The Nomads “initiation” Bike Ride

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Our company had a riding group called “AMEXPLORERS”. However, when the two people who started it, left the organization, the group withered away. Recently, I got the opportunity to revive the group and restart the whole tradition of exploring the world 1km at a time on two wheels.

To the outside world, a group by the name of “The Nomads” was created. With the revival came the initiation ride and to begin with, a crew of like-minded people was formed who would help organizing the ride. Then we reached out to all our colleagues with the idea of a bike ride on a Saturday. We received quite a lot of nominations. Keeping in mind the fact that there were many first time riders therefore, I decided to keep this ride as a day trip and “The Haveli” @ Karnal was decided as the destination. This place was roughly 150 kms away from Delhi on the NH-1. July 31st 2010 was decided as the day of the ride. Prior to the ride, we met up with the riders and gave them a briefing about do’s and don’ts. The “group riding” theory on website was quite a help.

On the day of the ride, we all assembled at the designated assembly point. Oh man, what a sight it was. We had roughly 25 bikes and about 40 riders and pillion all assembled at that time. It seemed as if we were starting a procession. I was a little concerned about us drawing undue attention of the cops however, no such thing happened. After everyone assembled, we all started the ride with a customary roar of all bikes starting at the same time. Our first stop was Murthal for breakfast. Soon after we started, we all split up and negotiated the already busy roads of Delhi. After some time, we reached Murthal. Here, stopped at Pehalwan dhaba. Right outside the dhaba was an open space. All of us parked our bikes in formation in this open space and sight of all 27 bikes standing in a row sent adrenalin rushing through our veins. We had a whole variety of bikes from a RE Classic 500 to Kawasaki Ninja to RE Electra 2004 to a Thunderbird twin spark, Pulsars, Yamahas and the list is endless.

After having a delicious breakfast, we started for our next destination-Karna Lake. En route, we experienced some amazing weather. When I was planning the ride, I was very skeptical about the weather acting as a spoilsport. However, to our pleasant surprise, the weather came out as the star of the show. It did not rain much but all throughout we had the “post-rain” weather. It was as if it was raining all around the highway and cold winds were coming from all directions. We also felt as if we were literally chasing the rains. We quickly reached Karna Lake and after a brief stop, proceeded to our destination, “The Haveli”.

After reaching haveli, we spent some time doing nothing and then proceeded to have lunch. The food (veg and non-veg) at haveli is mouth-watering. So we left no stone unturned in gorging the food over there. After lunch and a few customary photographs, it was now time to head back home. Thankfully, the weather remained pleasant during our return as well.

In all, the weather turned out to be the highlight all throughout the ride. It enabled a comfortable ride especially for the first timers. The whole experience was just awesome and has set the pulse racing for the next ride.

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  1. Its a big Big group of bike riders…..

  2. @Vasanth, Never figured you scribbled on this forum as well… A breakfast ride to Karnal… not bad dude!

  3. Thanks…this is the biking group that I recently revived at my office…we also did this crazy ride to lansdowne last month…rode in the rains for 12-14 hours…i have posted the article here…and i am currently planning the next one to ranthambore in november…hopefully, it would be a bit peaceful :-)

  4. nandanjha says:

    So its bankers on the bikes :-),if my guess work is right. The place where you guys assembled looks familiar, is it in Noida ? Metro station ?

    Happy riding and wishing you well.

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