A nature walk

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  1. Hariyali Idhar Udhar…
  2. A nature walk

All I wanted a sound sleep for few hours and when I woke up in the morning, it was 5 a.m. and still dark outside. I felt the strong cold breeze in my face, hugs my body and bones, as soon as I came out from the Tent. The cool breeze blows through my hair (whatever still left!) and caresses my skin so gently. I am still mesmerized about our previous night’s adventure when the moon lights up the sky; the stars twinkle and dance in the night, trees sway with the flowing of the wind which carries a sweet smell of nature in the air. This is one of my favourite seasons alongside  the Rainy season. I am used to the humid environment at home in West Bengal, where the weather is almost never cold even in the winter and fall.

Early winter morning in the hills

Early winter morning in the hills

We were scheduled for a nature trail by 6:30 in the morning. Most of my colleagues were still sleeping, except a few. The morning alarm set by everyone in their mobile phones the previous night, finally decided to give-up after continuous trying to wake-up  everyone or probably they were asked not to shout by their masters!  We still have one and half an hour in our hand, so that’s should be OK. At this point of time, those early birds (or shall I say few enthusiastic, budding photographers) decided to take bath and go for the trek, so that they could spent some extra time than others, as we were asked to assemble for the day’s session by sharp 9:30 a.m. The USP of this camp is “24 hours running Hot Water”…oh no, there was no Bishnu (not ‘V’ it is ‘B’), running with hot water from the film ‘Kahani’ and we were really happy to take full advantage of the resources available. Finally, we left five minutes later than the scheduled time, not bad for civilians like us.

Nature trek...

Nature trek…

We formed a queue and started walking together. However, in their quest to show fitness level, as well as the urge to reach to the top first, younger legs left those not so younger ones very far shortly, without realizing that they are missing the scenic beauty which is in offer a plenty, in every footstep.  Just a few years ago, we were like them only, we are still not that old…but definitely can’t compete with 20’s anymore…we consoled ourselves to think like a philosopher that reaching the destination should be the sole objective in our mind and not to win the race all the time…enjoy the journey and we didn’t mind that. In every step and every corner, there is something waiting for you to discover and enjoy…

Pepper plants

Pepper plants

We passed through small villages, sometime walked through the courtyards. Most of the colleagues, who have never stayed in a village even for a day and not accustomed to village life, were looking at all these astonishingly. However, it was a welcome relief for me to get back to village life once again; just like strolling at my own garden, at home, where we used to grow vegetables long time back. It’s a pleasure for your eyes to see greenery all around…remember “Hariyali Idhar Udhar“.

Early morning in the hills

Early morning in the hills

Captured you too!

Captured you too!

Surrounded by dense forests of Pine

Surrounded by dense forests of Pine

Finally, we reached at the top from where you get spectacular views of mountains and the valley. The slopes of the hills form part of the famous Doon valley. You can see the step farming from there. This nature trail of 4-5 kms is well worth visiting. Nature has been kind enough at this part of the world too. If you like to walk in the wild, there are enough trails around the hills. You can also indulge in gazing at the clear sky with not a soul to intrude on your privacy.

Surrounded by dense forests of Pine

Surrounded by dense forests of Pine

We did have our share of joy. In those few hours, we forgot everything about our professional life. We shared jokes, shouted like a child and helped each other to reach to the other end of slightly dangerous slopes and tried to frame each & every moments in our camera, which we will cherish throughout our life.

Get, Set & Ready for the shot

Get, Set & Ready for the shot

This one is for our wall...

This one is for our wall…

After spending some time, except those early birds, everyone was in a hurry to leave the place early, as they would have to be ready for the day’s session. We were in no mood to leave the place so soon, just wanted to steal few more minutes; the view was breathtaking.

Postcard perfect

Postcard perfect

Nice valley

Nice valley

Step farming

Step farming

Breathtaking view

Breathtaking view

However, with heavy heart we also had to leave the place shortly but the return journey was equally enjoyable. It’s a treat for the shutterbugs, as everyone posed for the camera throughout the way, as if they were posing for their portfolio shooting.

Framed...now it's my turn!

Framed…now it’s my turn!

Met few locals on our way...

Met few locals on our way…

By the time we returned and finished our breakfast, it was 9:25. We saw everyone coming to the breakfast table one by one. Our decision to bath in the morning and go for the trek was paid-off very nicely…when you don’t have the entire day at your leisure to enjoy the nature, you need to find ways to squeeze a little bit more time out of your schedule. The day followed by some management sessions and full of activities and finally we left the place at 6 p.m. from there, which I already mentioned in my previous post.  Here are few more pictures of our staying arrangement and the facilities available…

Our stay

Our stay

One of the huts, named as 'Ganga'

One of the huts, named as ‘Ganga’

How to reach:

Now, a small brief on how to reach this non-descript village, which may not be your next stop, as such places are available at every nook & corner of Himalayas:

The nearest city is Dehradun. The distance from Dehradun and Paonta Sahib is approx 38 kms. and 50 kms respectively.  Approx 13 kms from the city of Dehradun on Dehradun-Paonta Sahib road, Sidhowala will come (Near BFIT & DBIT Institutes). From there, one needs to drive to a different route, while driving, you will cross some villages namely Manduwala, Bhauwala, Tilwari, Jagatpur, Birsani and then forest area will start as you go up in the hills. After crossing small hamlets like Nad, Koti, Dhalani, Dwathra you will reach Dibli. It is a small village in the hills and this camp (Pegasus Properties) is further down from there. The travel time will be approx. 45 mins to 1 hour, as the road is not well maintained and the last couple of kms is not even pitched. Don’t expect anything (shops etc.), apart from the plenty of scenic beauty like all villages in Himalayan range.

Stopped at McDonalds for dinner

Stopped at McDonalds (Muzaffarnagar) @ 11 p.m. for dinner

Sweet memories of an unforgettable trip

Sweet memories of an unforgettable trip

One will have to be in complete love with Nature while travelling a place like this…it could be a favourite getaway for those seeking seclusion. This place has practically no crowds, may be just what you are craving for!

I don’t think anyone of us will ever forget this trip & the nature trek. Hope you have liked this post. See you soon.

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Very nice Amitava, with beautiful photography needless to say.

What is in the air in this pic?

You are lucky to have lots of beautiful places within driveable distance from the NCR.

Amitava Chatterjee

Tx Gita for liking the post.

We decided to throw our cap in the air in one of the shot.

True, some of the beautiful places are close-by, that's really a big advantage for us.


Amitava Ji....

Such a wonderful post with beautifully captured Pictures just like professional.

Thanks for sharing us....

Amitava Chatterjee

Hi Ritesh

Thank you for liking the post and the photographs.

I couldn't read your post as I was travelling last week...hope you are doing well. Take care,


Our eagerness to wait for this nature walk paid off pretty well with your super narration and super se upar captures...experienced a whip of nostalgia while you were mentioning about village life...you are true, early birds do get the maximum out of nature's bounty...whenever in the hills, i don't leave a single chance to wake up early and take a nature stroll..probably the best time to spot plenty of birdlife and immerse yourself in the beauty of mother nature...am terribly itching to be in the mountains after this post...:)...thanks for sharing, Amitava da!

Look forward to your next adventure soon!

Amitava Chatterjee

Tx Vipin for liking the post. Actually, it was ready by January end but I decided to present the post to all of you today, as I was travelling. I am also like you only - don't miss any opportunity whenever I travel to any place.

Just returned from Allahabad, wanted to be a part of Maha Kumbh Mela and again it's a joy for those early birds to witness the Sunrise in Prayag...wonderful experience

I couldn't read your post or some other posts in the last one week, as I was travelling - will need time to read and congratulations for the well deserved honor.


Hi Amitava,

Beautiful post and pictures.

Can breathe the fresh hill air of the early morning through your writing - perfect recipe to recharge your batteries for the rat race.

Amitava Chatterjee

Tx Nirdesh, absoluetly correct...such breaks are essential in today's life.


Very good update of Haryali Idhar udhar... walking in hill area with no pollution and peace is a wonderful experience.

(you forgot to put "More" tag hence the whole post has come on front page - hope Editors will correct it)

Amitava Chatterjee

Tx SS.

Ohho...actually, I am not aware of that...let me see if I can manage now, else I will have to seek help from the editorial team.


Looks like you have thoroughly enjoyed your trip to the hills, Amitava. It shows in the cheerful prose and the spectacular visuals. The night shots taken at the parking lot of McDonald's at Muzaffarnagar have come out well.

Amitava Chatterjee

Tx DL, yes we did enjoyed a lot.

Hope you have liked the post too.


Hi Amitava,

Beautiful post and pictures.

I really liked Postcard perfect pic...

Amitava Chatterjee

Tx Abhee.

yes, it's my favourite too.


Amitava Ji , Namaskar.

Just Great post, in the lap of nature. No joy can be greater than this.

Amitava Chatterjee

Tx Sir.

It is indeed.


What a refreshing post it is, and I loved "all" photographs. Muzaffarnagar pics look straight out from any location abroad.

Thanks for taking us for this wonderful walk Amitava,

Amitava Chatterjee

Tx Sandip for liking the post.

For me, it was difficult to pick which one to chose...

Hope to take you through few more places like this shortly here


Brilliant shots. From the hill blues to urban yellows. The info at the end would be very helpful for anyone to reach this place.

I have been trying, off late, as well to be up early. Kudos to you for not only being up so early, after a very late night party, but also to get ready. Taking a bath early morning in hills, even with hot running water, is a character building exercise :-)

Hope the yatra to Kumbh went well.

Amitava Chatterjee

Tx Nandan.

I am an early riser since my childhood, with the sound of a roaster and my grandpa used to wake us (all children in the family and we had a very big family) up by 5 in the morning. We didn't have electricity at our home or say in our village, so used to go to bed early by 9 p.m. and in Bengal sun rises in between 5 to 5:30 during summer. At home, it is still a matter of prestige if someone sleeps after 7...I am not so strict with my son and allow him to sleep till 9:30 in winter only for Saturday and Sunday :-) but not in summer.

Yeah...it went off quiet well, except the train journey...we could have plan to travel by road...it would be a comfortable journey, we all felt after returning.