Omkareshwar Parikrama

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  1. Omkareshwar – Abode of Lord Shiva
  2. Omkareshwar Parikrama
  3. Mahakaleshwar – Ujjain
  4. Dewas

Day 2 July 8 2011 Friday

Next day my wife, father in law and I woke up at 4.30 am and after the bath we were on the way to do parikarama of Omkareshwar island . We were behind schedule on this because this was planned on first day itself . Island Omkareshwar Parikrama has a lot of significance.

As per Hindu mythology, walking around any sources of positive energy would proffer one with the same positive energy. So from time immemorial, walking around in a clockwise direction of something, which has positive energy, is a well-acclaimed practice.

The importance of Omkareshwar lies not just in its temples, but in the island itself. The island is a hilly area, and resembles the Hindu symbol “Om” (`) when viewed from above. This not only gives the island the name “Omkareshwar’, but this is what has drawn holy men to this site from time immemorial. Over the ages, so many temples were built on the island that at some point in time, a circum ambulation of the whole island gained fame and was performed by many as an offering to the lord. Known as the Omkareshwar Parikrama, this circum ambulation covered all the temples on the island, and was considered part of the pilgrimage to Omkareshwar.

The popular belief is that circumambulating the sacred temple of Omkareshwar would fetch boons and wipe out all the sins of those who had undertaken such parikrama. Apart from the jyothirlinga, the presence of holy river Narmada adds the parikrama a worthy affair. Narmada is believed to be the daughter of Lord Shiva and regarded as the purest of all other rivers. Since it is a customary practice of a Shiva devotee to take a parikrama of Narmada.

Omkareshwar is situated on the holy banks of this sacred river and hence walking around the shrine would proffer dual benefits to the devotee. It is rather a testamentary custom than an alluring attraction. Most of the people who prefer a parikrama here at Omkareshwar would definitely give preference to its religious aspect than the scenic ambiance through which they walks around.

Apart from its spiritual facets, Omkareshwar parikrama would provide an enthralling experience with its picturesque settings.

Also Our Sanatana Dharma Jagadguru Shri Adi Shankaracharya had done parikrama here and while doing parikrama he met his Guru Govinda Bhagwadpada.

Omkareshwar parikrama starts with darshan of the main deity jyotirlinga in the island temple and ends there itself after revolving around the island in clockwise direction . The total length is around 5 – 6 kms .

Let see the pics now.

Lord Omkareshwar in morning at 5.30 am

Lord Omkareshwar in morning at 5.30 am

We started our parikrama at 5.40 after having darshan of Lord.

First  photo , Back ground has Nagar ghat and temples on other side of Narmada.

First photo , Back ground has Nagar ghat and temples on other side of Narmada.

Beware of Monkeys. Do not have eatables in hand.

Beware of Monkeys. Do not have eatables in hand.

triveni sangam

triveni sangam

Then after around thirty minutes we reached triveni sangam at one end of the island where Kaveri from right meets Narmada from left , Saraswati being invisible. Here at the junction the flow of Narmada was calm and still , but Kaveri was superfast and violent. As you can see behind me the sangam where Narmada is on left calm. Kaveri just behind my right shoulder is rough.

Here we had bath. It is mandatory while doing parikrama or you can just sprinkle water on your body. Be very careful while taking bath check the flow. I didn’t jump in the river to bath. I just went on the sangam Bank and took bottle and had bath.

Here while checking the flow of water and bathing we gave 30 mins.At this point your 20 % of parikrama is over.

Just after completing bath in Triveni we come to Rann Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple. Here you have offer chana dal ( yellow gram ) to Lord Shiva . This will clear all your debts you have and bless you with freedom.

Rann Mukteshwar Mahadev

Rann Mukteshwar Mahadev

After visiting this temple we started climbing this mountain and we started losing sight of Maa Narmada gradually.

An old dilapidated structure

An old dilapidated structure

Radha Krishna temple

Radha Krishna temple

Then we come across Radha Krishna temple. At this point I can say that around 35 % parikrama is over.

Lots and Lots of Rishis and Sadhus stay here on this part of the Marg.

Lots and Lots of Rishis and Sadhus stay here on this part of the Marg.

house of the rishi

house of a rishi

See the house of the rishi . All houses of rishis you will find will be made of wood and dry grass.they wont use cement , typically natural.

Then we have climb little bit from here and reach GORI SOMNATH Temple. People here say that it is called GORI Somnath because the ling was white in colour before and it turned black after Aurangzeb saw it. At GORI SOMNATH we are on highest peak of the mountain and exactly half way.

This temple is worth watching . It might be atleast a 1000 year old .

This temple is worth watching . It might be at least a 1000 year old .

Gori Somnath Shivaling. Its atleast 6 feet long and 3 feet thick.

Gori Somnath Shivaling. Its atleast 6 feet long and 3 feet thick.

large sleeping hanuman near Gori Somnath Temple

large sleeping hanuman near Gori Somnath Temple

Then we come across very large sleeping hanuman near Gori Somnath Temple. (atleast 8 feet)

a huge Lord Shiva statue

a huge Lord Shiva statue

Then we come across Shri Raj Rajeshwari Seva Sansthan Trust where they have made a large temple below a huge Lord Shiva statue. This statue is even bigger than one at Nageshwar. Here we get free Prasad ( food) .

a very old temple

a very old temple

Again a very old temple. Then after this we have to climb lot of steps downwards and immediately upwards.

entire 800 slokas of Bhagwad Gita engraved on the stones by MP Govt

entire 800 slokas of Bhagwad Gita engraved on the stones by MP Govt

On the whole parikrama path we can see entire 800 slokas of Bhagwad Gita engraved on the stones by MP Govt.

Siddhnath Mahadev Temple

Siddhnath Mahadev Temple

The we come across Siddhnath Mahadev Temple extremely ancient, decorative and I feel it should be declared as heritage. Must Watch.

Inside Siddhnath Temple . Made up of Red stones .

Inside Siddhnath Temple . Made up of Red stones .

View of Omkareshwar Dam from Siddhnath Temple.

View of Omkareshwar Dam from Siddhnath Temple.



Finally we came down and from last temple on Parikrama path I took the picture of Narmada river . Very sad to see such a sight due to dam the original beauty has vanished.

After we Reached Omkareshwar temple Had darshan and went to our Hotel . The time was 8.40 am . It took exactly three hours with half an hour at triveni sangam. I think if done with no time waste this can be completed within 2.5 hours.

We then left for UJJAIN at 11.30 direct bus . Also there is one more direct bus at 4.30 pm to UJJAIN.

We Reached UJJAIN at 4.30 pm and stayed at Mahakaleshwar Dharamshala. And I would take you to Ujjain in my next post.

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  • Dear Vishal,
    Very exciting, engaging, enthralling, enjoyable and interesting parikrama. It was a joyful experience to do virtual Parikrama with your story. I had been to Omkareshwar many a times, In fact the Institute from where I did my Engineering is just 12 km from Omkareshwar and even during studied we used to visit omkareshwar frequently, but unfortunately never thought for Parikrama, Now after going through your post I am just waiting for my next chance to visit Omkareshwar and carryout Parikrama.


  • Thanks for your lovely comments Mukesh. But remember that try to start your parikrama as early as possible at dawn. That will be refreshing rather than going late where Lord Surya is completely on your Head. Have also updated UJJAIN . May be coming soon.

  • Vibha says:

    I have seen the river Narmada near the city of Jabalpur where it passes serenely through the marble rocks of Bhedaghat and then plunges down several hundred metres to form the white, violent Dhuandhar falls. And today, I see yet another face of the beautiful, unpredictable river thanks to your post. I love the picture of the confluence of Narmada and Kaveri and, yes, you are right, one can very clearly make out the difference in their temperaments.

    Thanks for the beautiful post and a lovely pictures.

  • Nandan says:

    Very detailed post with pictures about the Parikrama. I would imagine that it would be very useful for fellow Ghumakkars who want to do this. On to Ujjain ?

  • Sahil Sethi says:

    @ Vishal , Nice detailed post on the Parikrama. Nice pics.


  • gopi krishna says:

    Dear vishal,

    Nice pictures and very useful information you have provided. Till date I was thinking that while parikrama we can see only natural scenetic view but now I have come to know that we can visit other ancient temples also without any hurry. In general, while visiting popular temples we do think about other issues (future programmes) instead of concentrating on God.

    I am planning to visit Ujjain and then to Omkareshwar on 10.10.11. Could you please advice me about VIP darshan procedure, timings and also direct me to visit omkareshwar from ujjain and finally to Indore.


  • Dear Gopi Krishna,
    Thanks for your comments.

    Secondly there is no VIP Darshan in Mahakaaleshwar Or Omkareshwar. In Mahakaaleshwar if you want to go in Garbagriha for darshan you can go early in the morning before seven and attend aarti at 7.00 am. Be sure that you line up at six oclock . Mostly only outside darshan is available from feet afterwards. Or else you can go After 8.oo oclock in the evening .
    Or Elsewhile in Queue You can contake act any Local Pundit . He will you directly to Garbagriha and do abhishek. He may charge you around Rs. 250 , 500 according to type of abhishek and your negotiation.
    Again in omkareshwar queues are generally less in odd seasons. I think the time you are visiting is a good one.If queue is long again contact pundit for abhishek. In fact in omkareshwar the pundit will contact you.
    For Omkareshwar there are very less direct buses.
    From Ujjain city bus stop near railway station there are lot of buses for Indore and from Indore you
    can get lot of buses for Omkareshwar.
    Again from Omkareshwar you can get lot of buses for Indore every half an hour……………………

    Anything else please let me know. I would be glad to help you………………….
    [email protected]

  • Jhelum Bhattacharya says:

    I came acrosa your blog while searhing for pictures of siddhanath temple. My mom is actually reading a book on narmada parikrama and she wanted to if the shivling(real shivling) is still there in the siddhanath temple ….as i could not find any pictures of it….did you find the shivling? Also, since you have been Omkareshwar….do you know dhabri kund is still there? As per a few people on the web …dhabri kund has been destroyed….but is kinda doubtful …since the narmada lings are created in dhabri kund….and are still available…..i would appreciate if you can throw some light on this….my email address ….just in case is [email protected]

  • Nagesh says:

    Hi Vishal,
    I read your posts about your trips to Omkareswar and Ujjain and thanks the way you wrote and posted the pictures about your trip, which is very clear. I am from Hyderabad and is planning to visit both the places, along with my family, in the month of September 2012 (From Hyderabad to Kandwa/Omkareswar to Ujjain to Indore and back to Hyd). Is this the correct itenarary? Is this the good time to visit? What about the accommodation? Is it easily available? Kindly let me know, which will help us in our visit. Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks for the comment Nagesh,

      Yes your itinerary is almost correct. From Khandwa you can catch direct bus to Omkareshwar . Khandwa bus station is directly opposite khandwa railway station But there are less direct buses to Omkareshwar . But you will get lot of buses to Indore every 10 – 15 mins. In that bus you can go to a town called Sanawad which is 12 kms from Omkareshwar. You will get lot of buses from Sanawad to Omkareshwar.

      Now after having darshan from Omkareshwar you can go to Indore . Indore is 78 kms from Omkareshwar . you get lot of buses for Indore. From Indore you can go to Ujjain , 55 kms . There are buses every 15 mins . You can go by train also to Ujjain.
      Remember Indore comes between Ujjain and Omkareshwar.

      Now about accommodation Shree Gajanand Maharaj Sansthan Hotel is very good in Omkareshwar.
      Very basic amenities but hygienic .
      As soon as you reach Omkareshwar you can ask any one . They don’t do advance booking.

      About Ujjain also there are lot of Hotels near Mahakaleshwar temple. I stayed in Mahakaleshwar Dharamshala in temple premises.You can do advance booking apart from July and August months here . Tel :- 0734 – 2551714.

      Any more queries please contact my email [email protected]

      Jay Omkareshwar , Jay Mahakal

  • arvind shah says:

    dear vishal
    i wish to go for narmada parikrama by car starting from 12 october this year.
    i have prepared the route more or less but i want to know about places not to be missed.
    can you help in this?
    if possible mail me to : [email protected]
    thanks and regards
    arvind shah
    mumbai india

  • Aruna says:

    Hi Vishal,

    thank you for the detailed narmada praikrama description.
    I wanted to visit in end of december with my parents. Is it difficult for parents to do this parikrama?
    If we want to take bath in Narmada, will it be too cold for that?


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