Somnath To Dwarka by Road and Lord Dwarkadhish Darshan



Here in this post , I will show you some places which definately not many people must have seen for sure. Jay Somnath……………………..

4th January 2011 :- It was a very sad time for me as I was leaving Somnath , but at the same time I was happy that i was going to meet Lord Dwarkadhish in Dwarka . Now let me discuss travel. Jay Somnath………..

Travel :- Dwarka is around 230 kms from Somnath by road NH8E. There is no other means of transport apart from road and there is one way to go there. The whole road is besides sea and you will rejoice travelling by this road NH8E . Between Somnath and Dwarka comes Porbander city around 130 kms from Somnath, the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi.Jay Somnath…………………

The whole road is fantastic apart from few streches. The whole journey will be airy besides sea , wind moves and you will find lot of windmills from Suzlon energy. There may be many means to go from Somnath to Dwarka , but as far as I know. You can go by a ) Luxury bus b) Gujarat State Transport c) private cars.Jay Somnath…………….

Jay Somnath :- Somnath to Dwarka Coastal Road

Gujarat State Transport buses  have a very good frequency toDwarka from Somnath . Morning time :- 6.30 am and then at 9.00 am . I don’t know after this. But it is good to start in morning because it take around 7.00 hours to reach Dwarka. Fare :- Rs. 135 . Jay Somnath…………………..

Second one are Luxury Buses , where they charge around Rs. 170 but in between they show us three temples. a) Narvai Mata Temple b) Mool Dwarka  मूल द्वारका ( original Dwarka) and c) Harshad Mata. They start at 8.30 am and 2.30 pm. Jay Somnath……………………

In both the cases , the time to reach is around 7.00 hours . Jay Somnath………………..

Finally you can book private vehicle but always they will charge two way. Jay Somnath……………..

So I decided to go from luxury bus and in the end I didn’t make any wrong decision. Jay Somnath……………

Our Bus was scheduled to leave at 8.30 am and at sharp 8.30 am it left . I shouted on top of my voice,  JAY SOMNATH…………………………………….

and then,

JAY DWARKADHISH …………………………….

Along with me all pilgrims in the bus also shouted on their top of voices………………

After beautiful cold and windy journey of around two and half hours just few kms before Porbander we stopped at Narvai Mata temple. This was our first darshan as well as breakfast joint as well. Here there is no village just large temple on the road. Idon’t know anything about the legend but vibrations in this temple are fabulous.Jay Dwarkadhish…………….

Just see the photographs below

Narvaai Mata Temple

Khodiyaar Mata with her crocodile vehicle

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Narvaai Mata Idol.

Then we reached Porbander ( 130kms  from Somnath ) birth place of Mahatma Gandhi. Jay Dwarkadhish…………….


After few kms away from Porbander comes Mool Dwarka :- Mool means original from root. This was actually the place where Lord Krishna first came leaving Mathura. Legend is that after killing Kansa , Jarasandha became Lord Krishna’s prior enemy. He attacked Mathura 17 times and every time he was defeated by Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama.Finally it was decided by Lord that he will create new city which will defend from the enemy naturally . That was the formation of Dwarka. While Dwarka was made by Lord Vishwakarma, God of Architecture, at that time again Jarasandha attacked Mathura along with yavan king Kaalyavan. Kaalyavan was the king who had boon that he cannot be killed by any weapon.

So Lord Krishna tricked him. He asked Kaalyavan for one to one fight and that to away from both the armies.  They went in a lonely place. Then instead of fighting Lord Krishna ran away teasing Kaalyavan. Kaalyavan got infuriated and chased Lord Krishna telling him Rannchhod ( Rann :- Battlefield, Chhod :- leave) . It ws this time that Lord got this name. And then Lord went to the cave near Jungadh called Muchkund cave. Here King Muchkund was sleeping. He had a boon from all devtas that he will remain asleep for long time and whoever tries to wake him up will be smeared into ashes. Lord Krishna put his ward robe on King Muchkund and hid inside and Kaalyavan thinking him to be Lord Krishan hit him. This woke up King Muchkund and when he saw Kaalyavan he was smeared into ashes. Thus again winning the battle tactically.  Jay Dwarkadhish…………….

After this incident Lord Krishna  was also called ” Rannchhod” . And After this incident this was the place where Lord first came after defeating Kaalyavan and Jarasandha. So this place is called MOOL DWARKAJay Dwarkadhish…………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Mool Dwarka ( Original Dwarka first one ).

The temple here is very beautiful,old and worth watching……………..Specially the Lord Rannchhod Idol.  Jay Dwarkadhish…………….


Jay Dwarkadhish :- Mool Dwarka Temple


Jay Dwarkadhish :- Main entrance  of Mool Dwarka Temple

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Very old temples inside ( Neelkanth Mahadeva temple)

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Shree Rannchhod jee. ( Swayambhu)

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Neelkanth Mahadeva , very old and original Swayambhu Shivalinga

There is also a very old Shivalinga called Neelkanth Mahadev. Jay Dwarkadhish…………….

And there are many small temples in the complex.  Jay Dwarkadhish…………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Mahalaxmi and Gayatri Mata temples

Then then after Mool Dwarka it was time for Harsiddhi Mata Darshan:- The famous Shaktipeeth in Ujjain was originally from here. King Vikramditya from Ujjain with his devotion requested Harsiddhi to come with him to Ujjain. So Harsiddhi Mata went along with King Vikramaditya in Ujjain. It is also called Harshad Mata.   Jay Dwarkadhish…………….



Jay Dwarkadhish:- Harsiddhi Mata Temple


Jay Dwarkadhish – On the road between Somnath and Dwarka you will find windmills all the way.Very fascinating besides the sea

Please click below to see the Landscape while approaching Dwarka in Bus. Jay Dwarkadhish…………….

And Finally around 2.30 we reached Dwarka . We stayed in Kokilaben Dhirybai Ambani rest house which has excellent facities , but no TV and AC rooms.Also I have a habit whenever i reach any Teertha the first thing I do is keep luggage take bath and meet the Lord there. So please have a Great view of Temple and its history.  Jay Dwarkadhish…………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Dwarkadhish temple

The Dwarakadhish temple  is a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna who is worshipped here by the name Dwarkadhish or ‘King of Dwarka”‘.The main shrine of the five storied building, supported by 72 pillars, is known as Jagat Mandir or Nija Mandir, and is believed to be 2500 years old.Here you will find almost all forms of god from Lord Shiva to Lord Ganapati , Jagadamba Mata, Lord Dattatreya etc to temples of Lord main queens Satyabhama, Jambuvanti, etc. apart from Rukmini. Rukmini temple is located around two kms from Dwarka and I will show you in the next stop.The Dwarkadhish Temple is Pushti Marg Temple hence it follows the guidelines and rituals created by Shri Vallabacharya and Shri Vitheleshnathji.  Jay Dwarkadhish…………….

The present temple was built in 16th century, while the original temple was believed to have been built by Lord Krishna’s grandsonVajranabha and became part of the CharDham pilgrimages considered most sacred by Hindus in India after Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya ,the 8th century reformer and philosopher, visited the shrine and even today a memorial within the temple is dedicated to his visit. Dwarakadheesh is the 108th Divya Desam of Lord Vishnu on the subcontinent, glorified in the sacred texts.   Jay Dwarkadhish…………….

The entrance to the temple is from the north also known as the Moksha Dwaar while towards the south is the Swarg Dwar from where a series of steps leads down to the banks of river Gomti. According to legend  the temple was constructed in a single day by Vishwakarma, the lord of construction and architecture. The deity of Lord Dwarkadhish is made of shiny black stone and is about 2.25 feet in height. The four hands of the Lord Dwarkadhish carries a conch, wheel, a mace and a lotus each and is popularly known as ‘Shankh Chakra Gada Padma Chaturbhuj’. It is said that the deity was hidden for years to protect it from Muslim invaders while another deity brought from the Rukmini temple was installed in its absence. The original deity was reinstalled during the 16th century after the construction of the new temple.  Jay Dwarkadhish…………….

Jay Dwarkadhish – Dwarkadhish temple

Now have the darshan of most beautiful and cutest idols I have ever seen. You just feel like taking it home . WOW…………………………


Jay Dwarkadhish :- Lord Dwarkadhish

But I couldn’t take the idol home, But my bhaav was to have Most Beautiful Shree Dwarkadhish at my place . So I took  Lord Dwarkadhish at my place in form of  his beautiful  image. Jay Dwarkadhish………………..

Jay Dwarkadhish – Aarya and Dwarkadhish


Jay Dwarkadhish :- Sonali, Aarya and Lord Dwarkadhish

One More thing to tell You :- No person staying in Dwarka ( Local people) in Dwarka says the word Krishna . They all say either Dwarkadhish or Dwarkesh r Dwarkanath or Dwarkapati etc.  ( anything related to Dwarka and Lord ). This is there Bhaav. They can’t take the name of their King .Even shops are not named in name of Krishna . Its either Dwarkadhish or Dwarkesh or Dwarkanath or Dwarkapati etc.  Jay Dwarkadhish…………….

Morning 6.30 to Afternoon 13.00
and Evening 5.00 to 9.30
M o r n i n g   T i m i n g s 
Morning 6.30
Mangla Arti
7.00 to 8.00

Mangla Darshan

8.00 to 9.00

Abhishek Pooja [Snan Vidhi]: Darshan Closed

9.00 to 9.30

Shringar Darshan

9.30 to 9.45

Snanbhog : Darshan Closed

9.45 to 10.15

Shringar Darshan

10.15 to 10.30

Shringarbhog: Darshan Closed

10.30 to 10.45

Shringar Arti

11.05 to 11.20

Gwal Bhog: Darshan Closed

11.20 to 12.00


12.00 to 12.20

Rajbhog: Darshan Closed

12.20 to 12.30



Anosar, Darshan Closed

E v e n i n g   T i m i n g s
5.00 Uthappan

First Darshan

5.30 to 5.45

Uthappan Bhog: Darshan Closed

5.45 to 7.15


7.15 to 7.30

Sandhya Bhog: Darshan Closed

7.30 to 7.45

Sandhya Arti

8.00 to 8.10

Shayanbhog: Darshan Closed

8.10 to 8.30


8.30 to 8.35

Shayan Arti

8.35 to 9.00


9.00 to 9.20

Bantabhog and Shayan : Darshan Closed

9.20 to 9.30 Darshan

Darshan Mandir Closed

Dear ALL,

Thanks for Reading and having Darshan. In next post I will come up with places around Dwarka with some beautiful snaps which I bet  no one must have seen.




  • Randhir kapoor says:

    I am reaching ahmedabad around 10 pm. Thinking of reaching Dwarka by volvo. Can you please guide me with the suggested onward schedule. I have just 2 days in hand. Thanks.

  • ss says:

    Thank you for the awesome post. We want to cover exactly these 2 important locations.
    Will follow your advice.
    Only question, for local temple visits within Dwarka, what is the best method? Are they all close to each other? There are rickshaws or by walk?

  • vaishali shrivas says:

    Can u tell me which places we should to travell in ahmdabad…..suggest me places…..i m going with my husband only…please help me.

  • Anil salunkhe says:

    May dwarkadhish make your journey to spirituality successful..

  • Dr RK Srivastava says:

    nicely explained…. much helpful for those who are visiting first time…. thanks a lot.

  • Rajneesh Anand says:

    I am planning a trip to Dwarka, Somnath, Diu, Gir Forest and back to Ahmedabad. I have tentatively made my programme as follows.
    Day 1: Reach Dwarka in the afternoon by Surashtra Exp. from Mumbai
    Day 2: Darshan and leave for Somnath in the afternoon
    Day 3: Darshan at Somnath and leave for Diu in the afternoon
    Day 4: sightseeing at Diu
    Day 5: Gir National Forest
    Day 6: Leave for Ahmedabad from Veraval by train.
    Please suggest if this programme is OK. Also, suggest some good places/ hotels/ rest houses/ homes in these locations where I can get comfortable place to stay. I will be there in December along with my family.

    • Ishan says:

      Hi Rajneesh,
      Hope your travel was good. I’m also planning for the same stretch to cover Gujarat. Could you please share some tips from your travel (where to stay, transport etc.) and anything which i should be aware of. Travel time: 12 Aug- 16Aug

  • Hemant says:

    How to reach Jaipur from Somnath ? any shortest way…

  • No you can visit only somnath and nearby places in private auto rickshaws .

    • Sandeep Shinde says:

      I want to visit Dwarka, somnath and junagadh. Presently i am in Vapi.So please tell me which place to see frist weather Dwarka then somnath and then Junagadh (I want to go to girinath parvath).
      So please guide me on this as I have three days of holiday with me

  • Binod Chandra Mahapatra says:

    Dear Vishalji,
    I was going through all of your above blogs. Thanks for this good samaritan-ship. Please guide us in clearing my following queries. We are planning to reach Somnath on coming October 10th early morning by train from Ahmedabad. After fresh-up and kept luggages in some hotel first we will have Somnath darshan. What are the other religious places to see in Somnath town or nearby how long it will take and in what mode of transport? Please guide us whether we can visit up to Mool Dwarka, Naravi mata and Harshad mata temple by either taxi or luxury Bus and can come back before evening to Somnath for light and sound show? We have also to take train to Dwarka from Somnath on 11.00 PM same night.

  • bhajanradio says:

    aapne toh baithe baithe hi dwarka ke darshan karwa diye. Mann khush ho gaya ise dekh kar. Thanks.
    photographs bhi bahut khubsurat hsi

  • Nilkanth Bhoge says:

    Good Information and photography. I have visited Dwarka Temple 14th May 2015. Its’ One Dham in Four Dhams and realy pleasant place also.

  • Srinath says:

    Dear Vishal Ji,
    Thanks very much.
    Your explanation and tips are very clear.
    Hope to have a good darshan.
    Is your number still the same?

  • Sir,

    I wants to go to somnath & dwarkadish from kolkata and also kany kumari pls gude me

  • There are buses from Somnath to Dwarka as well as Dwarka to Somnath . Private buses start at 8.00 o’clock in the morning and 2.00 o’clock in the afternoon. You have to book tickets one day in advance . For further info you can call me on 9004307770

  • Diya says:

    hello vishal
    your information is very useful.. i am visiting to somnath and dwarka .. please let me know if there are any buses available to reach somnath from dwarka … we will first take a darshan to somnath then the visiting places on the same day .. at night or the next morning we will leave for dwarka.. visiting near by places of dwarka we will get back to somnath… please let me know is there any bus facility from dwarka to somnath and which time it will be available…. thank you for the information and waiting for the suggestion ..

  • pankaj kashyap says:

    Dr team
    Pls guide tour from ahmedabad to dwarka and somnath covering all sight seing

  • GM says:

    Hello sir,

    We are planning a trip to Somnath and Dwarka by 1st week of Oct. We are planning to reach somnath by train from Ahmedabad at 6.45 am. How much time does it take to cover somnath. When is it advisable to leave for Dwarka, the same day or next day morning. Are there any night buses available to Dwarka from somnath. How many days are required in Dwarka.

  • Sanjay Jee

    For New and old Somnath temple it is ok. For sight seeing requires 3 hours.

  • SANJAY KUMAR says:

    Thanks Vishal Jee

    What about somnath we will reach verval at 4.43 am .Our returning train is in night.

    Is this sufficient time for somnath.

    Again thank for your reply.

  • Dear Sanjay Jee

    One day is enough for Dwarka if you start early.Visit Dwarkadhish temple at 6.30 am wi Aarti and then go for sight seeing by booking an auto. It will take around 5 to 6 hours.

  • SANJAY KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir

    I am going from Ranchi to visit somnath Mandir & Dwarkadish .We are going to dwarka first as only one train to dwarka and reaching dwarka at 6.59 evening if train will on right time.
    I am planing one day at dwarkadish next day in the night will catch train for somnath will reach early morning.In the evening we will depart from somnath.

    I just want to know that will the time will sufficient to do the darshan or may we take one more days there.
    kindly suggest.
    thanks with anticipation

  • Vinod Agarwal says:

    Jai Dwarikadhish Maharaj

    Thanks for providing info

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    ????? ??
    ??? ????? ?.???. ??? ???? ??? |
    ??? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ????? ????? ??? | ????? ???? ???? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ???? -? ????? ?? ?? ???? ??? -? ???? ??????, ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ???? ????? ???? ??|

  • yadvendr singh says:

    Hi vishal jsk vry gud knowledge u earn & deliverd to all pillgrims its so religious work done by u.I’m vry grateful & thankful to u fr providing such a grt & easy way to Darhan of lord krishna. Keep it up. I also done Char Dham including Dwarka,Jagganathji,Ramesweram,Badrinathji (Gangotri,Yamunotri,Kadarnarhji,&Badrinathji).apart frm it I aslo done 12 jyotirling Darhan of lord Shiva, take Holy bath of Gangasagar,Darshans of 4Shakti pheet Kalighat of Kolcatta,Jawalaji,Kangra mataji,Chintpurniji.& Vaishno devi Darshan twice.its all is done by t grace of lord Krishna. So if any enquery abt above place pls ask me I would be vry happy to deliver my expierence to other fr thr easyness

  • Mahesh says:


    How about Mumbai – Dwarka – Somnath – Mumbai tour.
    Is this recommended?

    Fri – Mumbai Okha Saurashtra Mail
    Sat – Dwarka
    Sun – Dwarka & by afternoon proceed to Somnath
    Mon – Somnath
    Tue – Veraval Mumbai Saurashtra Mail

    Kindly share your inputs.

  • Satish K Bhatla says:

    Dear Vishal Chand Ji

    Thanks for your telephonic conversation with you regarding my desire to visit Somnath ji Temple & Shri Dwarkadhish ji along with surrounding tourist places BUT WITHIN A WEEKS TIME. Can I expect the detailed post which will be of great help to me as I am planning to visit for darshan Somnath Ji and Dwarkadhish Ji in Somnath mandir from 26th October 2014 till 2nd November 2014 or to the max by 5th November 2014 only.

    Satish K. Bhatla

  • Dear Misra Jee
    Pls call on 9004307770 . I will guide you

  • AK Misra says:

    Could you guide me about route for darshan of Dwarkadeesh and then Somnath

  • Shikhar Anuj Ahiwasi says:

    Dear Vishal ji,
    I was searching for some information to plan trip to Somnath ji & Dwarka ji. when I came across this I found this, which is very informative. My family want to go to a sea shore so we planned for Dwarka ji & Somnath ji so that we can enjoy both the holy and wordly experiences.
    We will be reaching Somnath from Jabalpur by train on 19th of March at 18.00 pm and will be leaving back from Somnath for Jabalpur on the 24th of March. What about climate , rush , etc. during this period.I am yet to fill in the blanks in between. I believe you will be the best person to guide/help me to fill these blanks.
    Eagerly awaiting your response.
    Shikhar Anuj Ahiwasi.

  • Dear Sharma jee

    Each place requires one day to cover all places . But for relaxation you can have two days in dwarka and many places to see and visit there.

  • kb sharma says:

    Dear vishal, thanks for such valuable info. I am planning in march 14, alongwith family. I wish to visit dwarka, somnath and girnarional park, can u suggest me how many days shd i spend each location

  • prasannarajan says:

    Dear Vishal
    thank you very much for the detailed and informative travel guidance.I am visiting Somnath on 1ST APRIL AND WANT TO GO To dwarka on 2nd.Iam travelling with my wife.I prefer luxury bus.Can you suggest any travel agency.I am leaving Dwarka on 4thto mumbai.
    thanking you ,with regards
    we are senior citizens

  • Vijay Bisnauthsing says:

    Hi Vishal,
    I read your very interesting article. In November, 2010 while we, my family and a group of friends – all 18 of us, were on a Jyoti r Lin gum Yatra, In Gujarat, we had Sri Somnathji and Nageshwarji – 2 of them. We had to Ahmadabad and from there hired a coach a drove to Dwarka. It was very late in the afternoon that we had arrived. We checked in , in a close by hotel, refreshed and went to pay darshan to Sri DWARKADISH during the evening aarti. The following day, we did abhisek at NAGESHWAR JYOTIR LINGUM and continued our way to Somnath. Time was a constraint, so, we had to rush. We are planning to come again next year around the same month, Nov.2014, but will spend at least 2 days at Somnath and 2 days at Dwarka. We are from Mauritius, we will fly to Mumbai and from here, we are planning to fly to either DIU or JAMNAGAR. From DIU, we will do Somnath first; if not from Jamnagar, we will do Dwarka first – what will you advise? A reply from you will help tremendously. We will be around 12 to 15 – too early to say. I will wait to read you. Thanks

  • Supriya says:

    Hi Vishal,
    All your articles are worth ready. You have very well described each and evrything in all your artciles. Hats off to you.. Great job. Keep it up. :) Very helpful for all the readers. :) Great Job

  • Harinath Rao says:

    Dear Mr. Vishal Rathod,
    Actually, I had planned my winter holiday to Somnath and Dwarakadhish in JAN. 2014. This is my 1st visit to the west of india and I had no clue earlier to the vital information as provided by your spiritual self . Now I am enlightened 50% . I really thank you from my heart and also appreciate the philosophy you have so earnestly adopted . I too am a traveller like you and like to go places every holiday, especially all temple cities–Historical . I love our rich cultural and spiritual heritage.
    KEEP TRAVELLING! With all best wishes.

  • HARSH MISHRA says:


  • Ramakant says:

    Dear Vishal,

    We are planning to visit Somnath & Dwarkaji, please find below travel plan.

    Sat-Departure from Dadar by Train 19005 – Saurashtra Mail @ 20.38
    Sun-Arrive at Veraval @15.45 & Proceed towards Somnath approx 5 km, Night stay at Somnath
    Mon-Dep from Somnath towards Dwarka @3.00 pm by bus, night stay at Dwarkaji
    Tue-Full day at Dwarkaji & local site Seen, Night Stay in Dwarkaji
    Wed-Departure from Dwarkaji by Train 19006 – Saurashtra Mail @ 12.58
    Thus-Arrive at Dadar @ 6.40am

    Please advise if any changes required or we can extend one more day so that we can cover nearby place.

  • Manish says:

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Jay Somnath Jay Dwarakadhish , Jay Nageshwar

  • Gaurav Pathak says:

    Dear Vishal Ji,

    Thanks for providing these useful information in great detail. I am planning to visit Dwarka, Somnath & Diu in month of July along with my 10 family members so request you to guide us in planning our trip with respect to lodging, local travel and sightseeing so that we can fully utilize our visit.

    We will reach Dwarka on 16th July at 14:00 hrs by Puri Okha Express and will return to Vadodara via train change at Rajkot from Dwarka Exp from Somnath at 22:40 hrs on 18th July.

    You are doing a great job in helping others and i would pray to god to bless you and your family members with good health and happiness.

    • Dear Gaurav,

      Thanks for appreciation .
      please go through the plan below but do the trip according to your convenience.

      16 th July : Reach Dwarka . Settle down in Hotel Reliance Kokila Dhiraj Dham ( call them and book) 02892 236748.

      Evening go to Dwarkadhish temple and Gomti ghats, have Gujarati or Rajasthani thali at Hotel Dwarkesh and sleep . book luxury bus for somnath next day at 2.00 PM timing and also book two seven seater autos for sight seeing of Dwarka .

      17 th July

      Early morning go to the sight seeing of Dwarka .Start at 6.0 AM 1 ) Rukmini temple 2) nageshwar Jyotirling 3) Gopi talav and 4 ) Bet Dwarka . 2.00 pm leave to Somnath by bus. Reach Somnath at 9.00 PM and relax .Book Somnath Dharamshala 45 days before . 02876 231212 . AC , NON AC rooms available .

      18 Th July

      Early morning at 6.00 visit Somnath aarti and then go to Somnath sight seeing which will take around 2 to 3 hours . Then come to hotel and relax. Evening go to Somnath beach have camel ride and enjoy and then proceed for train.

      Diu it is possible only if you hire a car . After Somnath sight seeing hire a car , go to Diu . Visit Gangeshwar temple and beach there with water sports and return back early. You can hire cars by many travel agents opposite Somnath Trust Dharamshala Office .

      If any other queriees please feel to call on 9004307770.

      Jay Somnath Jay Dwarakadhish , Jay Nageshwar

  • Manish says:

    Dear Vishal sir,
    I am planning to visit Somath, Dwarka along with my whole family (7 members & 3 Children) in JUNE (18-22)
    What about climate , rush , etc. during this period. The program is as given
    18.06.2013- Reaching Somnath in Evening ,Evening Darshan , Light and Sound Show (please tell about its timing)
    19.06.- Sight seeing Somnath and visit to Gir / Diu or as per your suggestion
    20.06- Morning proceedin to visiting Porbander enroute. (bus or Taxi ? which is better)
    21.06- Dwarka, bhet dwarka, nageshwar…
    22.06- moving to Rajkot to Catch train at 2pm to Bhopal.

    • Dear Manish ,

      If rainy season starts then the climate may become cool. But it will be hot but not so much beacuse it is lying near coast . Rush will be Ok not so much. Book Somnath dharamshala 02876231212. You have pay draft in advance .

      18 / 06

      Reach Somnath see the new and old Somnath temple and light and sound show after aarti at 7.00 PM.


      Early morning at six visit somnath aarti and then book a car like Tavera or innova for Somnath Sight seeing after aarti. Complete somnath sight seeing and then proceed to Diu or Gir as per your choice, In diu there is a beach with water sports and Gangeshwar temple . And in Gir forest you can see lions . But in both cases you have to book car. Go to devaliya National park near Sasan Gir town instead of forest. Come back in the evening.


      Go to Porbander via ST bus or luxury bus and do sight seeing. I don’t know much places in Porbander as I haven’t been there.

      21 /06

      Reach Dwarka . Settle down in Hotel Reliance Kokila Dhiraj Dham ( call them and book) 02892 236748. Vist Dwarkadhish temle gomti river ghats and then sight seeing . 1 ) Rukmini temple 2) nageshwar Jyotirling 3) Gopi talav and 4 ) Bet Dwarka . Come to hotel and relax. Evening do shopping in Dwarka

      22 /06

      Start early morning at 5.00 – 6.00 AM for rajkot

      any more queries feel free to call me 9004307770.

      Jay Somnath Jay Dwarakadhish , Jay Nageshwar

  • Neelam Dhir says:

    Dear ShVishal Ji

    Jai Somnath ! Jai Dwarkadheesh!

    Thanks a lot for such a prompt reply. It is a great service you are doing to people like us.

    We are planning to extend our trip. If we extend by 2 days, will it be possible to visit both diu and gir.

    Thanks again.

    • Yes . It will be a great one . After completing Somnath straight away go to Diu and stay there. Visit Gangeshwar Temple where sea water does Abhishek on five shivlings . Please look at the video

      Then Enjoy on the Diu beach with water sports . After finishing Diu next you can proceed to a town called Sasan Gir ( 40 kms from Somnath) in your car. Ask you driver about Safari to Gir Forest . But as far as I know you wont be able to see lions as they come in night . And getting full experience in Gir Forest one has to stay 3 days there .

      Instead I will suggest you to go to Devaliya National Park which is 12 kms away from Sasan Gir town. There you can witness lions and all other animals together in an open space like a jungle ( artificially made) . The experience is same as watching lions in jungle in open. I have not been there but have suggested many of them and I have got splendid reviews about it from them .

      After Gir , you can proceed to see some exciting places in Junagadh and visit Virpur a Jalaram Bappa Temple where food is served free of cost as prasad. And then proceed to Ahmedabad.

      Try to hire a driver who has knowledge on these places. All the best for your trip . Any doubts call me 9004307770.

      Happy Journey . Jai Somnath , Jai Dwarkadhish, Jai Nageshwar .

  • Neelam Dhir says:

    Dear ShVishal Ji

    Jai Somnath ! Jai Dwarkadheesh!

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful posts. I was amazed at when I read it. Exactly what I was searching for. It is a commendable effort. I am very fond of travelling and that too religious places, so your post is very helpful for me.

    I have a small query. We will be reaching Ahmedabad at 10:00 a.m. on Day 1. Will proceed to Dwarka by taxi. Stay there at night. On day 2, after visiting all the places, you mentioned, we will proceed towards Somnath and stay there. On day 3, after visiting all places we will proceed back to Ahmedabad to stay there at night as we have morning flight to catch from there at around 10:00 a.m. I don’t want to miss any temple in Somnath, Dwarka and on the way as this is prioirity. Pl guide is there any scope to visit Diu on any day. How much time is required? We have kids with us and I want to take them there.

    Thanks and deep regards for your work


    • Thanks a lot for praise .

      This yatra is Super paced and will be little tiresome but manageable . But distance from Somnath to Ahmedbad is around 400 kms . So Diu is out of question .

      Happy Journey .

  • yogesh says:

    vishal ji
    i am leaving in Delhi &come to visit Somnath dwarka &gir.26 march.We are reach viraval at 6:30 am on 27 marth .In holi any problem in somnath darshan because my mother is with me. please help me to manage my tour.we come back delhi via amhedabad on 29march 21:00 rajdhani exprees train.

  • It was a pleasure talking to you Vishal. Thanks a lot for your kind time & Help. Ishan Chakrabarty, Mumbai, 09975531590.

    I will follow your advice on the tour alongwith my Sr. Citizen Parents.

  • Dear Sunil Suman

    I feel the plan is little hasty because you are with your parents , but quite manageable. Somnath and Dwarka can be visited in 2 days . Most probably there might be night buses from Dwarka to Ahmedabad for sure . Check it out and book your tickets as soon as you arrive in Dwarka on first day.

    But if not there , then take bus to Jamnagar or Rajkot and from there you will definitely get bus for Ahmedabad. Happy Journey and give me the information of bus to Ahmedabad .

    Jay Somnath and Jay Dwarkadhish.

    • Sunil Suman says:

      Thanks for your good guideline. I will let you know after journey.
      Jay Somnath and Jay Dwarkadhish.


  • Sunil Suman says:

    Hi Vishal jee,
    I am planning to visit Somnath and Dwarka in April with Parents , wife and one year son. I will start journey from Ahmedabad on 18th April to Somnath by train in night. I will reach Somnath morning 19th April. I will visit Somnath then in afternoon I will start journey to Dwarka by Bus. I think I will reach Dwarka in evening then we will take rest in night and next morning (20 April) I will visit Dwarka. Then I will return Ahmedabad from Dwarka in night. In 2 days can we visit Somanth and Dwarka? And one more question, there is any bus from Dwarka to Ahmedabad in night?

    Sunil (Ahmedabad)

  • Sanjay Sharma says:

    Dear Sh. Vishal ji,
    I was searching the net for some information to plan my trip to Somnath ji & Dwarka ji when I came across this article of yours and found it very informative.
    My wife and kids want to go to a sea shore so we settled for Dwarka ji & Somnath ji so that we can enjoy both the holy and wordly experiences.
    We will be reaching Ahemdabad from Bhopal by train on the morning of 9th of March and will be leaving back from Ahemdabad for Bhopal on the 16th of March.
    I am yet to fill in the blanks in between.
    I believe you will be the best person to guide / help me to fill these blanks.
    Eagerly awaiting your response.
    Sanjay Sharma

  • gopal abichandani says:

    u r a blesing from GOD in disguise
    ur posts cleared all my doubts n worries
    will be goin to gujarat for the first time
    GOD bless u always for guidin n motivatin devotees
    u hav really been very helpful to me

  • Nitin Gupta says:


    I am planning to travel Gujrat from Pune via my Car.
    i will be going Pune-Ahmedabad-Dwarka-Somnath-Vadodara-Pune.
    Just wanted to how are roads. can i expect that all these highways have Dividers??
    i read somewhere that road between somnath and Dwarka is not very good, what is ur input?
    i am starting travel on 2-Feb-13. So Please reply asap.

    • Till Rajkot and Jamnagar the roads are in excellent condition with dividers. After that the traffic is ok . So it can be managed .

      Between Somnath and Dwarka, the road is in OK condition without dividers but traffic is less so it is not a problem. Somewhere for 15 – 20 minutes new roads are constructed.

      Between Somnath and Junagadh the roads are in Ok condition not too good.

      Anyways Gujarat Roads are in excellent condition.

      • Nitin Gupta says:

        Thanks Vishal.

        • dr n p singh says:

          My self from Lucknow, UP.I am Senior Citizen .Reaching Bhavnagar, Gujrat along with my wife, on 14th April 2013. Wanted to visit Diu, Somnath, Porbandar & Dwarkapur along with bet Dwarka in 4 to 6 days. I shall be thankful for your valuable suggestion.In case any more place is worst seeing kindly suggest.

          • Dr. Singh

            4 to 6 days are enough to visit these places with ease . if you are planning a 6 day trip then Devaliya National Park near Sasan Gir can be visited where you can see free lions for sure . This park can be reached from Somnath or Veraval via bus or private car. First go to Sasan gir 40 kms town and then from there 12 kms is Devaliya National Park .

  • Pramod says:

    Hi Vishal,

    I have recently started reading your blogs on Ghumakkar which I found while surfing as I am planning a Gujrat tour. To my surprise I was completely amazed going through your post the way you have described and supported with snaps for each place you visited and also the guidance/support your provide to other Enthu travelers with so much of special interest. Boss hats off to you and All the Best to keep it up…

    Further I have gone through all your blogs in this post and all the comments those being interacted as I am myself very much fond of travelling and visiting different places. But since long I didn’d get chance to move around within the country since my last onsite assignment in Europe being a software professional.

    And now I am planning a trip with my parents going through all the comments in your blog as like below.
    Surat – Dwarka – Somnath – Gir/Junagadh – Mumbai.

    Day 1 – Surat to Dwarka via Saurashtra mail. Reach Dwarka in afternoon, sight seeing in dwarka and stay.
    Day 2 – All the day sight seeing in Dwarka including Bet dwarka and night halt.
    Day 3 – Dwarka to Somnath travel. Start early from Dwarka via bus and cover Porbander, Mool dwarka, etc and reach Somnath by evening. Evening darshan at somnath, ligh show etc and night halt.
    Day 4 – Early morning Aarti, sight seeing in somnath. ” Go to Sasan Gir, visit park etc and come back in the evening to Somnath. Next day morning board the train Somnath- JBL Express to Vadodara and then to Mumbai.

    I have some confusion for the 4th Day plan as I wish to cover GIR and Junagadh if possible within this time frame.

    On 4th Day, is that possible to cover Somnath sight seeing, GIR and then stay at Junagadh on 4th day. Then fifth Day morning Junagadh sight seeing (except Girnar) and catch the train at 11.40 to vadodara. Or on 4th Day, Somnath Sight seeing, then proceed to GIR and further to Junagadh. Junagadh sight seeing and come back to Somanth late night to stay. Next day catch Somanth-JBL express at 9.40 for vadodara.

    I need your guidance to plan this. Can you please share your views?


    • Dear Pramod

      Sorry for the delay . Was busy on some working stuff till late and didn’t get time .

      4th day plan

      Early go to Somnath aarti and then move to Sasan Gir which is around 40 kms from Somnath

      Then go to Devaliya National park 12 kms away from Sasan gir and see lions in open. The park is same open area like forest but it is aurrounded by boundaries. One can take a bus tour and see animals in Open . Dont go to Gir Forest for Safari it will take lot of time and i dont know whether you will be able to see lions or not. Generally people go for three day safari .

      It will take 2 hours and then go to Junagadh 67 kms and not Somnath . Book Hotel immediately and go for sight seeing places . rather than going to zoo which we did for our daughter go to uperkot fort. See the post of Jungadh from index for Jungadh sight seeing.

      I think apart from Girnar mountain you can cover everything on this day till night.

      5th day

      If you wish you can go to Virpur also nearby the famous saint Jalaram bapa and visit his temple. Now Both Somnath Jabalpur express and Saurashtra Mail have halts at Virpur . You can catch directly to Vadodara or Mumbai from Virpur or Junagadh . No need to go to Somnath the day before .

      thats it . Give me buzz on 9004307770 anytime if you have more doubts . Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Diwakant says:

    I just completed this trip.! Thanks a lot Vishal Ji for this amazing blog. It really helped me a lot.

    A word to other interested travellers. “The bus from Somnath to Dwarka ” can be tricky. It was a bad experience for me. They did not stopped at Mool Dwarka and sudama mandir.
    Even the bus quality was very bad.
    It was stopping everywhere to pick up locals.

    Please plan accordingly.

    • gopal says:

      thank u sir

      am plannin to go in may
      it would b a gr8 disappointment if the bus didnt make us visit 3 temples enroute dwaraka

      • Gopal Jee ,

        While Booking tickets only you say that you have to see Narvai Mata Temple, Harsiddhi Mata (Harshad Mata) and Mool Dwarka temple . Also when you get inside the bus tell conductor to stop the bus at all the three places and that is the reason you bought ticket from them . Then definitely he will stop . Try to book Krishna Travels just opposite Somnath Trust Dharamshala office.

        From Somnath to Dwarka , first comes Narvai Mata , then comes Porbander city where you are not allowed to get down. Then comes Harshad Mata and finally Mool Dwarka .

        In my first visit they skipped Mool Dwarka. So always beware and remind conductor 2 to 3 times in the way.

        Have a happy journey Gopal Jee ,

        Jay Somnath and Jay Dwarkadhish …

        • gopal says:

          thank u immensely for ur valuable information

          is it possible to go to gir forests from somnathji arnd 12 pm and return in eve by 7

          • Somnath to Sasan Gir is 40 kms . From Sasan Gir you get jeeps. You can even get cars from Somnath . If you go by car , you can definitely go to the forest and come back , but sighting lions can be difficult if you are unlucky becasue they generally come out by evening.

          • gopal says:

            thank u friend

            i just came across one of ur replies in which u have mentioned devaliya park

            what is more preferable

            sasan gir forests or national park

            sorry to bother u again n again

            u have visited these places n hence u can give us a perfect picture

          • Obviously Devaliya National Park,

            As there is 100 % guarantee that you are going to witness lions . They are kept free there along with different species in a large area. You have to travel via bus. But I don’t know whether you will be able to witness the real jungle feel.

            Finally the ultimate decision you make after reaching Sasan Gir town. Or if you are booking a car leave it to the driver, he may be knowing everything.

            And I didn’t go to Sasan Gir Forest or Devaliya national park. But I know because I had planned to visit these two places and eventually the plan got cancelled .

          • gopal says:

            thanks a ton for ur valuable time n selfless devotion

  • Shri Vishal Ji.

    Namaskar. Thanks. Your blog helped me a lot in planning my Gujrat Tour.

    With Regards,


    Vinod D. Muley

  • anshul saxena says:

    Jay Somnath..
    I started my journey from Indore on 23rd morning at 07.00 by road by my won vehicle. I arrived pavagadh at around 10.00. There was a long line even for the roapway..It took around 3 hour to reach to the ropeway. I did Darshan of Pavagadh at around 03.00 . returned downward through roapway at 05.00. Started journey for Somnath from pavagadh at 05.30.

    We got two Professional drivers, so we did the overnight journey and arrived somnath on 24th morning at around 04.00. We booked an Hotel and did rest for 4 hours, then after getting freshen up, we did Darshan of Somnath temple at around 07.30. Then we moved to Bhalka tirth and Triveni.
    Then we started journey towards Dwarka at 08.30. On the route did Darshan at Harsiddhi Mata Mandir, Mool Dwarka. I must say Mool Dwarka is really a MUST GO Place. We feel like to be there for always while sitting in the Temple at Mool dwarka.

    Then we arrived Dwarka at 3.30 on the same day. I was aware that there must be crowd in Dwarka in the day time, so we decided to go for Darshan at other Temple. Then we moved to Nageshwar and did darshan at Nageshwar at 04.30. Then Gopi Talab and then Bet dwarka. We finished darshan of Bet dwarka at around 07.30. Then we moved back from Bet Dwarka to Dwarka and arrived Dwarka at 09.15.We did Darshan at Dwarkadish Temple with much ease.there was no crowd during the time, so we standed infront of the Moorti for few minutes. Then we stayed in Dwarka on 24th. We find some difficulty in finding rooms, but then we got one near the temple.

    On the next day, i.e. third day we did darshan of Rukmani temple at 07.00 morning and then we started journey for Ambaji temple. Ambaji is around 750 k.m.s ffrom Dwarka. We arrived Ambaji at night 08.30. After getting freshenup, we did Darshan of Ambaji temple at 09.00. The gate just closed after we did the Darshan.

    I must say that People MUST visit AMBAJI temple. It is really very huge and attractive. I havent seen any such temple in my life.
    On the fourth day, we did the darshan of AMbaji temple again, i.e. for the second time, but this time we attended the Morning aarti of 07.30. But for attending the morning aarti, we stood in the que at 05.30 morning.
    After attending aarti at 07.30, we moved towards Gabbar Hill, where the Heart of mata Sati falled. Gabar hill is having 1000 steps.

    we did the Darshan in around 02.00 hrs. Then we moved towards Indore and arrived Indore at 12.00 night on the fourth day.

    In this way, I visited pavagadh,Somnath,Dwarka, Nageshwar,Ambaji Temple in Four days and Three night and the most important point here is everywhere we reached at such time when we did Darshan with much ease and there was no more crowd during the time.

    I wish you best of luck for your trip to Somnath..

    Jay Bholenath..

    Anshul saxena

    • Anshul Jee,

      Generally I advice my readers to keep 3 days for Somnath and Dwarka but to do journey peacefully because it might be once in a lifetime journey as it is quite away in the western side.

      But the way you have done your journey is simply amazing. 4 days and you have visited these many places and travelled more than 150 kms although in a car .

      Only onething to say . HATS OFF to you.

  • subrato says:

    Wow .. I found the page is informative and consistent help from vishal .. Thanks alot for your information .
    I Have a query ..Do you know what will be cab fare for six people and what kind of rate prevalied and contact numbers of private cab at Veraval/somnath …

    • Thanks Subrato ,

      Sorry I dont know . and Cabe fare for what . If it is from Somnath to Dwarka , they will charge you for return fare also

      • Bappa Mukherjee says:

        On 18th December 2012 I travelled from Dwarka to Somnath by Tata Venture which I hired from the travel agent at Dwarka they charged me Rs.3500/- and i queried at Somnath the same rate prevails.

    • Bappa Mukherjee says:

      On 20th December 2012 I was at Somnath with my family, i hired a Taxi to visit SasanGir Devaliya, They charged me Rs. 900/- And for Diu the travel agent charged me Rs.1500/- Just near the entrance of Somnath mandir there is a AMUL ice cream shop and its near by there is a small agent Jalaram tours and travel. You can contact him.

  • Abheeruchi says:

    Hello Vishal ji,

    First of all congratulation for becoming Ghumakkar of the year.Well deserved.

    Thanks to Nandan ji for giving link of this wonderful series.

    Jaisa apne kaha ki bhagwaan itne sundar the ki man kiya ki unhe ghar le aau,aisa hi kuch Vrindavan ke Bankey Bihari ji ke baare me kehte hai. Kehte hai bhagwaan itne bhole hai ki koi bhi unhe prem se thode bhi lambe samay tak nihare to bhagwaan bhav vibhor ho ke unke saath hi chale jayenge. Isliye waha har thodi thodi der me chagwaan e saamne parda daal diya jaata hai…

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post…

    Keep travelling, keep sharing

    Om namoh shivay…Jay Dwarkadhish ji…

  • Surinder Sharma says:

    Congratulaiton Vishal.

  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Congrats Vishal, on achieving superstardom. Waiting for you to hit the next century on ghumakkar.

  • Surinder Sharma says:

    Good Job Vishal

  • SilentSoul says:

    WOW!!! 19000+ views and 138 comments.. vishalbhai this log has proved to be quite popular !!

  • Diwakant says:

    Dear Vishal Ji..
    First of I would like to say “Hats off ” to you for your amazing support over here. You are doing immense help for fellow inquisitors.

    I, with my Parents, am planning to have a tour of “Dwarka Somnath & Gir”. Initially I was routing as

    Day1 Somnath
    Night stay at Gir, Morning safari and then heading to Dwarka.
    From dwarka back to Mumbai.

    Now I am lil bit confused whether it will be better to go to dwarka first and then to Somnath and gir .

    Please suggest.
    If possible please suggest best way to reach somnath/dwarka from mumbai. (Fastest and not very costly)

    • As far as price is concerned both the ways will cost same . But I have done Somnath first and Dwarka next on both the occasions I went . I would suggest to go to GIR then to Somnath and Dwarka . Stay one day in Gir , second one in Somnath , Third day go to Dwarka , fourth day roam Dwarka and fifth come to Mumbai . Have a easy tour because you have parents with you rather going for fastest . Visit Aarti of both Somnath and Dwarkadhish temples.

      Hotels and food are nominal in both the cities . So don,t worry about costs . Have a nice journey
      jay Somnath and jay Dwarkadhish

      any more info call me on 9004307770

      • Diwakant says:

        Thank you very much Sir.

        Actually I also wanted to know the correct logistics ( Via which place…which train) .

        Many options are there.. via ahmedabad . via diu Via rajkot Via junagadh.. I am confused which one wud be better .

        • Catch Saurashtra mail directly from Mumbai . Reach Junagadh in after noon. Have Bhavnath Temple darshan and Girnar Mountain from down and take darshan of places shown in the first post in this series. Next day go to Sasan Gir via bus . From there go to Devaliya National park . Enjoy the Lions and the jungle. Then in then evening go to Somnath via bus. Enjoy the day in Somnath and sight seeing . you can leave to dwarka via luxury bus in the afternoon but that will be hurry. Next day in morning leave for dwarka. Reach Dwarka afternoon and roam Dwarka on the evening. Next day go to Rukmini temple ,Nageshwar and Bet Dwarka . And come back . the last day from Dwarka catch Saurashtra mail to Mumbai .

          Saurashtra mail starts from two destinations . Half starts from Veraval ( Somnath ) and half from Okha ( Dwarka) and joins at Rajkot .I hope so this helps or call me .

          happy journey

          • Diwakant says:

            Dear Vishal Ji..
            Thanks for ur valuable suggestion.

            I have prepared following itinerary for my visit.

            23th Jan >catch shatabdi to reach Ahmedabad , reaching by afternoon.
            Visit Akshardham temple. catch somnath express in the night to reach somnath
            24th Jan> Somnath darshan. roam around, go to diu asap. visit Diu and from there leave to Gir
            Reach Gir by evening. Overnight stay at Gir,
            25th > Morning Safari. From Gir, catch Bus to Dwarka .
            Reach Dwarka ,
            26th >Dwarka Darshan, once finished. catch Saurashtra Mail to mumbai.

            I have 27th as a spare day. please suggest if i shud make any changes as i can only plan on paper without experience. will it be possible to complete dwarka darshan by afternoon.!!

          • seems tough call me 9004307770

  • U S says:

    Dear Sir,

    I with my family and mother aged 80 years want to visit Dwarka, Somnath & Diu with nearby places. We shall reach Dwarka from Delhi on 25th Feb. by Uttaranchal Express. Kindly advise the comfortable itinary to cover all good places. Also advise mode of travel, good places for stay and how to book? Is advance booking required? And from where & when to take train to return to Delhi?



    • Dear U S,

      Can you tell me….

      How many days you have to spend for your trip excluding travel from and to Delhi ,

      so that I can make plan accordingly ?

      • U S says:

        Dear Vishal ji,


        We shall reach Dwarka on 25th Feb. at 15.28 Hrs. & this train (Uttaranchal Exp.- Dehradun to Okha) will return from Dwarka on 1st Mar. at 08.15 Hrs. means we have 4 nights & 3-5 days. We can take another train to return as per advice.



        • Ok ,Looks good,

          25 Feb : Relax in Dwarka and go to Dwarkadhish Temple in the evening.

          26 Feb : Go to Mangala Aarti early in the morning and then go for Dwarka tour . It will take 6 hours to Bet Dwarka , Rukmini temple and Nageshwar Jyotirling. Hire a big Auto or car. Come hotel and relax. Book bus tickets to Somnath next day.

          27 Feb : Leave to Somnath in luxury bus . Reach Somnath at 3.00 PM. Have darshan of Somnath Temple and new and old. If possible do somnath sight seeing . It will take 2 to 3 hours max. or else do Somnath sight seeing early next in the morning.

          28 Feb : Leave to Junagadh or Virpur either of the places and do sight seeing . Stay there.

          1 March : leave to rajkot early in the morning . it will take around 2 hours . Catch your train Uttaranchal Express from Rajkot to Delhi .

          I hope so this plan works for you . Any questions feel free to contact me on 9004307770 .

          Jai Somnath and Jai Dwarkadhish.

          • Diu is not possible here because it is in different route . So either Junagadh or Virpur looks good. They both are on the way to Rajkot. My Selection would be to go Virpur.

          • U S says:

            Dear Vishal ji,


            There is a change in program. Now, we’ll return on 2nd Mar. at 19.33 Hrs. from Rajkot by Delhi SR Exp. We want to visit Diu and to stay there atleast for one night.

            Out of Virpur and Gir, which place will be pleasent to visit and stay. Please advise accordingly.

            Your also requested to please tell the good and comfortable places to stay at all the places. Also guide how to book them.



          • U S says:


            We think to hire a taxi from Dwarka to Rajkot for whole the journey and it will save the time too. It’s OK? If you know any agent then please tell. How much it cost?

          • If you are taking taxi from Dwarka then there is no problem. I dont know the cost and any agents , But he will take extra money from rajkot to dwarka which he will come empty handed after completing the tour.

            If you have taxi then GIR ,Jungadh and Virpur all can be visited as both are on the way .

            28 Feb : Go to DIU . Enjoy water sports on beach , there is Gangeshwar Temple there . Dont miss . Stay there .

            1 March : Very early leave to Sasan Gir . Visit Devaliya Park 12 kms away where you can see lions. and then leave for Jungadh. which you will reach around afternoon. Book hotel and do Junagadh Sight seeing .

            2 March : Early morning leave for Virpur. Have darshan at Jalaram bapaa Mandir and then leave to Rajkot.

            Hotels : Dwarka Reliance Kokila Dhiraj Dham Hotel : 0289- 2236748 Call them and Book

            Somnath trust Dharamshala :- 02876 231212 call them and send DD.

            I don’t have knowledge of Hotels in other places . But all may be nominal and you can get them . Just ask your taxi driver.

            Thanks .

  • Rajiw Shrivastava says:

    Hi Vishal,
    I , alongwith my family has just completed the tour of Somnath and Dwarka. Your blog has played a great role in successfull completion of my tour.

  • PS says:

    hi Vishal

    Jai dwarkadish, Jai somnath, Jai nageshwar, Shri gurudev dutta

    I have sucessfully completed the tour

    Take Care

  • Bappa Mukherjee says:

    Recently on 19th December i was at Somnath, There is scarcity of hotels near Somnath temple, Nice accommodations are near Railway Station. The Somnath temple trust accommodation are always packed, please prefer the new one. From Somnath do visit Gir Sanctuary which is around 60 Km from Somnath and do visit Diu a nice refreshing tour. The Diu fort awesome. 90 kms approx from Somnath.

  • Dear PS you are traveling to Girnar , Somnath and full Dwarka and you have to come back at Junagadh also . It requires atkeast 5 full days , This trip is not at all possible. Even It took 6 days for me to complete the trip . legs pain a lot after climbing girnar. Its not a child’s play.

    Plan properly you are in hurry . As per my knowledge you can only do Girnar an Somnath if you have these many days .

    call me 0n 9004307770 on urgent basis.

  • PS says:

    Dear Vishal

    Its indeed a great pleasure and great help for all of us while referring your posts. you are doing a noble cause. great going.

    I have planned my trip after two days as follows
    30th Dec Morning arrive at junagadh at 0430 am. have bath. leave to girnar mountain at 0600. start climbing. return back by evening and rest in the hotel.
    Kindly suggest good budget hotel only to rest?
    How much average time it takes for the girnar mountain climb?
    Will i get any rickshaw early morning to drop me from junagadh to girnar? from where? how much time it takes?
    Good Hotel to eat?

    31st Dec early morning 0430 am leave hotel and take somnath express and arrive in veraval. go to somnath temple. take darshan. and proceed towards dwarka by 0930 am express coach. in afternoon arrive in dwarka and visit dwarkadish temple and gomati river. rest in hotel.
    How much time it will take to travel from veraval to somnath temple? and will i get a rickshaw?
    Will i be able to complete my darshan in 02 hrs?
    Where will i get this express bus for dwarka?
    are there any hotels for breakfast near somnath temple?
    after reaching dwarka, is it possible to visit gomti and dwarkadish temple?
    Any good budget hotel for rest in night?
    Good hotel to eat?

    01st Jan Visit nageshwar temple. and in afternoon proceed towards junagadh by gurajnagiri bus at 0130 pm. arrive in junagadh. and catch somanath express going to ahmedabad at 0930pm.
    How to go to nageshwar temple?
    How long? how much they charge?
    If i leave dwarka in afternoon will i reach junagdh by 06pm as i have train at 09pm?

    Will look forward for your revert

    Thank you in advance.


  • Bappa Mukherjee says:

    Dear Vishal,
    On 17th December 2012 I started my journey for Gujrat tour. I thank you for suggesting the stay at Kokila Ben Dhirubhai Ambani Guest house. It was a nice stay with Rs. 400/- only for non ac double bed room. I visited the places as suggested. In between my tour I stayed at Porbandar Ramakrishna Vivekananda’s ashram Guest house. Then to Somnath, Diu and Gir forest.
    Came back to Howrah on 25th December.
    I once again thank you for your valuable guidance.

  • anshul saxena says:

    Hi Vishal,

    Thanks for ur suggestions on the blog as well as on Phone.
    As per ur advice, I changed my tour plan and now i made it for 4 days and am going by road from Bhopal to Somnath-Navai mata mandir-Porbandar-Mool dwarka-Harshad mata mandir-Dwarka-rukmani temple-nageshwar mahadev-Gopi talab-Bhet Dwarka- Gomti.

    I will do the journey by my vehicle as i am accompanying my parents.

    I just want to know, if there is any other Temple which i can cover on the route.
    For ur information my route in gujrat will be Dahod-Godhra-anand-Dhandhuka-Gadhada-Amreli-bagasara-veraval-Somnath-Dwarka-Jamnagar-Rajkot-Anand and so on..

    Pl suggest if there is any place/Temple to visit.

    Many Thanks


  • Rama says:

    Hi Vishal, I am visiting Dwarka on 24/Dec. please advice how much time it takes to complete the Darshan at the temple? Is there any special Darshan like Tirupati where you pay to move fast in the line? I am asking all this question as I have elderly parents with me and they may not be able to stand in queue for long time. Thank you. Rama

  • Anshul Saxena says:

    Dear Vishal Ji,

    Jay Somnath…

    I am planning for a family trip of Somnath-Dwarka for the period of 23rd December to 25th December.

    As mentioned, I will start my journey from Bhopal via Somnath Express on 22nd and will reach Somnath on 23rd at 06.00 p.m.. I will do the Darshan of Somnath Temple on 23rd around 07.00 p.m. (Query 1. IS it possible to cover Viraval on the same day, i.e. on 23rd eve. ???)

    I will stay in SOmnath on 23rd. I will take the LUxury bus from Somnath to Dwarka(as you mentioned that Luxuary bus covers Narvai Mata Temple b) Mool Dwarka ??? ??????? ( original Dwarka) and c) Harshad Mata )).

    (Query 2. I am planning to take the Luxuary bus early morning, so if you plz mention if its possible to get a luxuary bus for Dwarka early in the morning????)

    In case if i get an early bus from Somnath , Then I will take the Dwarka Darshan Bus, arranged by the MUnicipal corporation, at 02.00 p.m. which covers Nageshwar,Gopi Talab, Bet Dwarka and Rukshmani Temple in 6 hours(as mentioned in wikipedia website of Dwarka). The Municipal Corporation runs only two buses, i.are at 08.00 a.m.m and 02.00 p.m. , is it possible to reach Dwarka before 02.00 by taking an early bus from Somnath ????.

    After Dwarka Darshan, Is it possible to do the Dwarkadish temple darshan on the same 24rd night????.
    (query.3. What is the average time it take for Dwarikadish temple darshan

    beacause i have to take the train Somnath Express for Bhopal, which starts from SOmnath at 09.00 a.m. on 25th and reach Rajkot at 13.48… So,

    the last query. What would you suggest, i.e. from Dwarka I should go Somnath back and take the Train Somnath Exp. at 09.00 on 25th OR I should go to Rajkot via BUS/Taxi?Train whichever takes less time and take train SOMNATH EXP. from Rajkot for Bhopal at 13.45 ???/

    Plz suggest.

    Many Thanks

    Anshul Saxena

    • This is too much hurry . It is not possible . Even after extending one more day in your tour will be lot of hurry , forget the plan you have written above . The above plan not possible . extend at least one more day. For further interactions call me on 9004307770

  • Surinder Sharma says:

    Dear ANI& L,
    Your question is not so clear. You like to go by road or rail. By road you need to go to Ahmedabad. then Ahmedabad to Somnath. Somnath to Dwarka. Dwarka to Ahmedabad. Then Ahmedabad to Jodhpur. Or may be you can enquire by your own if any Shortcut there. From Ahmedabad Direct Buses available which you can book in advance.

    For 16 people Little hard to book one month before. If you all can travel in unreserved compartment then up to you otherwise 16 people is hard to adjust one month prior to sleeper class.

    Train No. 19224 JAT ADI EXP has seats available for sleeper class for Jan 25
    it will leave from Jodhpur 6:00 and reach at Ahmedabad 15:00

    Ahmedabad to Somnath only one Train which start 8:15 and reached 17:55 at Somnath. Its number is 11464 it has seat available on Jan 28

    Then you can go by bus From Somnath to Dwarka.

    Dwarka to Ahmedabad Train start at 22:10 and reached at Ahmedabad 14:10
    It has reservation available on Jan 28.

    Best way is Book Taxi for 16 people and enjoy. If you all can go in Unreserved Class then fine and depart on 25/1/2013

    But if you like to book sleeper then 3 people go to railway office and book train as one person is allowed for only 6 berth.

    Good Luck

  • ANI& L says:

    dear sir

    I live in jodhpur want see somnath & dewara .

    so pls suggest how reach to this place by train member 16

    pls rep;y urgent

    date 25/01/2013 to 28/01/2013

    • Catch Surya Nagari Express from Jodhpur and reach Ahmedabad at 3.30 AM next day. Then catch Jabalpur Somnath express at 7.55 AM from Ahmedabad and reach Somnath at 17.55 hours .

      Day I : Somnath Temple and Sight seeing in the morning and then in afternoon Catch Luxury bus to Dwarka , Reach dwarka t 9.00 pm and relax.

      Day 2 : Dwarkadhush temple and Dwarka Sight seeing , Bet Dwarka and Nageshwar jyotirlinga

      Day 3 – catch Saurahtra mail to Ahmedabad reach at 22.25 and then catch then catch Ranakpur Express from Ahmedabad. at 23.50 from Ahmedabad and reach Jodhpur next day morning .

      You can take one more day in between for doing your tour aaram se.

      Thanks and in case you have any doubt call me on 9004307770

  • Ankur says:

    Dear Vishal Ji,

    I was reading your blog and am amazed at the nature of your selfless support and description that you give to the people and their requests. What a mesmerizing, personal, detailed response to each of the questions. This is indeed a very noble work you are doing. While most people will not even bother to talk to strangers, you even share your mobile no. and welcome people for any support. You are indeed in our prayers and truly blessed. Profound regards.

  • Umesh bhartiya says:

    Can the trip you mentioned from Somnathji to Dwarkaji be done the other way?
    We are reaching Dwarkaji on 9/12/12 with 2 night stay at Dwarkaji and one night
    stay at Somnathji. Please guide us. Thanks.

    • Dear Umesh

      Thanks for going through. Yes you can do the same trip just go by private luxury bus rather than ST and book tickets after asking them whether they will show all the three destinations

      happy journey

      Jai Somnath and Jai Dwarkadhish

  • Hardik says:

    Dear Vishal Bhai,

    I m planing to send my parents to Dwarka,Somnath and Junagadh in the Month of Feb.(End) . From Mumbai (Vasai )
    How many days it Require ?
    Is theare any dharamshala in Dwarka ?
    Wheare can i Go first ?

    Please help


    • Hardik

      First of all I bestow great wishes to you for showering love and affection for your parents . God bless them as well as you. Not all are blessed like you.


      How many days it Require ?
      It may require 4 to 6 days depending upon sights they want o see .

      Is there any dharamshala in Dwarka ?

      I dont know about Dharamshala but there are lot of hotels which you easily get in Dwarka and they will be also empty in off season february.

      Where can i Go first ?

      I think the best destination to go first is

      Junagadh – One day for complete sight seeing for Junagadh
      If they want to climb Girnar then two days

      Junagadh to Somnath and then Somnath sight seeing : – One full day

      Somnath to Dwarka and Dwarkadhish Temple :- One full day

      Dwarka Sight seeing :- Half day

      Dwarka Reliance Kokila Dhiraj Dham Hotel : 0289- 2236748

      Somnath trust Dharamshala :- 02876 – 231212

      Call me on 9004307770 for detailed info


  • Mannu says:

    Thats a lot for the good information, I am also kind of ghummakar.. So enjoyed the details which you posted.
    you can add me to fb my mail id is [email protected]


    Dear Vishal jee,
    thanx a lot for a very quick reply. Fortunately, today I got reservation in Shree Somnath Trust. The plan that u suggested is really gud. As far as destination of Diu is concern, I am planning it for children besides my religious tour.

    Thanx once again.

    With best wishes n regards



    Dear Vishal ji, Jai Somnath and Jai Dwakadheesh.
    I am from Bhopal and planning to visit somnath and Dwarka alongwith my family with parents. I am planning this way :
    Day.1 24-12-2011 reach somnath at about 18-00 hrs and have Darshan and light & sound show(if any)
    Day-2 25-12-2012 mangal Aarti at somnath , local sight seens and Visit to Diu
    Day-3 26-12-2012 Board to Dwarka by taxi ( probably between 12 hrs to 14-00 hrs, if some sights left on 25-12-12 at somnath same can be covered on this days morning) via porbandar, can reach by the night at Dwarka)
    Day-4 27-12-2012 Darshan at Dwarka, Bet Dwarka and by evening we have to leave to Somnath back to catch the train on 28-12-2012 at 08-00 hrs, we will take night halt at somnath.

    Now I have some querries kindly, help me

    1) I am trying to get reservations in Somnath mandir trust for accommodation, but failed. Can I get spontaneous accommodation in an around Temple, as my old parents will be with me and I want to save time in searching hotels , to get proper time to have darshan on same day. Other online hotel bookings are expensive. Other option is : I can book online hotels for one day only i.e. for 24th Dec. and for rest of days I can search another one.
    2) Planning for Day 2 & Day 3 is okey or u can suggest something else.
    3) Visiting Dwarka in one day with time to travel back to somnath is sufficient.

    With Regards,

    Jitendra Saxena

    • Dear Saxena Jee

      Plan this way for smooth and less tiring travel

      Day 2 Mangla aarti at 7.00 AM and every sight seeing in Somnath seeing in Somnath will be over in just 3 hours max. All the sights in 5 kms . You get small as well as big aut0s for sight seeing charging Rs. 300 max for all darshan. Then you can go Diu at around 11.00 AM . Come back in the evening .

      Day 3 : start your Dwarka trip in morning by taxi as you want by taxi . Reach dwarka in afternoon by seeing three temple destinations in between. Go to Dwarkadheesh Temple and Gomti river and ghats in the evening after and then bazaar. Then relax eat and sleep

      Day 4 :- Early morning have Mangal aarti of Lord Dwarkadheesh at 6.00 AM .Go to Rukmini Temple , Nageshwar jyotirling , Gopi talav and then Bet Dwarka via boat . come back at 2.00 pm max ( all sight seeing is around 50 kms) . have lunch and then proceed towards Somnath . Stay there. and catch train next day

      One thing I dont know whether Diu is really a destination for you. There is just a beach and tax free cheap alcohol along with some water sports. You can skip that if you want .

      Or Else

      on day 2 after sight seeing proceed to dwarka first, full Dwarka on day 3 and go to Diu on day 4. depends on your choice .

      About Hotels in Somnath : There are many hotels in Somnath , but frankly speaking I dont know about availability . Because I have never been in any of those.

      Thanks for writing , for any other queries please call me on 9004307770

      Jai Somanth and Jay Dwarkadhish


    Dear Vishal ji, Jai Somnath and jai Dwarkadheesh.

  • navneet raikwar says:

    first of all thanks vishal jee
    i am planning a somnath and dwarka tour for my suggested by you i will do booking in dwarka koikla dhiraj dham
    my plan is as follow(december 1st week)
    from mumbai to somnath by saurastra mail —-night stay in somnath
    next whole day for mandir darshan and somnath local sight seeing
    next day from somnath to dwarka-(2 night stay) in dhiraj dham
    from dwarka to mumbai return by surastra mail
    kindly adivce about the tour
    1. as luxury bus can not be booked online(want to book because of comfort and three mandir as you have suggested) ,is booking easily available for buses?
    2. where to stay in somnath with details if any?
    3. should i add one day from dwarka to ahemdabad for ahemdabad visted and from there to mumbai by duranto?
    kindly suggest thanks in advance jai dwarkadish jai somnath

    • Navneet jee

      Perfect plan

      1) Yes Luxury buses are easily available opposite the gate of Somnath Trust Dharamshala office.

      2) You stay in Somnath Trust Dharamshala . 02876 – 231212in Somnath .There are two types of Dharamshalas
      here normal one and other one is little on higher side called Lilavati

      3) Ahmedabad is totally upto to you sir. If you have time you can visit that one too.

      Jay Somnath and Jay Dwarkadhish


    At Ahmedabad please visit Akshardham in the evening. See water & laser Light show and take Durando Exp to Mumbai

  • Dear Arun jee,

    a) should we hire one car at Jamnagar for our disposal till ahmedabad? I know it will be expensive as i will have to pay for the return journey as well, but I want to keep it comfortable.

    This option is completely upto to you

    b) Else, are local taxis easily available on daily basis?

    These are available everywhere in Gujarat specially Auto rickshaws for local sight seeing and if you go to private travel agent then you can get a private vehicle like Tavera easily .

    c) Do you suggest other alternate routes for these areas

    Your route is absolutely perfect. Jamnagar – Dwarka – Bet Dwarka – Dwarka – Porbander – Somanth – Gir- Junagadh – Virpur – Rajkot – Ahmedabad.

    and if possible you can go to Junagadh and Virpur if time permits from Gir.

    d) Any other suggestion on the itenerary

    Dwarka Sight seeing in your plan will take half a day more .

    I think you give me buzz on 9004307770 for full clarifications after 9.00 pm . That will clear your doubts completely.

  • Arun Aggarwal says:


    I am planning a family trip (me & wife ~30yrs, parents 60+age, kid – 2 yrs) to Dwarka/Somnath/Ahmedabad/Gandhi Nagar during Dec 21-27 as per below itenerary.

    21st Dec – Board train to Jamnagar from Bandra, Mumbai
    22nd Dec – Reach Jamnagar by 9:20am
    Hire a taxi for Dwarka > Site seeing – Nageshwar/Bet Dwarka etc> night Halt at Dwarka
    23rd Dec – Early morning Darshan > proceed to Somnath > visit porbandar/other places on the way > halt at Somnath
    24th Dec – Darshan at Somnath> Proceed to Gir > night stay at Gir
    25th Dec – Proceed to Ahmedabad > Pass through Rajkot on the way > night halt at Ahmedabad
    26th-27th Dec – Local Sight Seeing at Ahmedabad/Gandhi Dham
    27th Dec – Board train back to Mumbai

    I have a few question on this
    a) should we hire one car at Jamnagar for our disposal till ahmedabad? I know it will be expensive as i will have to pay for the return journey as well, but I want to keep it comfortable
    b) Else, are local taxis easily available on daily basis?
    c) Do you suggest other alternate routes for these areas
    d) Any other suggestion on the itenerary


  • Veera says:

    I am Bangalore and looking for my family Trip to Dwaraka from Somnath…. I found your article… It is a really good path ……… thanks a lot …

  • sai says:

    Dear Vishal,

    Really i am thankful to you,Because i followed your way blindly and completed the trip successfully.

  • Tarun Kumar Bhattacharya says:

    Dear Vishal Bhai,

    Perhaps you’ve overlooked my post above or did not find time replying to my queries sought for!
    So,I’m requesting you again..
    Will you please inform where and how to reserve the seats in the luxury buses from Somnath to Dwarka which you had booked and which shows its passengers the in-between places like: a) Narvai Mata Temple b) Mool Dwarka ??? ??????? ( original Dwarka) and c) Harshad Mata? After reading your article I also thought that the luxury buses would be better for me than the Gujarat State Transport buses.
    I’m a senior citizen; so you may please also suggest any precautionary measures to be taken by me at Somnath or Dwarka. By the way, thanks for sharing all the nice photos, particularly those of the Dwarkadhish Ji and the Dwarkadhish Temple!

    Thanks and regards.
    Jai Someshwar Ji and Jai Dwarkadhish Ji.

    Tarun Kumar, Bangalore.

    • Tarun kumar jee

      I am extremely sorry for overlooking your comment . In fact I failed to read your comment . But Tarun jee lets go to our main subject that us luxury buses .

      First of all there is no booking you can do from here . You have to go there and then only you can book . And then they are called Luxury buses but not so much comfortable as like Volvo . They are simple but better than ST buses .

      Secondly you reach Somnath and then book the tickets to Dwarka first to get preferred seats. The exact location of agents of Luxury buses is opposite SOMNATH TRUST DHARAMSHALA OFFICE.

      There are many agents in that row opposite Dharamshala office. But two times I have gone there I have booked Krishna Travels. RS. 170 was fare when I travelled this year in January start . Now I dont know after increase in diesel prices.

      Now Tarun jee I think this is the information you are looking for . I dont think any this is any tough journey for any precautions to take . But if you are going in December end or January please carry warm clothes. Apart from this there is no tiring journey. Somath to Dwarka journey is around 7 to 8 hours and there are no good hotels in between . So carry some food and fruits with you while traveling to Dwarka.

      Thanks. IN CASE you still have doubt give me call on 9004307770. or give me your number I will call you .

      Jay Somanth and Jay Dwarkadhish

      • Tarun Kumar Bhattacharya says:

        Dear Vishal Ji,

        Thank you so much for your kind and detailed reply. I think it’s the boon of Shri Somnath Ji and Shri Dwarkadhish Ji that I could find and read your post in this blog before planning my journey to Somnath and Dwarka! It would be of my great help always :)

        I’ve noted your mobile number to contact you in case of any further queries or doubt in future.
        Thanks again and regards.

        Tarun Kumar, Bangalore.

  • Minesh Patel says:

    Hi vishalji

    Kaise he aap, Somnath se dwarka ke bich ke jo places he unki muze detail dejiye please.
    25th decemeber ke bad me jana chahta hu pls muze guidence chahiye.

    Minesh Patel

    • Minesh jee
      Somnath se Dwarka ke beech mein jo bhi places hau ooski detail maine oopar post mein likhi hai . Ooske ooparaant somanth se dwarka ke beech mein aataa hai Porbander Shahar jahaa Mahatma Gandhi jee Ka janam huaa tha. aap oos shahar ko bhi dekh sakte hai .


  • sai says:

    Dear Vishal,
    I appreciate your help.Well i request some information.
    my planning details
    1)16th nov ,2012,friday night – vadodara(9.30PM) to somnath(sat-7.30AM).Will it be possible for me to complete darshan(only jyotirling) and get the bus to dwarka @ sat-2.00pm.Means will it be so rush ? In worst case, how much time it takes to complete darshan?
    2)If so ,i need a place of stay in somnath for these hours (just for fresh-up and stay till afternoon)
    3)I will reach dwarka @8.30pm,so where can i stay and can i complete the darshan and catch the bus on [email protected] to vadodara .means how much time takes for darshan(only main temple)

    Kindly respond to me so that i can act are only my source because no where i am getting proper response and with out info i can not take a step ahead as i am going with my old parents

    • Dear Sai ,


      There is lot of time to have darshan of this great jyotirlinga. In fact you will be out of the temple within one hour maximum that to depends on rush . There are many hotels around Somnath to stay . So you can keep your luggage have bath and then go for darshan no problem at all . Even you can do entire darshan of Somnath’s sight seeing places . It just requires 2 hours if you do it fast but do the reservation of bus to dwarka and then go .


      I tell my readers to stay in Reliance Kokila Dhiraj Dham . You can book room by calling them 0289 – 2236748
      There are lot of Hotels in Dwarka also if you dont get accomodation in this one.
      Even here ypu go to temple early in the morning at 6.00 AM have darshan and aarti at 7.00AM and then you can visit BET DWARKA , NAGESHWAR JYOTIRLINGA , RUKMINI TEMPLE AND GOPI TALAV . After darshan of main temple take a auto to cover the places above . He will charge around rs 500 – 600 . It will take around 6 hours to complete this darshan because it is around 50 km and then you have travel by boat also. But you will be back by 2.00 pm and then go to Vadodara at 7.00 pm relaxing for 5 hours.

      In fact you can enjoy full sight seeing of both the places and main temple .

      Enjoy your journey.

      Jay Somnath and Jay Dwarkadhish

      • Tarun Kumar Bhattacharya says:

        Jai Somnath, Jai Dwarkadhish.

        Dear Vishal,
        Thanks for your detailed post which will be of great help to me as I am planning to darshan Somnath Ji and Dwarkadhish Ji in the coming year 2013. Kindly provide an information-

        As you have written above “..but do the reservation of bus to dwarka and then go”, will you please inform from where I can book my seat in the luxury bus in advance which you have boarded leaving Somnath at 8.30am (2.30pm also) with 3 stops and fare of Rs.170? Are these luxury buses also Gujarat State Transport operated or Private operated?

        I want to book my bus seat/ticket in advance to avoid any problem at the last moment. Thanks.

        Jai Somnath Ji and Dwarkadhish Ji

  • sai says:

    Dear Vishal,
    I appreciate your help.Well i request some information.
    my planning details
    1)16th nov ,2012,friday night – vadodara(9.30PM) to somnath(sat-7.30AM).Will it be possible for me to complete darshan(only jyotirling) and get the bus to dwarka @ sat-2.00pm.Means will it be so rush ? In worst case, how much time it takes to complete darshan?
    2)If so ,i need a place of stay in somnath for these hours (just for fresh-up and stay till afternoon)
    3)I will reach dwarka @8.30pm,so where can i stay and can i complete the darshan and catch the bus on [email protected] to vadodara .means how much time takes for darshan(only main temple)

    Kindly respond to me so that i can act are only my source because no where i am getting proper response and with out info i can not take a step ahead as i am going with my old parents.

  • sunil tumariya says:

    came back from somnath dwarka. your valuable suggestions helped me alot. i never felt unknown to these places. every picture was clear in mind. thank you very much vishal bhai.

  • Dear Shri Rathod,
    Previously I visited Dwaraka & Somnath along with my wife, sister and brotherinlaw, a couple of years back.
    After reading your article, I am reminded of the wonderful time we spent there.
    What a great presentation you made regarding your detailed account of your trip to Dwaraka and Somnath.
    I really appreciate your keen interest in not only visiting places, but guiding people regarding their detailed travel plans. Definetly you deserve a pat for the wonderful work. I heartily congratulate for the good work. Keep it up.
    The photos are very neat and very good. I think it is your daughter in the photos. Is it? Very cute girl.
    Our best wishes and blessings to you, your better half and daughter.

  • Vivek Dwivedi says:

    Thanks Vishalji,
    for your nice elaboration and details of the travel and pilgrim places as i am about to reach Dwarka on 20th.

    Thanks for your valuable depiction,it seems like i travelled before i actually reached.


  • venu gopal reddy says:

    Dear Vishal,
    Basically im from Hyderabad but now im working in ankleshwar…i’m planing to somnath & Dwarka?
    im planing as follow:(i have 3 days 30,1&2)

    i will start from Ahmadabad to somnath ( train start at 22.00 reach somnath at 6.30 )
    on 30 th is total somnath over night to Dwarka
    1 in dwarka
    i have return train on 2 Oct at 13.00 ?
    please give suggestion how to plan the tour
    where to stay night & all

    • Dear Venu Jee,

      3 days are more than enough .The plan looks good enough and can be easily accomplished in a comfortable way.

      Somnath Trust Dharamshala :- 02876-231212

      Dwarka, Kokila Dhiraj Dham :- 0289- 2236748

      Please go ahead .

  • Thanks Dr.

    26 oct friday :- catch train Jabalpur Somnath express 18.55 from Bhopal

    27 Oct sat :- reach Somnath 17.55 , Have Somanth temple darshan new and old.

    28 oct Sunday :- Morning sightseeing 2 and half hours and afternoon leave for Dwarka via Luxury bus staring at 14.00 hours . evening 22.00 reach dwarka

    29 oct monday :- Full day Dwarka sight seeing darshan .

    30 oct tuesday :- catch Saurashtra mail 19006 at 12.58 pm and reach Anand at 23.50 night

    You still have one day. So either you can start one day late on 27 oct or you have one day either at Diu which is near Somnath or go to Porbander which is between Somnath and Dwarka.

    Thanks have happy journey.

  • dr sunil tumariya says:

    i m planning to visit dwarka in the end of oct. ur post definately will help me. thanks. i will come from bhopal, m.p. . can u suggest me a guide line to travel route and stay from 26 oct to 31 oct. i have to reach anand urgently on 1st nov in morning hours.

  • Ramakant says:

    Thanks Vishal

    I will plan to stay one more day in Dwarkaji…………

    once again Thanks for helpping & planing my trip, this is my first trip to wards somnath & dwarkaji

    jai Somnathjiki…… jai Dwarkaji……..
    jai shree shyam….

    Ramakant Agrawal

  • Ramakant says:

    Dear vishal,

    thanks for your help, if i change my trip as
    20th dec – 22.25 Kalyan to Veraval [Pune-veraval exp-11088]
    21st dec – 16.40 arrive at Veraval & proceed to Somnath & darsthan in evening or next day early morning [night stay at Somnath]
    22nd dec – morning sight seeing & 14.30 proceed towards Dwarkaji [Night stay in Dwarkaji]
    23rd dec – Morning darshan or sight seeing if possible & 12.56pm proceed to mumbai [1906 – Saurashtra Mail]
    24th dec – 6.40 arrive at dadar.
    Please advice it can be ok, or i have to stay one more day in Dwarkaji.

    • Ramakant jee

      No if you want to see full sight seeing places in Dwarka. Then it is not possible. There is Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, Gopi Talav , Bet dwarka and Rukmini Temple apart from places in Dwarka city.

      Nageshwar is 15 – 20 kms, Okha is 50 kms and Bet Dwarka is 15 – 20 km on boat from Okha jetty . And Rukmini Temple i 2 kms fro Dwarka . Gopi talav comes in the way. This all takes minimum of 6-7 hours. So You cannot come back and check out from Hotel before 2.00 oclock atleast. So No way .

      Only places in Dwarka city and Rukmini Temple can be covered. It also will be too Hectic .

      My advice would be to take one more day and do the darshan . Rest upon you.


  • Ramakant says:

    Dear Vishal,
    I am planning to visit Dwarkaji & Somnath, I stay in kalyan, I am little bit confuse about coming back from Dwarkaji, if I do Somnath first. Here is my plan
    Day 1 Thu – Board from Kalyan [11088 Pune Verval Exp] @ 22.25 [only once in a week]
    Day 2 Friday arrived at Verval station @16.40 & proceeds to Somnathji & night stay
    Day 3 Sat Darshan & sight seeing
    Day 4 Sun Dep. toward Dwarkaji & Night stay in Dwarkaji
    Day5 Mon Sight Seeing
    Dep from Dwarkaji ??
    Day6 Tus –
    Can you please guide, what is the connecting train from Dwarkaji to Mumbai or Kalyan?
    Or what I am planning is the correct or I start from Dwarkaji.

    • Dear Ramakant jee,

      Your planning is perfect and no need to change

      There are two trains from Dwarka to Mumbai on Tuesday

      19006 :- Saurashtra Mail which is daily leaves at 12.58 PM from Dwarka and reaches Dadr at 6.40 AM next day
      09562 :- Okha Bandra terminus weekly leaves at 23.35 PM from Dwarka reaches bandra terminus at 5.10 PM next day

      I suggest you to take Saurashtra Mail . It will be comfortable and you will at least complete journey in one day.

  • HITEN says:

    Hi Vishal,

    Very good info about the route from Somnath To Dwarka.

    We are travelling from Dwarka to Somnath;but not able to get proper info.

    Can you help us about the bus timings and route where correctly available.


    • Hi Hiten Thanks for appreciation

      Private Luxury Bus timings :- 8.00 – 8.30 AM and then 2.00 – 2.30 PM . It takes 7 hours to reach Somanth and there are lot of local tour operators on every streets of Dwarka.

      There are ST Buses also .




    • Dear Sameer,

      I don’t know about your mother’s physical fitness. My father in law is 65 and he managed to climb 9999 steps and come back , but I will tell you he was completely exhausted.

      But Jain temples and Amba Mata temple is at around 4000 and 6000 steps respectively that can be managed, I think. Yaa palkis or dolis are very good option , but they are not as comfortable as the ones in Vaishno devi . You can see the first picture of doli here.
      Remember the second one with the chair is at Palitana not Girnar .
      Or you can also see a doli pic in one of my posts.

      Also majority Doli’s go till Amba Mata at around 2000 – 4000 rs , depends on the season. Till Dattatreya (9999 steps) only few go. Also you have to shell out a lot in that may be till 8000 Rs.

      Any other query contact me on 9004307770 or email me [email protected]

      • samir says:

        hey vishal,
        thanks for the prompt reply….
        my mother is a heart patient…
        so it wont be possible for her to walk those steps…
        ya then the only option is to to take her by palki or doli…
        i m planning to visit in november.. as i am not in india presently…

        but really thanx a lot vishal ..
        it is really helpful…
        and i will take the prinouts of yourinfo…to travel and visit the places and especially those places which are known to few including me…
        which i gotto know thru ur experience
        thanx again

  • ajay says:

    Dear Vishal,You are doing a great job man.In this only one can find god.I wish best of success to you and your family.god bless throughout.jay mata,jay somnath,jay dwarkadhish.

  • Shivendra says:


    I am planning for 4 day visit to Dwarka, somnath and one safari. Below are details.
    day 1: Reach Ahmedabad from Pune in monring 7.45 AM and leave for dwarka in evening and stay in night.
    day 2: visit Dwarka temples. Night stay in dwarka.
    Day 3: Leave for Somnath early morning. visit porbandar on the way and reach sometime in evening. Visit temples in somnath in evening.
    Day 4: Leave somnath 7 AM , reach GIR for safari at 9.30 AM. Leave GIR by 2 PM and reach 5 PM to Rajkot. from Rajkot take volvo to Ahmedabad and Duranto to Pune at 22.30

    I would like to comments and changes in the plan. I would also like to know how much time is required in Dwarka and somnath to visit temples with ease as my parents will be with me.


    • Day 1 and day 2 are ok.

      Day 3 : – I dont think it is advisable to stop at Porbander . It will take lot of time Then you will have to compromise on Somnath sight seeing which takes two and half to three hours in an auto rickshaw. and if you reach late then Somnath Temples old and new get closed at 9.00 pm. Check out for yourself.

      Day 4 :- There is no time for safari for sure in Gir. Safari takes around more than six hours in Gir. But what I will suggest is to visit Devaliya National Park situated at around 12 kms fro Sasan Gir town which is repilca of the forest. Here watching lions is guaranteed and like forest atmosphere with deers and other animals around.

      And I would suggest to hire a car from Somanth early in the morning, go to Sasan gir Devaliya National park, Then go to Junagadh and have darshan of Bhavnath temple at foothills of Girnar , Uperkot fort and other sight seeing places nearby . Finally after Junagadh go to Virpur at Jalaram Bapa’s temple a great saint (, where food and then reach Rajkot . I think these many places can be covered if you book a car.

      Your plan looks Ok and one more day would be an advantage.

      Any other queries contact on my email or 9004307770
      jay somnath and jay dwarkadhish


    Your guidance excellent. I could not find Luxury bus timings & booking facilities .As per your advice we shall leave on 31st early morning to Dwarka ,on 31st visit Dwarka local tour and on 1st we shall visit Bet dwarka on second afternoon we intend to leave by Gouhathi Exp. to Ahmedabad and take next day night train.
    Kindly advice
    1.Advance booking for luxury bus from Somnath on 31st early morning; Web ID or email ID;
    2.Places to take break fast & Lunch as you have mentioned it would take 7 Hrs. I prefer to have lunch around 1200 – 1230 Noon as I am a sugar patient and aged 73. I hope there are good Veg restaurants both in Somnath & Dwarka.

    Your guidance is very much valuable than any Govt. Tourism web sites. I pray Sri Lord Krishna & Lord Somnath bless you and your family with all good health, peace, wealth & happiness.

    My best wishes to you
    yours Sincerely
    V Ramachandran
    Note: If you are visiting South kindly inform me I shall guide you for your max. comfort. But please do it before booking your train tickets so that the time frame could be comfortably charted out.

    • There are no advance bookings in luxury buses for Dwarka in Somnath. On the main opposite Somnath Trust Dharamshala OFFICE , There are lot of travellors who do booking.As soon as you reach Somnath and reach the Dharamshala Hotel , go and book the tickets for luxury buses. They are always available. Don’t worry about it. I am sure.

      For the second one, I would say that there is not a single good place in between where you can have lunch, where these people make halts. So you have to just rely on your food which you take in the bus. In between they will stop at tea shops and other small temples, but not at big places and that too only for 10 -15 minutes. So be sure to take some digestive biscuits or some other meal which is prescribed. In Somnath there are some good restaurants but in Dwarka there are lot of restaurants ,no need to worry there. Again when you go to Dwarka sight seeing tour it will take 6 hours . So take your snacks and meal there also .

      Sir Thank you very much for your kind wishes. Lord has already blessed you by calling you at Somnath and Dwarka , So just say once

      Jay Somnath and Jay Dwarkadhish……..

      Also for further interactions please contact my email or cell phone .

      Regards ,
      Vishal Rathod.Mumbai.

  • dr.rakesh shrivastava says:

    dear vishal bhai,many manythanks for sharing veryusefulguidence.
    Ii am reaching somnath at 6 pm on 23/12/12.iam planning diu on 24 & leave fordwarka on 25 departure from dwarka on 27 at 5am. kindly suggest me accomodatoin on both placessomnath &dwarka.also suggest any modification. porbandar is also covered by luxury buses or not. thanks


    I am landing at Veraval at 0600 Am by train on 30th Oct ’12 from Ahmedabad. I wish to visit Somnath temple & Dwaraka and return to Ahmedabad by train on 2nd Nov. noonfrom Dwarka. I want guidance for stay at Somnath & Dwarka and transport by luxury bus showing important places on the way to Dwarka. ( Halts for Break fast ;Lunch may also be mentioned on the way)
    Thank you


      Day 1) 30 october :-reach Veraval moring at 6.00 am and go to Somnath 5 kms in auto . they will charge max Rs. 100 .
      book hotel in Somnath . I will Suggest to book Somnath Dharamshala if you are ok with normal accommodation . They have normal and AC rooms with Rs. 300 and Rs. 600 respectively.
      Tel :- 02876-231212. they take rent in advance through DD. After getting fresh have darshan of both new Somnath and old Somnath Temples .Then after taking breakfast go for Somnath sight seeing. The rickshaw will charge around RS. 200 to 250 for full sight seeing and take 3 hours approx. then rest and stay in Somnath. There are lot of private buses to dwarka which charge Rs160 to Rs. 170 . You can book car or bus that day for getting better seats . Somanth to Dwarka is 230 kms and it takes 7 hurs by bus and 4-5 hours by car.The private luxury buses gets you the darshan in three places in between Somnath and Dwarka.

      Day 2 , 31st october :- Start your journey to Dwarka from Somnath in the morning . Reach dwarka in in afternoon and stay in Reliance Kokila ben Guest house ( tel :- 0289-2236748 ) Rent Rs. 400 with excellent facilities. Relax in Dwarka and have Lords Darshan and book bus , auto or car for next day dwarka tour.

      Day 3 , 1st November :- take dwarka sight seeing via bus or rickshaw or car. Municipality buses charge Rs. 60 per person . Auto charge around Rs. 500 and I dont know about car. start early in the morning if you are going by auto or car . See Nageshwar jyotirlinga, Rukmini Temple and go to Bet Dwarka and come back . You can come back by 2.30 pm.

      Rest in Dwarka or move to Ahmedabad via bus . Youcan catch bus at night also.

      Very Important :- there is train which is called Okha Maduari -Vivek Express 19568 which comes on Friday morning at 00.30 AM in Dwarka. It reaches Ahmedabad at 9.40 AM . I think reservation in this train will help you.

      For any other queries please contact [email protected] or 9004307770.

  • Dear Umesh

    22 Dec :- Visit Dwarkadhish temple and nearby places

    23 dec :- early morning go to Bet Dwarka and nageshwar jyotirling and Rukminitemple in rickshaw or car. 600 for rickhshaw 1000 rs for car.Then leave for somnath in private bus 2.30 pm or car as per your choice .reach somnth stay ( it takes 7 hours 230 kms

    24 dec :- ealry morning Somnath sight seeing 2- 3 hours . afternoon leave for junagadh in bus 3- 4 hours in Bus. Stay near girnar mountain.You can start climbing girnar mountain in night also if you are not tired.

    25 dec :- Early morning climb girmar at around 4.00 am . reach by 4.00 pm . It takes 10.00 hours. yto climb up and down . Leave for rajkot via bus 3 -4 hours . stay near rajkot station

    26 dec ;- leave from rajkot at 5.00 am

    All the best . for the journey.
    call me for queries 9004307770
    jay somanth jay dwarkadhish.

  • Rajiw says:

    Thanx, It is a very nice travelogue. I find it very useful in planning a trip to Somnath and Dwarka. Thanx.

  • Dear Mr. Mukherjee

    Thanks for appreciation. Kindly tell me how many days you have to visit both these places along with your travel in train. I will make a fanatastic plan for you . For Further interaction please contact me on 9004307770 or mail me on [email protected].

  • Bappa Mukherjee says:

    Dear Vishal ji,
    My self an Indian Railway employee posted near Howrah West Bengal, is also an traveler, yours blog are really fascinating, I have planned for visiting Somnath and Dwarka in the month of December 2012, your travel story in details really inspired me to pen down some words. I need your guidance regarding the tour to Gujrat.Hoping for an response from your end please.
    Thanking you in anticipation with regards.

  • Nagachandra says:

    Hi vishal Sir,

    You are doing a great job. You have provided maximum info on saurashtra places.

    My self Nagachandra from Mysore, Karnataka , booked the ticket to visit all the piligrimage places in Gujarat. I am organising this for 3 families, total 9 adults and 4 childern.

    I have planned like this

    I am departuring bangalore on 10/08/2012 and reach Somnath directly on 12/08/2012 6:00PM.
    I have booked 3 rooms at Somnath guest house for 3 days.
    13/08/2012 i have booked a 12 seater vehicle from Raju travels for 5000Rupees. to cover Girnar , Harshad Mata and Porbandar Temples.
    14/08/2012 i have kept entire time for somnath and other important places in Somnath.
    15/08/2012 i have to leave for Dwarka . I have to reach dwarka before 3PM.

    My question is – 1. I found the GSRTC bus at 6:30 Pm from Somnath to Dwarka.
    whether shall i take GSRTC bus or private bus?
    What is the advantage betwween them?

    I have booked a Sleeper bus from Dwarka to Ambaji on16/08/2012 at 7PM.
    I am facing problems in booking rooms in Dwarka.
    There are aged men and women who cant walk toomuch.
    so my wish is to book a Guest house nearest to Dwarka temple.
    so do you have any idea about this?
    and how for the Reliance Kokila Ben Guest House from Main temple in Dwarka.
    and how to book the room in dwarka? DD or what?

    Apart from this i also need to know about the Site seeing buses timings from Dwrka.
    which one you prefer Bus or Auto??

    Please reply me ASAP.

    For the first time , i am coming to Gujrat. Really scared ….

    • First thing 13/08 you keep it for Somnath and 14/08 you go to girnar and then Harshad Mata and then tell him to drop Dwarka. Harshad Mata is between Somnath and Dwarka , more nearer to Dwarka .
      Now you please call me 9004307770 as i am leaving out of Mumbai today, I will guide you completely.

  • From Dwarka to Somnath only road route is available. You can go via private bus , state transport bus or book a car. Private buses generally start on two timings a) 8.00 am b) 2.00 pm . ST buses I don’t have much idea. But if direct Somanth Or Veraval buses are not there , then you can take dwarka to porbander first and then from Porbander to Veraval or Somnath , You can also go by booking a private car.

  • subodh pande says:

    we are leaving mumbai on 31 August and will reach dwarka on 1 sept around 1530 will stay over night in dwarka and want to leave to somanth ji on sept 2012, what will be the best mode of transport from drawaka to somnath like to leave after dwarka darshan.

    subodh pande

  • kamini sharma says:

    My name is kamini sharma. i really need your help with my friends,we are planning to visit dwarkadish ,somenath, diu,porbander,nageshwar.we will b reaching ahmdabad from delhi via air. we will arrive at ahmdabad airport around 11 30 am.we want to cover these places in two nights and on the third day by evening we want to take flight to mumbai.we will hire a we take a cab at ahmdabad airport,and start our journey straight? please guide can email me. my email id is [email protected]. thanks.

    • Kamini jee

      The above plan looks tough one . because in very short time you have to cover dwarka, nageshwar and somnath. Forget Diu you will not get time . Let me try to Manage .

      I think what you can do is As soon as you come to Ahmedabad at 11.30 am your trip starts

      Day 1 :- At Ahmedabad you hire taxi and reach Dwarka till night . ( nearby 500 kms ). first night . Overnight stay . Take Rajkot Express Highway via Limbdi . It will help because its very good road and in best condition . Within 3 hours you can reach Rajkot

      Day 2 :- Start very early .Go Dwarkasdhish Temple in the morning. Attend mangala aarti at 7.00am . have darshan and proceed to Rukmini Temple and Nageshwar Temple ( 15 kms ) . Both are on the same way. Finish darshan till 10.00 am. I don’t think you have time to visit Bet dwarka . Then from Nageshwar come back to Dwarka have breakfast and lunch and immediately move to Somnath 230 kms. It will be around 6.00- 7.00 pm . You can reach early also.As You reach Somnath . quicly have darshan at new Somnath and old somnath temples . Both are nearby and can be managed. After having Darshan at Somnath temples go to Bhalka teerth ( 5 kms) where Lord Krishna Got hurt with arrow of hunter which led to his leaving of body and Dehotsarg where Lord Krishna left his body. . Then have dinner and relax . overnight stay at Somnath . Second night in somnath

      DAy 3 :- Move early from Somnath to Ahmedabad via Rajkot again ( 450 kms)

      The above plan really is tough and still manageable .

      Jay Somanth, Jay Dwarkadhish, Jay Nageshwar.

  • Rajan says:

    Hi Vishal,

    Thanks for the post. It is really good one. appreciated…

    One quick question, Are there any buses from Somnath to Dwarka in Night? We are planning to go to Somnath on 16th and will be moving to Dwarka by 17th. So I was wondering if there are buses in night which can save lot of time.


    • No , there are no private buses from Somnath to Dwarka. Private luxury buses have two timings . one at 8.00 am and second one at 2.00 pm , You can book any tour operator . prices and schedule will be same.

      And I don’t know about Gujarat State Transport buses and private cars.

  • Dear Mr.Suman ,

    From the above plan it seems one day short . From Dwarka to Somnath it is 230 km . Once you complete Dwarka darshan you will go to Somnath . From Somnath again coming back to Dwarka makes no sense . Either come back to Delhi from Somnath OR from Delhi go to Somnath first and come back via Dwarka . Thats my suggestion other wise you will waste one full day and travel 230 kms again back to Dwarka from Somnath unnecessary.

    If you do one of the two things above, the plan made can be great afterwards.

    For further inetractions , Please contact on my email id :- [email protected] or cell number 9004307770 .

  • Suman says:

    Hi Vishal Rathore,

    I need your kind help; as i am planning to visit Dwarkadheesh, Somnath & nageshwar with my parents; and i had booked the tickets in Okha Express; Delhi to Dwarkadheesh.

    deaprture form Delhi on 12th August
    Departure from Dwarka on 17th August

    Kindly advice that which temple i have to visit first and from where i can book the bus for traveling between these two cities.

    Just to inform you that i am same kind of person i also visit all the religious places; i started my journey by having darshan of Jyotirling with my parents.

    I visited Mahakaleshwar, Omkareshwar, trimkeshwar, jyotirling and my next visit to Somnath and Dwarka Ji.



  • S>N>BHARTI says:


    • Thanks for such a big appreciation Bharti jee . I am obliged.

      There is no such advance booking for luxury buses . there are lot of travel agents who have shops all over Somnath specially in front of Somnath Trust Dharamshala Office . You can get as many buses and book a day before you leave to Dwarka when you are in Somnath.

  • Dear Narayanan

    From jamnagar there are lot of buses to dwarka available from bus station and from there you will get private cars and taxi also .

    After reaching Dwarka just go to any shop and ask for bus fro Somnath . They will guide you . There is no scarcity of buses and private vehicles.

    have a happy journey

    Jay Somnath and Jay Dwarkadhish

  • Narayanan says:

    Jay Dwarkadhish
    Am really grateful for the excellent write up.You have not left out anything.Amazing step by step
    narration and the pictures really great.I feel I have already visited Dwarkadishwithout acutally going there.Anyway I intend to travel to Jamnagar and from there visit SOMNATH and Dwarka.
    Pls advise if there is any advance booking by bus from Somnath to Dwarka.I tried www. but
    am unable to make booking as the response is onweard journey not available for any given date.
    Pls advise if it is possible to get bus accommodation without advance bkg at Somnath.
    Tks a million in advance.
    Rgds Narayanan from Coimbatore.

  • Hi Vishalbhai


    First at all Thanks, for givig a good info knowledge of God Shivji &Krishnaji and travel guideline it was very intresting to read after reading it take a decision that go over there and have visit all that places and darshans god shivji , dwarkadish Now I just want to know that which time period is suitable to travel over there
    best wishes for your new tour

    • Dear Vijay Warghade

      Well any time of the year wiil be good to go to somanth and dwarka , but from my point of view if you go just 2 weeks before diwali you will find place empty and less expensive . climate is also good. triveni sangam will be full of water and you will enjoy the scenes. And thanks for your wishes.

  • Made interesting reading. Actually we are planning of visiting somanth and dwarka this july by the grace of god. We are reaching ahmedabad from there proceed. It would be very kind if you could guide us.could you suggest we see somanth first then leave for dwarka and also the means of transport.

    • Dear Shyamala Sreedar jee ,

      I will suggest you the plan below.

      1) catch Ahmedabad Veraval Somnath Express at 22.00 daily from Ahmedabad . ( train No. 19221)

      2) reach Veraval moring at 6.20 am and go to Somnath 5 kms . they will charge max Rs. 100 .
      Go and book hotel in Somnath . I will Suggest to book Somnath Dharamshala if you are ok with normal accommodation . They have normal and AC rooms with Rs. 300 and Rs. 600 respectively.
      Tel :- 02876-231212. they take rent in advance through DD. After getting fresh have darshan of both new Somnath and old Somnath Temples .Then after taking breakfast go for Somnath sight seeing. The rickshaw will charge around RS. 200 to 250 for full sight seeing and take 3 hours approx. then rest and stay in Somnath. There are lot of private buses to dwarka which charge Rs160 to Rs. 170 . You can book car or bus that day for getting better seats . Somanth to Dwarka is 230 kms and it takes 7 hurs by bus and 4-5 hours by car.

      Day 3 :- Start your journey to Dwarka from Somnath in the morning . Reach dwarka in in afternoon and stay in Reliance Kokila ben Guest house ( tel :- 0289-2236748 ) Rent Rs. 400 with excellent facilities. Relax in Dwarka and have Lord’s Darshan and book bus , auto or car for next day dwarka tour.

      Day 4 :- take dwarka sight seeing via bus or rickshaw or car. Municipality buses charge Rs. 60 per person . Auto charge around Rs. 500 and I don’t know abou car. start early in the morning if you are going by auto or car . See Nageshwar jyotirlinga and got o Bet Dwarka and come back . You can come back by 2.30 pm.

      Coming back its totally upto you by bus or car or train…..

      If you have any more queries , please mail me on [email protected] or call me on 9004307770……………..

  • vaman says:

    Dear sir

    plz help me by proving address or contact no of any temple ietems shop in dwarka.
    plz mail me to [email protected]

    a million thanks


    • i dont have any shop telephone number . But i have a mobile number of a local tourist operator ( auto wala) see if he can help you to get what you want . His name is Dharmesh 09978351332.

      Jay Dwarkadhish……………..

  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Jay Dwarakdhish, Vishal bhai. Very descriptive, informative and useful. Great to know that the natives of Dwaraka still refer to Lord Krishna as Dwarakdhish after all these centuries. Gives us an insight into the psyche of the people and it proves that Avatars like Rama and Krishna were real people and not inventions of human imagination.

    • Yaa the people there are very particular regarding activities of Dwarkadhish temple also. When the temple closes in afternoon , they close their shops also and say

      Bhagwaan so gaye ab hum bhi so jayenge , bhagwaan oothenge tab hum oothenge. bhagwaan darshan denge tab hum humaaraa dhandaa ( business) karenge .

      They have these type of feelings…………..Great

      Jay Dwarkadhish……………..

  • Thanks Nandan for your kind comments,

    We have returned to Mumbai now. So you will start receiving our comments now as and when we get time……………………….

    Now Mukesh and family will tour Mumbai for three days after taking some rest along with me……………

    Jay Dwarkadhish…………………………………………..

  • Nandan says:

    Thank you Vishal for a info filled post and a rich mention of all the legends. Sometimes I wonder that with our internet generation, may be a lot of them would vanish but it is heartning to see that it is not true. :-)

    The information around guest houses, bus fares , Arti schedule is very very useful so big thanks for including this. I can tell you now that you are going to get comments on these posts for a very long time.

    Best wishes for your Karnataka tour.

  • RAKESH GOEL says:

    Vishalji very good post .It refreshed memories of our recent visit to Somnath and Dwarka. Could you please advise me as to how you could get accomodation in Kokilaben guest house .I feel that they oblige certain previlaged people only. Also, temple photo shows excellent decoration, was it some special day?

    • Thanks Rakesh jee for your comments ,

      I think you have some misunderstanding about Kokilala Dhiraj Dham…………….

      They are very kind and do accomodation according to merit.

      They start boooking on telephone 1-2 months before date of stay.( mostly one month).
      Kokila Dhiraj Dham
      Phone No: +91-2892 – 236748
      Fax No: +91-2892- 236747

      You can also book via email :- [email protected] , [email protected]

      For more details they have website also,

      Jay Dwarkadhish……………

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    • Jee haan Sandeep jee ,
      Koi log dwarka se shuru karte hai to koi somnath se . Mein do baar gayaa aur shree somnath se shuru karke dwarka mein khatam kiya…………….

      Jay Dwarkadhish…………………..

  • Thanks Ritesh jee for your lovely long and beautiful comments …………..

    Somnath ke aur Dwarkadhish ke darshan se sach much mann bahut prasan ho jata hai…………….
    Aisa lagta hai ki yeh jagah hume chhodni hi nahi hai. bas yahi bas jaanaa hai…………
    Somnath aur dwarka yeh kshetra ko Prabhas Kshetra kahaa jataa hai Iski mahima mein aapko kareeb 10 din mein bataaoongaa.

    Aur baki information bhi aapko jadi se jaldi hi bataaoonga……………

    Kal ( 16 march) ko mein karnataka tour ke liye jaa rahaa hoon…………..

    Toh around 7-8 din ke baad free rahoonga……………….

    Aur Aarya ko pyaar dene ke liye dhanyawaad…………………

    Jay Dwarkadhish…………………….

  • Ritesh Gupta says:

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    ?? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??? ?? ?? ?? ???????? ?? ??? ??????????? ?? ?? ????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? |…………..?? ??????????? ??

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    ?????? ??? ????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??????? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ????? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???????? ??????? ????? ???? ?? ?????? NH8E ?? NH51 ?? ??? ???………..?? ??????????? ??

    ????? ……..

  • Giriraj Shekhawat says:

    Vishal ……. Very nice and informative post

    I am always intrigued by the lost city of Dwarka that has subsided into the waters several thousand centuries away ……… Really would love to scuba dive and explore the lost city of Dwarka

    This post has good pictures and very nice directional descriptions ….. Please tell me what is your next spiritual encounter …. I am waiting to read


    • Dear Giriraj …………….

      Thanks for your kind and overwhelming comments. The best part of your comment was that you are eagerly waiting for my next one . That’s one of the best compliments an author can get…………..

      My last post in this series may be coming after 10 days because I am going out on Karnataka tour tomorrow…………..

      In that post I will show you some pictures in Dwarka which definately you much have not seen.

      At last a person who has interest in geography will like those pictures…………

      Thanks Once again Giriraj…………….

      Even i am waiting for your next one…………………..

      Jay Dwarkadhish………….

  • ????? ??,?? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? ?? ??? ? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??? ??? ? ?? ??????? ?? ?????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ????? ????? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ???????? ????? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ? ?????? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?????? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?? ?? ???? ????? ??? ??? ?? ? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? ???????? ?

    ?? ??? ???? ????? ????? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ???? ?????

    • ??? ?? ???? ???? ??????? ???? ???? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???………………………..
      ?? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ???? ????? …………………
      ?? ?????????? ………………………….

  • ????? ?? , ???? ?? ????? ????? ? ????? ?????? ?? ????? ????? ? ????? ????? ? ???? ??? ??? ?? ??? ? ?? ??????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?? ? ?? ?? ??? ????? ????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??????? ?? ???? ??? ???? ? ??????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???? ? ????? ???????? ?

    • ???? ?????
      ??? ??????? ???? ??? ?? ??? ??. ?? ???? ????? ??? ??.??? ??????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???? ????? ?? ????? ???? ?? ??? ??.
      ?? ??? ??????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?? ????? ???? ????? ??????? ???? ??? ?? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??. ??? ?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ???? ??.
      ?? ??? ???? ???? ????? ??? ???? ?????? ………………?? ???????? ??????? ?? ??? ???????………………
      ?? ??????????……………

  • venkatt says:

    Great series of articles, Vishalji. Hoping to visit the glorious temples of Gujarat one day.

    • Thanks Venkatt………….

      Yaa you should visit Gujarat temples atleast Somnath and Dwarka . Very beautiful Temples………….

      Jay Dwarkadhish………………………..

  • kavita Bhalse says:

    Vishal ji,
    Somnath aur Dwarka ki yaatra dekh kar hamen hamari yatra yaad aa gayi aur yaadien tarotaaza ho gayi.
    Ek baar phir hamne aapke saath darshan kar liye.Dwark me aaj bhi aisa mehsoos hota hai ki jaise bhagwan raj kar rahe hai aur ham unki praja hai .Itani shaanti aur sukhad mehsoos hota hai har cheez sasti hoti hai…………….

    Post kaafi shaandaar rahi, agli post ke intzaar mein .
    Thank you

    • Thank you Kavita jee…………for your sweet comments………

      You are absolutely right ……………………….

      Yaa in Dwarka you feel ample amount of peace . No noise of traffic and best thing its really silent , especially in afternoon………………..You feel peace eternelly……….

      Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

  • injamaven says:

    Enjoyed it. Wish I’d taken that road. There are some very old Maitraka sites nearby, also.

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Vishal,

    Jay Somnath……………..

    Jay Dwarkadheesh…………..

    The post was very nicely written providing ample information of the places and their mythological importance. The snaps were too nice……specially the pic of temple of Dwarkadheesh with light decoration and one just below it the idol of lord. Superb……….


  • SilentSoul says:

    sorry for typo- Tks Vishalbhai for taking us to this virtual journey

  • SilentSoul says:

    Tks vishalbhai… for talking to this virtual journey. I read it with interest as all the info was new for me.

    waiting for next post

    • Thanks SS jee very much for enjoying my post ……………………….

      Jay Dwarkadhish…………….

    • Arti Gupta says:

      I am planning for a Gujarat tour in which I will be reaching Dwarka on the 21st of October 2012.After reading your post I have Planned of staying in the Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Guest house.I want to know about the rates and location of this guest house.I had searched in google for an hour but could not find about this guest house.Plz can u help me with this one!!!!!!!!!

      • Arti ,

        Please find the telephone no of Reliance Kokila ben Guest house ( tel :- 0289-2236748 ) Rent Rs. 400 with excellent facilities 200 Rs. extra bed for normal room. I don’t know about AC rooms. Booking can be done on phone itself

        Jay Dwarkadhish.

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