coming, just enjoy with colours.
We went to Banke Bihari temple. Oh my God !!! It was too crowdy to even walk, but nobody was caring, just everyone was enjoying colours. We even have not spent a penny on buying colour. But we were so colourful that we were not able to recognize each other and this was the situation of a day before actual Holi. I cannot explain the actual environment you should go there and feel. We came back that day back to the hotel and was too tired so we had dinner and slept thinking about next day.

Banke Bihari Temple

Ok, finally the day has come which we wanted to celebrate in Vrindavan. Today we decided we will not go with our family to Banke Bihari Temple because of the crowd. The family decided to enjoy at a resort and it was the nice spacious resort. We took the battery rickshaw from resort to reach the temple. We did not just start that colour came from somewhere and we were fully drenched in watercolour. Then in between 3 km from resort to Banke Bihari Temple, we were full of colour. We reached Banke Bihari temple and again it was fully crowded. Everywhere there was colour. You can say we were flying with colours. Devotees were like mad playing with colours. We enjoyed 2 hrs there and then moved back to resort.
Again in the resort, our family was ready to play colours. Another family was also there and they were enjoying Dhole, Nagara. They asked us to join with them. We enjoyed a lot with them. They asked us to sing a song “Rang barse”favourite Hindi film holi song. Without this song, you cannot celebrate holi. We went to Iscon and Prem Mandir. Everyone was dancing and enjoying. I suggest at least once in your life you should enjoy Holi at Vrindawan.
Happy future Holi.

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