Upanshu Singhal

Ghumakkar Featured Author Interview – with Upanshu Singhal


We froze a mid week day 8:30 pm slot for our telephonic conversation. After a tiring day at work, would the person have mood to give an interview? Well, I was really skeptical about it. TO add to my apprehensions, the phone rang for longer than expected rings. I cut it and redialed again. Now, the network provider shooted an automated message “The person you have called has redirected calls to another number. Please hold on as we connect to the other number” and some “melodious” tune to keep me happy waiting  Well, I thought I would try once last time and then send a mail to reschedule the interview slot. But, there is always light at the end of the tunnel! A friendly voice answered the call. What happened next is spread on the table for you readers to relish!

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