NH7 – Bangalore to Chennai Road Review (and back)

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Summary :

Distance : 340 km (Bangalore to Chennai by road)
Time : anywhere between 4.5 and 5 hr (using the formula time=distance/speed)
Ideal speed : 100-110 (I cud maintain 130 in my Fiesta)
Best time to start : 5.30 AM if possible (latest by 6.15)
Meal Stops : Krishnagiri or Vellore or Kanchipuram

I had been thinking of writing this review for a long time now. Not sure of how to go about it. Not that I did not have ideas. On the contrary , I had many ideas but was not able to make a choice.

So here I am , having made my choice, presenting a review of the a ”Road frequently traveled”.

The distance between Chennai and Bangalore is approx. 340 km (GPO to GPO, that’s how distances are measured, right?). There are 2 prominent routes between these 2 cities.

  1. Via Hosur and
  2. Via Chittoor

Route no 2, is supposedly shorter as compared to Route 1. However, its half the width of Route 1. If you had asked me around 3 yrs back, I would have suggested this route rather than the first one. So, what is it that has changed in the last 3 odd years?Here’s the answer.

Route 1 which is a national highway is a part of the Golden quadrilateral that connects the four metro cities. So???

So, the advantage that this got is that the roads are broad and well-maintained.

The journey begins from Hosur road at the Silk board junction in Madiwala,
Bangalore. Till the time you cross electronic city (15 odd km from Silk Board), the journey is all but fast, thanks to the traffic.

The traffic eases out once the EC junction is crossed. From here till the border of Karnataka/Tamilnadu takes only 20 minutes. Before you realize , you hit the industrial town of
Hosur. From here on , it’s a breeze. The stretch that I love the most in the Bangalore to Chennai route is from Hosur to Krishnagiri, which is a ghat section (not in the true sense, but relative). Its scenic and the best time to be driving on this stretch is in the early morning when the sun comes up in the horizon. From EC to Krishnagiri, it takes around an hour.( a distance of 70 km).

Remember this is a toll road and there are 4 toll booths that one needs to cross (pay) to get to Chennai. The first toll is at Krishnagiri. Once you cross Krishnagiri, there is a deviation you need to take for Chennai(Dont worry, there are sign-boards). From here on , it’s the plains and one can just zip across comfortably at high speeds (I remember touching 150 on my Fiesta,later came down to 130 thanks to the stares from my family folks). The best part is that you would not want to take your foot off the gas pedal (accelerator), but at the same time , the landscape is too inviting not to stop. I remember stopping here and there to get a picture or two (some this-happens-only-in-india stuff too)

A glimpse of Bangalore to Chennai road

A packed motorist driving along the Bangalore Chennai road

As you drive along , the small towns of Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Walajabad go past, until you reach the outskirts of
Vellore. If you are tired , and want to take a break , you would find decent restaurant here to cool your heels off until they are ready to take on again. You might need to veer off the main highway and get into the city to find a decent restaurant.

Once past Vellore, comes Ranipet, where route no 1 and 2 merge. From here till Kanchipuram , is where you can catch up on lost time. From Kanchipuran the going gets a little slow till you reach Sriperumbudur and slower as u get to Poonamallee. Then on , it’s the city traffic. Welcome to Chennai

In short, the NH7 , is a great road to drive on . If you are driving non stop at a constant speed of 100-110, you should be able to reach Chennai outskirts in less than 4.5 hr.

I can never forget the bus(Volvo) journey where the bus left Chennai at 12 and reached
Bangalore (Silk board) at 4.45 AM. This was with a break of 10 min (to wake up the backup driver).

Summary (re-iterarted):

Distance between Bangalore -Chennai : 340 km
Time it takes : anywhere between 4.5 and 5 hrs (using the formula time=distance/speed)
Ideal speed : 100-110 (I cud maintain 130 in my Fiesta)
Best time to start : 5.30 AM if possible (latest by 6.15)
Meal Stops : Krishnagiri or
Vellore or Kanchipuram

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  1. Shivkumar says:

    Could any one who has travelled from Bangalore to Chennai on NH 4 recently inform the Toll Charges the road user has to pay for different Category of Vehicles like Car/Van,LCV,Truck/Bus,MAV and EMV/ HMV

  2. Jairaj says:

    I am travelling in nearfuture, i will give the rates

    • Swati Nitin Gupta says:

      Hi Jairaj,

      Have you travelled on this route? If yes can you please send me the rates for the toll plazas and where exactly they come on the route.

  3. Sara says:

    That was a clear cut info – its a fun to drive from Bangalore to Chennai!

  4. Swati Nitin Gupta says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Read your blog on Benagluru to Chennai route and have few queries.

    1. You have mentioned in your blog that there are four toll plazas on this route and have only written about one please let me know where are the other three located?

    2. What is the cost for a four wheel transport at these toll plazas?

    You may inbox me at swati1012 at gmail dot com or reply through this comment thread.

  5. Jairaj says:

    Started at Silkboard . the details are as below.
    1. Electronic city flyover @ 13KM @ INR35
    2. Attibele @ 27KM @ INR25
    3. Krishnagiri@82 KM @ INR 50
    4. Vaniyambadi@134 KM @INR65
    5. Pallikonda@185KM@INR65
    6. Chennasamudram @237KM @ INR25

  6. prasad says:

    Very informative and point to point description , thanks karthik

  7. Makesh says:


    Can i leave at morning 10 am to chennai via this NH hosur road.as i have a small baby we have to make sure to pack everything and leave and also now it is quite snowy n the morning.your valuable comments pls as i am leaving this weekend

  8. shankar says:

    hi Karthik, how r u

    Thanx a lot for ur information its very helpful for first time traveler, and if somebady can update toll gate charges will great.

    Best Regards

    M Shankar Raju

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