Bonn – The city of Beethoven

March 15, 2011 By: Archana Ravichander Category: Cities, Germany, Nature

When we have long weekends, we all urge to make some vacation plans. This time, on the occasion of Carnival here in Dusseldorf, we got a long weekend too! As it is still early summer, most of the options we had ( Berlin, Stuttgart, etc) were ruled out. We were running out of time and options!! Then it flashed to us. We decided to explore Bonn- the birth place of the famous music composer Ludwig van Beethoven!

Bonn is about 75 kms away from Dusseldorf. So, instead of taking a train, we decided to drive.. I must say, that is one wise thing we did.. As we entered the highway, the long straight roads lined with beautiful picturisque scenery. The bald winter trees, the gloomy sky, and the sun who played hide-n-seek .. It was just awesome!! I just kept clicking pictures of every object in my line of sight :)

On reaching Bonn, we headed out towards the Tourist information center at Munsterplatz, which is in the city centre, closer to the Hauptbahnhof. A courteous lady at the help desk guided us about the places which we ought to see, some “may like to visit” kinda places next, and with some general information about walk tours.

Out of about 40 museums and galleries, we chose a handful of unique museums and galleries. We could have also opted for guided tours in the tourist bus or a guided walk tour. But we decided to do it ourselves. So here began our Bonn-voyage :)

1. Beethoven house: