Lake City Udaipur

Hello everyone. I frequently visit this site “Ghumakkar” to read numerous travel experiences and always wanted to write my own experience one day and today finally it has happened when I am writing my own travel experience. Hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

In my first post, I will narrate my latest journey to the lake city. Yes, you have guessed it right. It is “UDAIPUR”- Venice of east or Oasis in desert land of Rajasthan. Udaipur has various lakes in and around the city and those were built by then rulers of Udaipur.

Chittorgad was earlier capital of Sisodia Rajput clan.In 1959, Udaipur was established as new Capital of Sisodia Rajput clan by Maharana Udaising, father of Marahana Pratap. The new capital was established near the small village called “Picholi” and people were encouraged to come and settle there. In the desert land, water was important and scarce, so Maharana built a lake, which is now called as Lake Pichola, the main identity of Udaipur. There are other lakes like Fathesagar, Doodh Talai, Swaroop sagar and these lakes were primarily created to meet the drinking water and irrigation needs of the city and its neighborhood.

In Udaipur there are a number of places of interest for tourists. However the most important is really magnificent structure which stands on the bank of Lake Pichola- The City Palace. Views of City palace from Lake Pichola at Sunset are awesome. The structure was not built at one stretch. Many Maharanas contributed in the construction, but the additions were made in such a way that from outside it looks like one single unit. The palace is considered to be largest royal complex in Rajasthan. In city Palace, we can see the foundation stone of palace, Mor chowk with beautiful working etc. to name a few. Guide service can be availed from the entrance gate near ticket counter. So with the information, we can admire the structure more. The view of City Palace at evening, with lighting is also worth a visit. The entry ticket of Rs.100/- at city palace allows multiple entries from morning 7 a.m. till 11 p.m. at night.

Lighting at city palace

Lighting at city palace

Foundation stone of City Palace

Foundation stone of City Palace

View of Udaipur from City Palace

View of Udaipur from City Palace

Mor Chowk at City palce

Mor Chowk at City palce

City palace from Lake Pichola

City palace from Lake Pichola

Wall painting at City Palace

Wall painting at City Palace

Boat ride in Lake Pichola is also really good experience. The boat ride starts from within City Palace, it takes one around Lake Pichola. We can watch Gangaur Ghat, Small Bridge and the world famous Taj Lake Palace hotel from close vicinity. This boat drops you at Jag Mandir i.e. other lake palace hotel, which is favourite venue for big Fat Indian Weddings. At the entrance, row of elephants (made of stone) welcomes you on this JagMandir Lake Palace. This palace was completed by Maharana Jagat Singh. Prince Khurram had taken refuge here for some time, who later took title of Shah Jahan. It is said that, the design of world famous Taj Mahal is inspired by this Jag Mandir palace to some extent. Here you can roam around in the garden, can sit in restaurant and enjoy Coffee by the lakeside. In the evening, one can also enjoy the sunset from the Terrace. While returning back, watching the JagMandir Palace decorated with lights is also an experience to cherish. Boat ride to JagMandir was really memorable evening in my life.

Mohan Mandir, Lake Pichola

Mohan Mandir, Lake Pichola

Gangour Ghat

Gangour Ghat

Jag Mandir

Jag Mandir

Lighting at Jag Mandir

Lighting at Jag Mandir

Bridge on Lake Pichola

Bridge on Lake Pichola

Other important landmark in Udaipur is Maharana Pratap Smarak on Moti Magri. On top of small Hill, this smarak is located, where we can go in our own vehicle. There used to be “Moti Magari” mahal built by Maharana Udaising. Light & Sound show is organised here every evening. The smarak has big statue of Maharana Pratap and a small garden surrounding it. The smarak also has one museum where different weapons and models of forts- Chittorgar, Kumbhalgar and battlefield of Haldi Ghati are depicted in nice manner.
The history of Mewar cannot be complete without the great Maharana Pratap, who never surrendered to the enemy, while other Rajput kings decided to surrender or established relation with Akbar by wedding their daughters to Akbar. But Maharana Pratap had taken oath not to live in Mahal, not to sleep on bed and not to eat in Utensils until he could free all his kingdom from enemies. He lived in forests, slept on straw bed and ate meals on hand for twenty six years. What I came to know here that Maharana Pratap used to keep two swords with him as he would never fight with anyone who did not have weapon. When local people tell the history of great Maharana Pratap, you can sense the proud feeling they have about their Maharana. Such a great feeling to witness the heritage!

Statue of Maharana Pratap

Statue of Maharana Pratap

Moti Magari

Moti Magari

One more place of interest is the splendid garden laid out by Maharana Sangram Sing II for the entertainment of Royal ladies and their maid of honour. Hence it is named as “Sahelion ki Bari.” It is one of the most beautiful gardens in India and gives the glimpse of bygone era life style of royal families. The water arrangement is made in such a way that by sitting inside this chatri one can feel the rain, though it is not raining out. It was told us by the guide there that earlier the water used to come from gravitational force from Fathehsagar Lake, no motors were used run the fountains. But now days this is done with help of electric motor and so the tourists can enjoy the fountains depending on availability electricity supply.

Artificial rain fall at Sahelion ki badi

Artificial rain fall at Sahelion ki badi

Sahelion ki Badi

Sahelion ki Badi

Jagdish Temple is main place of worship in Udaipur .This is very beautiful temple of lord Jagannath, a form of lord Vishnu made in blace stone and it is very near to city Palace. This two storied temple is built on elevated platform and one has to climb 15-20 steps to reach the temple.

Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple

From any place in city, one cannot ignore a structure standing on a small hill. This is SajjanGar, monsoon palace of Maharanas. It was built by Maharana Sajjansing. It is situated at a hilltop at a short distance of Udaipur city (around 10 km) inside the reserve forest. Entry ticket to the palace is Rs.20/- per person and if you go by auto, taxi charges to go up to top are Rs.80/-p.p., as autos are not allowed inside the reserve forest. We could spot a Barasinga and lot of monkeys in the forest. But overall the visit to Sajjangad palace was lovely experience. From here one can get beautiful views of Udaipur City. In the Palace some special arrangements are made to collect the rain water in the big underground tank, which can be used throughout the year afterwards.



Udaipur and its surroundings have lot of things to offer to travellers. One should at least reserve two days to visit Udaipur city, then only one can really admire various places in the city.

Travel Tip:
Day 1 Morning : – Sahelion Ki Bari, Marana Pratap Smarak, Sajjangar
Day 1 Afternoon : –City Palace, Crystal Galary and Sunset boat ride in Lake Pichola, Jagdish Temple, Vintage car collection

Day 2 Morning : -Chittorgar / Nathdwara, Eaklingji,Haldighati (Please check the temple timings at Nathdwara, Eaklingji before planning)
Evening- Karni Mata Temple and Sunset Point, Light and sound show at City Palace.

If time permits one can visit Neharu garden on island in Fatehsagar and can enjoy boat ride in the lake. The cultural and dance shows can be watched at Bhartia Lok Kala Manch and Bagro ki Haweli.
Udaipur has made special place in my mind and I would love to visit it again. That’s it for now. We will meet again soon.

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Surinder Sharma

Nice information, good photos.

Thanks for it


Thank you, Sir.


First of all, a heartiest congratulations on your first post, Kiran Ji! Welcome to the ghumakkar family...:)'ve started your journey on ghumakkar with a post on lakes that i admire a lot. The post was very well written from a traveller's perspective giving out all the necessary information regarding places to see & especially how to see (program wise) in Udaipur...i didn't know that ticket at City Palace allows you multiple entries, wow! The captures too are pretty good especially the view of the city from a jharokha and sunset at Jagdish Temple.

And the interesting part of the post was a visit to Monsoon Palace which many people see from below, but only few dare to go up...i wanted to go there during my visit, but missed it due to paucity of sure the view from top will be ultimate...

Hope Eklingji etc are just following this post, they are my favourites in Udaipur...Look forward to the coming tales of your wanderings here...keep travelling & sharing!


Thanks for your warm welcome. Comments from you all will definitely boost my moral to write more posts.


Hi Kiran !

Welcome to great Ghumakkar family ! You arrived here with a bang with a beautiful story of a beautiful city!

Since Udaipur has become my favourite destination ever since I visited there with my family somewhere around 2007, I greedily jumped at your post as soon as I found it published today. It is great to know that now a days, City Palace can be visited during late evenings too. Artificial illumination certainly adds charm to it.

I have also written about my 5 days' journey of Udaipur and Mt. Abu and the series is available on Ghumakkar. The post dedicated to City Palace is here -

Many of the photographs taken by you have been taken from the same location from where I had taken photos while I was there. हमारे आपके खयालात कितने मिलते जुलते हैं !

Please keep writing and keep sharing ! Looking forward to more and more posts from you.


Thanks for warm welcome. Definitely try to write more posts. Your post on Udaipur is also very good.


Nice review .... one question - is FatehSagar Lake worth visiting ?


Fatehsagar Lake is having Neharu Garden and normal boating facility is available in the Lake. I could not find anything special in it.

Giriraj Shekhawat

Hi Kiran ji,

Welcome aboard to the ghumakkar family ... Your post was very good coupled with wonderful pictures ..

kiran ji udaipur was made the capital of Mewar in 1558 ..not 1959 as you mentioned here ... post independance the whole of the country was unified into a federation ... so there is no question of udaipur being any provincial capital then ... Maharana Udai Singh 2 ...father of the great maharana pratap founded udaipur because of its thick hilly terrain that acted as a natural barrier for the enemy ....The siege of chittaurgarh by akbar was a reason for the movement of the capital. Chittaurgarh witnessed its last jauhar and saka in 1567 committed by royal women and men.. whilst rana udai singh 2 and his family were taken away from chittaurgarh ... Rana udaisingh's brother fatta and ally jaimal rathore were protecting the chittaurgarh fort ..this struggle was continued by maharana pratap.

Pictures of Jagmandir are amazing ... I have been to udaipur twice but was not able to visit this amazing place... kiran ji i would suggest some excursions around udaipur namely kumbhalgarh (highest hill fortress ..around 4000 feet msl) maharana pratap was born in kumbhalgarh,ranakpur jain temples ...,haldighati,gogunda etc ..., gogunda is the higest point near udapur standing tall on the bhorat plateau... I have been to all these places ... ..... .... You have put tremendous effort in weaving a wonderful story consisting of historical antiquity, culture and wonderful lakes ... Great story ..looking forward for more of your stories ... Thank you kiran ji


Thanks for warm welcome and words of appreciation. As per my information, the year of establishment of Udaipur was 1559 which I mistyped as 1959. But still thanks for your valuable information.


Welcome aboard Kiranji, we look forward to have more informative posts from you. Liked this one!


Thank you.


Kiran ji,

A warm welcome to ghumakkar family. It was really an interesting post.

Keep traveling, keep sharing.


Thanks a lot.


welcome to ghumakkar pariwaar.good informative post accompanied by nice photographs.


Thanks a lot.


Kiran Ji,

Welcome to the Ghumakkar family.

Debut post is having good information and wonderful pictures.

thanks for sharing...


Thanks for encouraging words.


Welcome to Ghumakkar... that too with a beautiful story and mind-blowing fotos


Thanks a lot.


Kiran, Welcome to Ghumakkar. Nice start.


Thank you.


Kiran Ji, a very nice post. I have visited thhe city twice in the span of 6 months as I find this city just marvelous.


Yes, the city is really beautiful.



Welcome to Ghumakkar.

Very nice post with beautiful pictures.Udaipur is very beautiful place and there are lots to see at Udaipur including beautiful and colourful market.As Udaipur is my maternal town I had never seen Udaipur as tourist.we stay at a walkable distance from city have covered lots of information.thanks for sharing.waiting for next post.

Keep travelling,keep writing,keep sharing.


Thanks a lot.


Hi Kiran,

Welcome Aboard!

It seems Udaipur is on everyone's favourite list. Though I have not been able to go there yet.

The post is nicely written and the photos captures the narration well.

Speaking of Fat Indian Weddings, the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani second half is set in Udaipur in the background of a wedding. I dont know if that was Jag Mandir. However, the city was beautifully captured in the movie.

Looking forward to more posts.


Thanks for sharing this additional information.


Very nice and informative!

cant wait for the future posts..

All the best!! :)


Thank you for appreciation.

Pradeep Chauhan

Kiran Ji, A warm welcome to ghumakkar family.... and congratulation for your first post.

You have narrated your travelling experience very beautifully and photos are really beautiful. I have visited this city in Dec 2011. It is really beautiful city.

Have u visited jaismand lake also ?


Welcome aboard Kiran. Looks like Udaipur is hot favorite among Ghumakkars. Even I have been there twice :-)

And I am also very happy to see a lot of seasoned Ghumakkars welcoming you to writing world here. Keep visiting and keep writing. Wishes.


Udaipur had made special place in Kiran's mind and she would love to visit it again.

This does't happen with Kiran only but with every individual who visit UDAIPUR.

Looking forward to read, more interesting & informative posts from you.

Prakash and Varsha Joshi

Gone through your post. Very nice and detailed information.

Keep it up!!! :)


Hi Kiran,

welcome home (isn't that to every ghumakkar ?).

A nice article. Udaipur has been on our agenda for a long time, but we are yet to convert this dream into reality.

Enjoyed your elaborate description - will be of immense help for any prospective visitor to this desi Venice.


Amitava Chatterjee

Hi Kiran,

Welcome to this family or as Auro said 'Home'.

Wishing you to have long stay here.

Well written travelogue and will be useful whenever I will plan...pending for sometime now.

Look forward to read more from you.