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3rd January 2012, Tuesday.  :- Hi folks and fellow ghumakkars welcome once again on my Trip to Lord Somnath . Today I will cover places to visit in Somnath. It is said that Prabhas Khestra is the place of union between Lord Krishna ( Vishnu ) and Lord Shiva……Jay Somnath……..

Jay Somnath :- Somnath temple in the morning

SOMNATH , PRABHAS KSHETRA :- In Skanda Purana, there is a whole Khand describing importance of Prabhas Kshetra and Somnath Shivalinga. In that part Lord Shiva describes that Prabhas Kshetra was one of the supreme centres of pilgrimage and capable of liberating all types of sins. Lord Shiva has manifested himself in form of linga called Somnath. The whole world is originated from it and merges into it at time of deluge. Skanda purana also mentions that there are around 5 crore Shivalingas submerged in ocean around Prabhas kshetra.Jay Somnath………

3rd January 2012, Tuesday.  :-  I woke up early in the morning at 4.50 am to have a bath , because i wanted to have darshan of Shree Somnath early in the morning and wanted to see its massive abhishekh with panchamrut. After getting fresh and having bath, I along with my mother in law quickly rushed to Shree Somnath Temple. We reached on the gates at 5.45 am , gates still closed. When the gates opened at 6.00 am I rushed inside the temple to catch a place where i could see the abhishekh with straight view with no one in between and by god’s grace i found one.Jay Somnath………

The great Shivalinga now was plain like vanila with no decoration. This darshan was also ultimate. Now the local priest started arranging things for abhishekh of Great bholenath. At 6.15 am he started abhishekh of  Shree Somnath Mahedeva.First Abhishekh was performed with raw cow milk . After that abhishekh was performed with curd and then sugar , ghee and finally honey.After that Lord Somnath was bathed with Gangajal.Jay Somnath………

The whole view was completely overwhelming . After that the priest started decorating Lord Somnath with Sandalwood,Kumkum,Turmeric,Bilva leaves , flowers. ornaments etc. If you want to have glimpse of it , please click below.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Sunrise in Somnath


This was followed by Great Aarti of Bholenath . please click below to watch.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Somnath Jyotirlinga ( Photo Credit :-  Shree Somnath Trust )

AHILYABAI HOLKAR SOMNATH TEMPLE :- Queen Ahilyabai Holkar had made this temple in 1782. She had a dream of the spot where shivalinga was present . The spot was dug up and they found Shivalinga. They named it as Somnath Shivalinga. This Temple is built on the adjacent site as invaders had built Mosque on the actual site of the Somnath. So the Shivalinga present in this temple is Swayambhu and not installed one with pooja. Here devotee can  touch,  perform Pooja and Abhishekh of Somnath Mahadeva with the help of the priest.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Ahilyabai Holkar Somnath Temple

Then we started our Somnath Sight seeeing. Before starting let me start a legend.Jay Somnath………

Legend :- In Mahabharat epic, during war Gandhari  was quite upset with Lord Krishna as she felt that if Lord Krishna had wished then that war would been avoided. So she cursed Lord Krishna that even his dynasty of Yadavas will be completely destroyed by feud between them. Lord Krishna readily accepted the curse as he used to treat him like his mother only.Jay Somnath………

After few years of Mahabharata war, Yadavas went to picnic along with Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama near Prabhas area. After drinking alcohol  Satyaki and Kritvarma started fighting regarding their deeds in Mahabharata war. Satyaki killed  Bhurisravara when he was in yogic state and weaponless. And Kritvarma had helped Ashwatthama in his merciless act in killing Draupadi’s five sleeping sons and sleeping brother Drishtidhyumna. This fight expanded nearly in all Yadavas, someone supporting Satyaki and someone supporting Kritvarma. finally Both killed each other and in the battle whole Yadava family was destroyed.Jay Somnath………

Lord Krishna then started meditating below the tree ( Bhalka Teerth ) which is still present and preserved in Bhalka Teerth Somnath. A hunter named Jara released arrow from his bow towards  the tree from about 1 km, mistaken it for a deer. This arrow hurts lord in his leg. Lord Krishna welcomes this time as his Avatara period has been finished and it was time to leave to his NEEJDHAM.Jay Somnath………

Jara comes to Lord Krishna and apologises ,but Lord Krishna says that Jara was King Vaali in his previous birth ( whom Lord Ram kills hiding behind the tree  in previous birth with an arrow ,  Monkey King  and Sugriva’s brother ). So in this birth it was Lord’s time to die from Jara’s hands.

Even Lord has to undergo the same rule which he has applied to Universe. He himself is not biased and doesn’t spare himself also whether now or next birth.Jay Somnath………

” जो बोएगा वही पाएगा ”  ( as you sow , you shall reap ).Jay Somnath………

Lord Krishna after meeting and explaining Jara that it was not his mistake, went to Triveni Sangam ( around 4kms from Bhalka Teerth) and had a bath and then proceeded to Neejdham from Dehotsarg nearby . Lord Balarama also left his body form Dehotsarg nearby in a cave.Jay Somnath………

So Now Let me tell about Shashibhushan Mahadeva :- Shashibhushan Mahdeva temple is the place where Hunter Jara took the aim of tree where Lord Krishna was meditating and released the arrow.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Shashibhushan Mahadev and Bhidabhajan Ganapati Temple

On backside of the temple is sea and here you can find shivalingas in the sea.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- On back side of Shashibhushan Mahadev temple besides the sea

After ShashiBhushan Mahadeva temple we went to  Bhalka Teerth.Jay Somnath………

Bhalka Teerth :- where Lord Krishna was hit by an arrow by hunter.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Bhalka teerth

Can you see the Tree above the roof of the temple. That is tree below where Lord Krishna was mediating and was struck by an arrow.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Bhalka Teerth temple


Jay Somnath – Actual place where Lord Krishna was resting when arrow was shot on his leg. (Photo Credits :- Shree Somnath Trust )


Jay Somnath:- Board Showing History

Then We Proceeded to Veneshwar Mahadev Temple. Jay Somnath………

Veneshwar Mahadeva temple :- Dear Viewers, There is an interesting legend associated with this Mahadeva Temple just opposite Somnath Trust Dharamshala gate, during Mahmud Ghazni invasion of Somnath temple.Jay Somnath………

It goes this way. The local King of Somnath at that time ( 1025 AD) had a daughter named Veni who was great devotee of Lord Shiva and used to worship Lord Shiva daily without fail. Mahmud Attacked Somnath and fought with the Hindu kings who were not giving up. Also he had heard that Veni used to come to Lord Shiva at this place daily to perform pooja. So he thought if he captured his daughter then it would be easy for Mahmud to make local king to  surrender . So while performing pooja  Muslim soldiers attacked the temple. Veni locked the temple from inside. Then with total faith and self surrender she asked Lord Shiva for help and protection. At that miracle happened and shivalinga was opened in two pieces from the middle. And Whole body along with soul of Veni  was taken inside the Linga and was then closed. But the folded hair ( CHOTI ) of Veni was left outside, which is still imprinted ( marked ) on the linga.Thus Veni was granted Moksha immediately.Jay Somnath………

Two things I concluded here :- With total self surrender and faith Lord helps in any situation  and secondly even after this incident Mahmud didn’t realise what he was doing.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Veneshwar Mahadeva

Last year when I visited this temple it was much in dilapidated state and in a state of a mess. Now when I went it was quite in good shape well painted and wel maintained .Jay Somnath………

This one is a must visit temple , not funded by Somnath Trust and requires donations to operate , So devotees when you go there please donate on this temple structure generously.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Can you see the marks in centre of the linga where it was opened.

After Veneshwar Mahadeva ,We went to Dehotsarg where Lord Krishna Left his body and left to Goloka Dham . Here in one place you will find lot of temples. Laxmi Narayan temple , Gita Mandir, Lord Balarama Gufa, Lord Krishna footprints etc.Jay Somnath………


Jay Somnath :- Laxmi Narayan Mandir – Dehotsarg

Jay Somnath :- Geeta Mandir – Dehotsarg

Jay Somnath :- Whole Bhagwad gita is inscribed in the pillars of Geeta Mandir.

Jay somnath :- Cave where Lord Balarama left his body, Dehotsarg.


Jay Somnath :- Place where Lord Balaram left

Jay Somnath :- Idol of Lord Balarama


Jay Somnath :- Aarya, my dayghter enjoying with her Mama

Jay Somnath :- Aarya Enjoying

Jay Somnath :- On beautiful Triveni sangam, Dehotsarg


Jay Somnath :- Place where Lord Krishna Left his body

Jay Somnath :- Mahaprabhujee ni baithak


Then After Dehotsarg, we went to Hingalaj Mata cave , Kuladevi of Pandavas. This is a must visit. To go inside the cave is fascinating and you have to go backwards, see the pic.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Way to Mata Hingalaj cave. You have climb down backwards


Jay Somnath :- Mata Hingalaj . Kuldevi of Pandavas.

Nearby is Sun temple , which Pandavas made in just one day. This temple was also raided by Mahmud of Ghazni.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Suraj temple.


Jay Somnath ;- Sun temple made by Pandavas in One day.

Then we went to Kamnath Mahadeva temple where Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya along with his four disciples mediated in the cave.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Kamnath Mahadeva temple and Adishankaracharya cave


Jay Somnath :- Inside the cave with Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya with his four disciples.

Then Triveni Sangam.Jay Somnath………

TRIVENI SANGAM :- Meeting of three rivers Hiranya , Kapila and Saraswati. Bathing at this place absolves all sins.Lord Krishna bathed here before proceeding to Neejdham.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Triveni sangam – Hiranya , Kapila and Sarswati

Jay Somnath :- Aarya can’t resist bathing in rivers and sea. Very diffcicult to take her out ,once she is in…..


Jay Somnath :- Beautiful and calm place Triveni sangam

After Triveni Sangam, It was our final visit to Lord Parashuram, temple.Jay Somnath………

Lord Parshuaram Temple :- This temple is in the midway between Triveni Sangam and main  Prabhas town. Here Lord Parshuaram did penance for Lord Shiva for killing Kshatriyas 21 times. Lord Somnath ( Shiva ) absolved him from all sins here . This temple is little away from main road and very natural filled with trees and green vegatation. You will find  silence and tremendous amount of peace here. Its a must watch. Lot of Rishis do mediatation here.This temple is generally overlooked and not visited , but its very old and everyone should visit this temple , I feel.Jay Somnath………

Jay Somnath :- Lord Parshuram Idol

Jay somnath :- Lord Parashuram temple


Jay Somnath :- Parshuram temple , this place is must visit.

At Last I come to end of My Somnath Sight seeing. We went to our Hotel and relaxed as our legs were still paining due to Mount Girnar climb.Jay Somnath………

Evening again i had Darshan of Lord Somnath went to bed early. I was feeling sad particularly of  leaving Somnath next day. But happy also for going to Dwarka. Jay Somnath………

In next probably final post of this series I will take to Dwarka, land of Lord Dwarkadhish.




  • SilentSoul says:

    Splendid !!! great photos and this time videos too ! bravo..

    Hingulaz Bhavani’s sidha peetha is in Pakistan.. I didnt know they have another replica here too.

    (some photos are so big that they go out of screen… if you can re-size them they will look more beautiful)

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  • Giriraj Shekhawat says:

    Hi Vishal ……..
    You hit the target yet again with such a mesmerizing post drenched with such spiritual highs , nicely interspersed with mythic tales of Lord and his attainment of moksha.

    One more thing . the Jaykara of Jai Somnath at the end of each paragraph shows your inner belief in the Almighty….. It was very innovative .

    Regarding the story of the Holkar temple of the ShivLinga found underneath and discovered after excavation …. i share a similar story of the Balaji Temple .., Salasar in Rajasthan where Lord Hanuman manifested himself into an idol and came into the dream of a farmer and instructed him to install the idol in Salasar ……….

    By the way it was your yet another spiritual pilgrimages which i always love to read ……….

    a Big and Loud ………………….. JAY SOMNATH

    Happy Ghumakkari Vishal

    • Thanks Giriraj for your Lovely comments……………

      I am overwhelmed ………………..

      Regarding Jaykara of Somnath the readers will take that many times the name of Lord. That was my motto…………

      From underneath lot of idols have been manifested by the Lord for his devotees. The place where I stay in Mumbai was covered with creek before 100 years . Now the land below is totally concrete. but Still due to devotion of a sincere devotee Lord manifests . We have a same sort of Ganapati idol called Swyambhu Siddhivinayak Ganesh nearby our place. Idol was found from ground and then installed and now there is huge temple here…………..

      Happy Ghumakkari and big and loud,

      Jay Somnath…………….

      • tej says:

        kya baat hai vishal bhai….. mai bhi kuch kch aap ke jaisa ghumaakad……. have recently visited some temple in ayodhya . picture dalunga baad me…….
        kabhi idhar aoo u.p ki taraf

  • Nandan says:

    Very nice series Vishal. I am sure that it is going to be extremely useful for fellow travelers planning a visit. And once more, I would want to thank you for relentlessly pursuing with the Somnath trust for the permission to use the pictures.

  • Ritesh Gupta says:

    Hello Vishal Ji…..JAY SOMNATH

    Again Very Nice & informative post along with superb & good quality Pictures……. JAY SOMNATH

    Thanks for good travel story of Somnath …………… JAY SOMNATH

  • SilentSoul says:

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  • Thanks Manu Prakash jee, for your comments…………..

    Haan Triveni Sangam Abhi bahut badhiya kar diya hai………….

    Jay Somnath………………

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Once again a nicely described post supported with beautiful pictures. Because of some official engagements I could visit this wonderful post little late, but when I gone through it I was overwhelmed.

    I do agree with Nandan on your efforts to seek permission from Somnath trust for using photographs and the result is before us………………..Marvelous.

    Visited this wonderful temple 2 years back and can never forget those vibrations I felt when i entered the temple.

  • Hi Mukesh ,

    Hope so your official engagements are over and successful.

    Thanks for your comments . Darshan aand Aarti Of Bholenatn always overwhelms his devotees.

    Did you visit Veneshwar Mahadeva 2 years before?????

    Jay Somnath…………………….

  • Kavita Bhalse says:

    Vishal Ji,

    Hamesha ki tarah aapki yah post bhi shaandar thi. Pictures aur lekh donon hi bade achchhe lage. Baanganga ke photos nahin dikhai diye, kya aaplog wahan nahin gaye the?


  • Thanks Mrs. Bhalse ……………for your commnets

    No we didn’t go Baan Ganga.

    Actually I don’t know where it is …………………

  • binoy says:

    dear one, nice photos and description. I wish to know whether Lord Krishnnn. simply vanished with body or left the body for cremation ! I tried to find at Somnath but heard different versions. If u can let me know the truth, pl. do so. Best wishes to u all.

    • Binoy jee Thanks for the comments………………..

      Most probably Lord Krishna left his body for cremation. I also don’t know 100 percent. I read somewhere he bathed in triveni Sangam before leaving his body and after that cremation took place. I read that through on internet while searching places to visit. Though I am not sure…………………..

  • Uday says:

    Thanks Vishal, you have narrated the journey very well and is informative as well. We are planning our visit in next month to Somnath and Dwarka. Any good leads on hotels shall help. Checked with Ambani trust, it is already booked for whole of next month.

    Thanks again..Uday

  • V, Laxmanan says:

    Thank you for the lovely pictures and the description. I just found this blog and will cite it in my article about my Prabhas kshetra visit, which was in February 2012. Looks like you and your family visited in January 2012. The link to my article is given here. It discusses the slokas from Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam and the how Krishna returned to Swadhaaama.

  • Abhay Mittra says:

    Your blog on Somnath Temple and adjoining areas with those nice photographs, is rich and quite helpful for people planning to travel for the first time. I am sure, it will be equally rich with certain basic information and suggestions for Dwarkadheesh and Bet-Dwarka Temples (which I am yet to go thru). Me with my dharam-patni are planning to visit these two places in early Jan’15 from Delhi.

    Your good wishes and Lord’s kripa, can only take us there for divine Darshans.

    Best regards,

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