Very Well Unplanned – A trip to Ooty

Amidst hectic days of 4th semester University Exams and fighting through the pressure of studies and family advises , we four friends Harsh ,Ajit ,Sanjeev and I decided to utilize the following semester break exploring the Southern part of our Incredible India. The plans were made and the destination was decided to be the Queen of Hill Stations i.e. Ooty which was a beautiful picturesque hill station town in the Tamil Nadu state located in the Nilgiri range of hills.

We all found some time during our exams and carried out a sort of research on the internet and started deciding the route to follow , searched trains between various stations , made the hotel bookings and booked the train tickets thanks to the irctc ltd. website of Indian Railways. The final route decided was Jodhpur-Mumbai-Pune-Coimbatore-Ooty. Except Ooty the remaining places were not meant for visiting else served just as the junction from where we had to change our trains for the next station. All plans were made and we had a clear picture in our mind of the upcoming trip and the waiting became more difficult. Everyday we used to check the status of our tickets in each train and would request god to get all the tickets confirmed ,we would discuss about the kind of food we are going to have each day like it should be veg or nonveg , we discussed about the things and requirements needed during the travel , as it was a rainy season we had to be more careful and needed to carry polythene bags with us , eatables for the journey and so on  the eagerness increased day by day and we just wanted to live our so very well planned trip.

11th July:

Finally the day came and after taking our last exam it was time for us to start our journey. We packed our luggage and took all the necessary and precautious items for the journey. Fortunately all our tickets got confirmed and we were really happy. On the evening of 11th September we four amigos took our seats in the train coach and the train slowly moved out of the bustling station of Jodhpur and our journey started towards our first destination Mumbai in evening.

We all were very comfortable with the train journeys as we lived in hostel and mostly used trains to visit our homes during breaks. So the train journey was subtle and we all were having a great time gossiping and enjoying the view outside. Train journeys are always wonderful if you are adaptable and good observer of different characters around. The weather outside was rainy and it was constantly raining. We had sound sleep and the night passed very comfortably.

12th July:

Next day we had very long stops at various flag stations which delayed our train but we were not worried as we would have sufficient time at Mumbai station for our connecting local to Pune. But something unexpected and unplanned happened. It rained heavily in Gujarat and the railway tracks at Surat station got flooded and the trains got stuck. Our train had been waiting at the Utaran station for almost one and half hour. We got scared of missing the next connecting train and decided to bypass Mumbai and reach Pune directly for our next connecting train to Pune. We decided to leave the train in Utaran and started searching for an auto rickshaw for Surat stuck in the heavy rain outside ruined Utaran Railway Station. Not even a single one was ready to drop us till Surat as the roads were flooded. Finally we managed to convince one auto rickshaw and for a generous amount of money he dropped us outside Surat railway station. We and our luggage were all wet. After analysing the worst condition of Surat station we decided to take a cab to Pune as very little time was left for us to reach Pune station to be able to catch our train on time. The cab drivers taking advantage of the situation were asking for heavy amount of money without any guarantee of dropping us in time at Pune which was confusing us. Our hearts were ready to pay but our minds were not. After wasting a lot of time we realised that now it was impossible for us to reach Pune on time. Finally we decided to cancel all the connecting confirmed reservations. But we never lost hope and were determined to reach our destination i.e. Ooty.

We enquired for a bus to Pune at Gujarat Roadways bus stand and got four seats in the same as it was going to take some other route which was clear and not flooded. We took lunch in Surat and struggling with the Gujarati language managed to board the bus on time for Pune. We were fully wet and it was still raining outside. We were feeling cold and also started stinking but managed till the bus stopped at a roadside dhaba at around 11pm. It was very dark and we managed to change our clothes in the dark forest behind the dhaba , had some biscuits with a hot cup of tea in that chilling weather and continued our bus journey when after a kilometer we realised that we left the common polybag which was protecting our cell phones and wallets on the table at the dhaba. After informing and requesting bus driver we managed to get back to the dhaba and recovered our belongings and went ahead to our remaining overnight journey to Pune.

Drenched at Surat

Drenched at Surat

13th July:

During our sound sleep around 4am in between our journey to Pune we heard a loud bang and suddenly got out of our sleeps. We realised that our bus met with an accident with another bus and the other bus went into divider and got the front damaged causing human casualties. Sight of an old lady lying on road with blood dripping on the road from her head and many other injured people at 4am in the morning was a horrifying and depressing sight. The driver had few arguments with the people outside and took us to the bus stand where we realised that we have reached Nasik. The driver decided to end the journey there only due to damaged windshield of the bus and refunded us our remaining amount. Then we took another Maharashtra roadways bus to Pune and reached Pune after a long , tiring , scary and adventurous  journey of  almost forty hours.

We decided to get freshen up at a friend’s flat in Pune and got the tickets booked for the volvo in evening to Bangalore from where we will have to take another bus to Ooty. After taking rest in Pune we boarded the volvo to Bangalore in the evening.

14th July:

After a very comfortable overnight journey we reached Bangalore in morning and headed towards the bus stand from where we had another seven hour journey in Karnataka Roadways volvo to Ooty. We passed Mysore city the “City of Palaces” and Srirangapatnam the “City of Toys” in between which were very beautiful towns and saw the famous Mysore Palace which is one of the most famous Tourist attraction in India just after Taj Mahal.

Filmy South

Filmy South

Before starting with the hilly part of the track the bus stopped at a restaurant beside the highway and we had a very tasty and light lunch. The track became more beautiful and we started climbing up the hills. We passed through Bandipur Tiger Reserve and saw the camps and elephants and rides all set to take tourists for the tiger safari. The weather became more chilling and the clouds appeared on the track. The landscapes were breathtaking and we felt refreshed even after travelling continuously for last three days. The ups and downs of the hilly track was surely giving the feel of upcoming hill station and we were having a lot of fun with that feeling.

At last we reached Ooty which was just like we thought and imagined. It was a beautiful town with lush green hills all around and we reached our guest house by an auto rickshaw. The guest house was a private property and we got it booked through some contacts. It was situated little outside the town in between the calm and serene hills loaded with flora of infinite kind , colour and shapes.

After checking in the beautiful and comfortable room and having a cup of coffee we got freshen up and had delicious dinner of local nonveg delicacy. We unpacked our luggage and hanged the wet clothes near the room heater and washed some of them to remove the bad odour. Then we went to snooze in our cozy beds with warm blankets.

15th July:

After having a south indian breakfast next morning we boarded a local taxi which we got booked by our guest house for the local sightseeing of Ooty. The driver’s name was “Kutty” which rhymed with the place “Ooty”. He was a person full of life and a very professional guide. He not only took us to various spots but also told us about the history and importance of the place. He was very sound in his knowledge about the city and was fluent in hindi language too. Language was not so big issue for us as it the town was a British settlement and english was easily understood by the locals to some extent. Local sightseeing included spots like ooty lake, wax museum, thread garden, botanical garden, dolphin’s nose, strawberry plantations, tea plantations, tea tasting, cordite factory, needle factory, suicide point, dodabetta(south india’s highest peak). Kutty also introduced us to various plants that were widely used as pain relievers and for manufacturing cosmetics like sandalwood, eucalyptus, lemon grass, etc. The town was prominently green and picturesque and the shallow clouds were adding to the beauty of the place. One could feel the hue of the cloudy environment.

 3 Idiots Track

3 Idiots Track

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Dolphin's Nose

Dolphin’s Nose

Wax Museum

Wax Museum

Tea Plantations

Tea Plantations

After reaching guest house after a full tiring day we ate dinner and again occupied our beds for a sound and warm sleep.

16th July:

Next Day after a healthy breakfast and hot cup of coffee we decided to walk to the market area of the city and do shopping for family members. The main market here also had the clock tower popularly known as “ghantaghar” which is present in almost every Indian city. The market included hundreds of handmade chocolate shops which was another Ooty speciality like the tea and coffee. We got almost four kg of chocolates in total of different flavours mixed together. We also bought the famous pure “filter” coffee and had a lot of cups of coffees at different places. We also tried many local sweets and bakery items at different bakeries in the market.

Chocolate Store

Chocolate Store

Enjoying Coffee

Enjoying Coffee

Local Delicacy for Rs 5

Local Delicacy for Rs 5

Rose Garden

Rose Garden

The Town

The Town

The market was bustling even in the cloudy and rainy weather and a cup of coffee added to the heavenly feel which made us drink almost 6-7 cups of coffee till the end of the day. It gets dark very early and we moved back to our guest house for dinner and warm sleep.

17th July:

Next day we got tickets booked for the famous Toy Train journey from Ooty to Coonoor. The train pulled by diesel engine was fast and the track was mind blowing. The train passed through various bridges and long tunnels carved out of the mountains. It was a great experience and a must do thing once in your lifetime. At Coonoor we went to a church near the station and took a stroll in the markets of the city. Had coffee and boarded the train back to Ooty and reached guest House.

Church at Coonoor

Church at Coonoor

Into The Tunnel

Into The Tunnel

Mesmerizing Coonoor

Mesmerizing Coonoor

Toy Train

Toy Train

Steam Engine-very rare

Steam Engine-very rare

18th July:

After a heavy breakfast and checking out of the guest house it was time to say goodbye to this beautiful and mesmerizing hill station. We boarded volvo back to Bangalore from where we had trains to our respective homes for the remaining holidays. It was a memorable and very adventurous trip for us and we will never forget this so very planned trip of ours.

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Nice experiential account of your adventurous journey, Rohan bhai! Mostly the debut posts on ghumakkar are some of the most interesting travel tales of your life...such unexpected experiences during wanderings are a part of any journey and should always be enjoyed without spoiling the fun and learning from the lessons that it renders for future travels.

Though there is always the fear of post getting long, but you could have possibly added something more about Ooty especially for the folks who would come to this log searching for Ootylooking at the title. Overall a good post to start your journey with ghumakkar. A very warm welcome! Keep wandering & keep sharing...:)


Thanks a lot.

Never expected such great and inspiring responses from you guys.

Will surely keep the corrections in mind and improve.

Archana Ravichander

Congratulations Rohan for a wonderful start at Ghumakkar.

Your style of writing and content depict a natural flow of thoughts which are wonderfully expressed in this post!

I hope that Ooty only marks the entry point of exploration down south. Keep travelling and keep sharing the posts.



Thanks a lot for your inspiring and grateful comments.


Welcome aboard Rohan,

OMG how difficult, struggling, tedious and tragic was your up journey, the flood in Gujarat, The accident of bus, Mumbai to Pune in 40 hrs........... Hats off to your patience, courage and daring. I'm getting bit sympathetic on you guys after going through the post.

But still you reached your destination and enjoyed your trip, that's important. "अंत भला तो सब भला". Both narration and pictures were exceeding expectation.



Thanks a lot.

And yes we were very clear to reach ooty at any cost.

Although we got confused at Pune as others tried to convince us to stay at Pune only and visit nearby places like Khandala and all..but finally we came to a mutual decision and went ahead with our fruitful journey.


Sorry..... Surat to Pune in 40 Hrs.


A very adventurous journey indeed to reach Ooty, Rohan. You friends did well not to abandon your plans despite the obstacles by the monsoon rains. After all the troubles hope Ooty lived up to your expectations !


Thanxx and yes Ooty indeed lived upto our expectations which satisfied us that we made a correct decision. In fact half of our tiredness got relieved...:)


beautiful post full of events.that church photograph is beautiful.


Thanks a lot...:)

Amitava Chatterjee

A warm welcome Rohan.

What a journey! It has everything e.g. planning, eagerness to see a new place, unexpected turn, finally reaching our destination after several twists and fulfilment.

You all must be feeling completely refreshed after this trip and there will be enough energy to do well in your studies. Wishing you all the best.

Keep traveling, even a short break to nearby areas will help you at this stage, and do share with us whenever time permits.


yes you are right. It was a rejuvenating trip for us and also fetched us some great memories that we will remember after our college life.


Welcome aboard Rohan. Better late than never. :-)

Salute to your undying enthusiasm and persistence in seeing the plan through. I guess the travel-to-ooty part took the centre stage here. As Vipin suggested, many more details about the places as well as about the guest-house/hotel would further help readers. Also, a lot of these place would look even better if there are less people in pics. :-)


Thanxx alot.

I will keep these valuable points in mind and will try to improve..:)


Hi Rohan,

Welcome to Ghumakkar!

It indeed was one heck of a trip from Jodhpur to Ooty - being in college and with friends, such trips become memorable for life.

I to wish to go see Ooty and Coonoor. Enjoyed the trip with you.

But where are the chocolates in the chocolate store and roses in the rose garden?!


Thanks a lot.

Chocolates in the chocolate store are not a big deal for them. They are sold like any other ration item without any proper display. And there are more than 100 shops selling chocolates.

We went in off season so Rose Grden was under maintenance....more than 15000 species of rose can be seen during claimed by our guide...:)


"It was a great experience and a must do thing once in your lifetime." true!! a ride in the Nilgiris mountain railways is awesome.