Dwarka Tour :- Places to see , Nageshwar Jyotirlinga and Unexplored places in Dwarka

DWARKA :- Saptapuri and City of Moksha. Nearby Places

5th  January 2012 :– Here we come on the second last day of the city which grants universe’s most precious thing that is Moksha. This day was great as it was Vaikuntha Ekadashi on that day ( best ekadashi considered by many saints ) and we were in Lord’s place itself.We all had kept fast on this day and our plan was to visit the place where actually Lord Dwarkadhish stayed. And also visit that place where Mahadeva’s jyotirlinga is present in the form of Nageshwara.Also I will  show some places which I bet not many among all devotees and tourists who visit Dwarka must not have explored. Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Dear Ghumakkars and viewers who have gone to Dwarka before, please check  it for yourself whether you have visited these places, where I have gone in this post apart from famous ones. Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Let me start with what I did on 5th January. Early morning I woke up at 5.30 am went to bath and by 6.00 am I rushed towards temple , my family members still sleeping and getting up. The reason was to view Mangala Aarti of Lord Dwarkadhish. The Mangala Aarti of Lord has greatest importance and there is lot of rush even on normal days.So to pick my favourite spot from where I can have full view of Lord Dwarkadhish and his aarti I need go atleast half an hour before.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Dwarkadhish Temple

The Aarti starts at 7.00 am and before that all devotees wait and sing for the Lord in queues. This whole marvelous experience, the loud songs of devotees specially ladies , the wait for Lord’s Glimpse is all very sweet and mind blowing. At sharp 7.00am the curtains open we get to see Lord.

Boliye :- Shree Dwarkadhish  Maharaj ki Jai

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Lord Dwarkadhish

Note :- The Above image added has written permission and they don’t want credits.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

And then Starts The Great Mangala Aarti. Please see below………

The next I will show you some temples in Dwarka which are Unknown to lot of viewers. Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

ISKCON Gate Temple :-

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Iskcon Temple Dwarka Idols – Radhe Krishna

Shri Vishwakarma Temple :- The God of Architecture who built Dwarka. Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Vishwakarma Temple


Jay Dwarkadhish :- Vishwakarma Idol

Meerabai Temple :- Meerabai was great devotee of Lord Krishna who left everything from riches power and mind for Lord Krishna. It is said that she disappeared in Lord Dwarkadhish along with her Body and attained Moksha.A temple is built on her name.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Meerabai Temple

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Meerabai Painting

DWARKA SIGHT SEEING :- There are many places in and around Dwarka where you can travel.This can be done by a private vehicles, Muncipal buses private buses and autorickshaws. Its better to go by any private vehicles because in buses you get very less time to have darshan and everything is very hasty.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga :- Nageshwar Jyotirlinga is around 20 kms from Dwarka.Jay Nageshwar………………

Legend has it that a devotee of Lord Shiva by name Supriya, was attacked by a demon called Daaruka, while in a boat and that the demon imprisoned him along with several others at his capital forest called Daarukaavana, where he resided with his wife Daaruki. Lord Shiva came in the form of a Jyotirlinga and vanquished the demon with the Paasupata Astra.Jay Nageshwar………………

The Sivalinga is facing south like Mahakaaleshwar Ujjain, with the Gaumukh facing East. There is a legend for this position. A devotee by name Naamdev was singing bhajans in front of the Lord with utmost pure devotion. Other devotees asked him to stand aside and not hide the Lordas they can’t see . To this behaviour of other devotees, Naamdev asked them to suggest one direction in which the Lord does not exist, so that he can stand there. The enraged devotees carried him and pushed him on the south side. To their astonishment, they found that the Jyotirlinga was now facing South with the Gaumukh facing East.Jay Nageshwar………………

Another specialty of this linga is that unlike the other Shivalingas, which are made of black stone and look like a neat circular pillar rounded off at the top, this one is made of a stone known popularly as Dwaraka Shila, which has small chakras on it. The shape of the linga is more or less like a Oval Three mukhi Rudraksha.Jay Nageshwar………………

Jay Nageshwar :- Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Lord Shiva Statue

Also Late Shree Gulshan Kumar , Owner Of T – series, had a very great contribution in developing this new temple. The huge Lord Shiva Statue was his imagination . He wanted to make this place more aware and popular. But unfortunately after his death the process has gone very slow.Jay Nageshwar………………

Jay Nageshwar :- Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Lord Shiva Statue


Jay Nageshwar :- Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

Have the darshan of this great Linga.Jay Nageshwar………………

Jay Nageshwar :- Nageshwar Jyotirlinga

Gopi Talaav:-

Once Gopis requested Lord Krishna to create a pilgrimage site for them so that they too could achieve nirvana  by meditating on his appearance, singing devotional songs etc. while staying there. Lord Krishna agreed to this request. Pointing towards a lake situated near Maya Sarovar, He said: “Look at this reservoir whose water here is as pure as the heart and mind of a gentleman. This lake has been constructed only for you and will become famous by your name.” Again the Gopis requested Lord Krishna to make the reservoir as his abode, as all the three worlds (Bhur loka, Bhuva loka, Swarga loka), all the austerities and charities are situated in his very abode. According to the Gopis, Devi Saraswati and Devi Laxmi have their abodes in his mouth and chest  respectively.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Person attains the supreme destination by devotionally taking bath in the Gopi Talaav and performing tarpan to the ancestors and the deities, and giving donations and performing charities . By performing shraadh here, a man’s desire for obtaining a son may be fulfilled. One who takes bath in the holy water of Gopi talaav gets whatever he desires ,salvation or the heavenly planets.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Gopi Talaav

Bet Dwarka :- is the place where actually Lord Krishna lived. There is a place where his childhood friend Sudama gave him BHET ( gift) . That is why it is called Bet Dwarka.Ohka jetty is around 30 kms from Dwarka and from here you have to take jetty which takes around 15 mins to island.You will find Lord and his family idols and temples. Its a must visit.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- On the way to Bet Dwarka

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Bet Dwarka Entrance

Around 5 kms from Bet Dwarka is a place called Makardwaja Hanuman. This the place where Hanuman met his son Makardwaja, when Ahi Ravan and Mahi Ravan cousins of Ravana abducted Lord Rama And Lakshmana. You will have to travel in these type of Motorcycle rickshaws to go there, the only means.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Motorcycle Rickshaw used to go to Makardwaja Hanuman

Then next was Rukmini Temple. Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Rukmini Temple :- This place is around 2 kms from Dwarka. It is said Rukmini stayed here for whole 12 years without water. Legend is that Sage Durvasa guru of Lord Krishna , asked Lord and Queen Rukmini to drag the chariot in which he was sitting. Rukmini felt thirsty and asked Lord for water while dragging the chariot , Lord Krishna took out some water from the ground with the help of his toe. Rukmini dranked the water and this annoyed Sage Durvasa that before asking the guru she started drinking. He in turn cursed her to be without water for 12 years.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

So a beautiful temple with beautiful idol of Rukmini devi is here.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Now Something my driver told me about this temple which shocked me. Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

This Rukmini Temple is auctioned every three years to Brahmans. Whoever pays more he maintains the temple for three years. The current Pundit has spend around 2.5 crores for three years for this temple.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Whoever visits the temple the pundit here tells them to sit . Till this time the idol of Rukmini devi is  inside the curtain.So to take darshan people have to wait and if they don’t take darshan the trip to Dwarka is incomplete.So when the hall in front of idol fills ( around 30-35 people) the pundit starts the legend which i stated above and then asked for donation of water in form of tanker ( Around Rs 3000)  for Devi Rukmini emotionally. People feeling emotions for devi give donations which in turn is an income for Pundit. This is the way that pundit has become business man.How sad.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Rukmini Temple

Bhadkeshwar Mahadeva:-  Then we went to a place called Bhadkeshwar Mahadeva, which is a must visit, but not many visit. This place is inside the sea. One has to walk on the way which is submerged in hightide to take darshan. Just see magnificient pictures below.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Bhadkeshwar Mahadev

The below path is submerged under water in High tide .When we went it was free with water.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Bhadkeshwar Mahadev


Jay Dwarkadhish :- Bhadkeshwar Mahadev


Jay Dwarkadhish :- Bhadkeshwar Mahadev

See now the path is covered with seawater below in high tide .Jay Dwarkadhish……………….


Jay Dwarkadhish :- Bhadkeshwar Mahadeva

The above image is taken from Blog :- http://travellok.blogspot.in/2010/11/dwarka-somnath.html

Photo Credits:- Srijith Narayanan Nambiar owner of the above blog.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Then Samudra Narayan Temple :- This temple is situated where river Gomti meets sea.Very beautiful place a must visit and best place to bath spiritually to remove sins.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Samudra Narayan Temple

 Dwarka Light House :-  This place is most beautiful place in Dwarka . The views here are mind blowing . Just see the pictures. Not many visit this . But for me this is the best place in Dwarka as far as views are concerned.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Light House Dwarka


Jay Dwarkadhish :- View from Top Light House Dwarka

See Dwarkadhish temple in left and Samudra Narayan temple where river Gomti meets sea just left side of my face.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :-View from Top Light House Dwarka

See right side of my face you will find wind mills also from Suzlon energy.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- View from Top Light House Dwarka

Another view from right side of light House you will find Bhadkeshwar Mahadeva left side of my shoulder.Beautiful.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- View from Top Light House Dwarka

From Middle :- Dwarka city ( Rukmini Temple is backside to my body not seen)Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Light Which rotates at 12 rotations per minute in Dwarka light house.

From Middle :- Dwarka city ( Rukmini Temple is backside to my body not seen)Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Light House Dwarka


On backside of Light House besides sea was again a very beautiful place not to be missed.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Huge Cave formed due to waves in high tides

See the Huge cave and cracks formed on rocks due to sea waves . Ultimate.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- sitting on rocks behind Light House


The above place is very beautiful place to hang around but very dangerous also. NEVER GO WITH KIDS. Even I was Frightened while taking pictures.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

Jay Dwarkadhish :- Sitting Just above the cave

I will just try to express how my senses felt while I was on the top of Light house .Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

My Eyes :- got the best view here in Dwarka . Kite view of Dwarka city. In one side I can see Dwarkadhish temple , Samudra Narayan temple and Gomti river meeting sea from Top . In other side I got to have darshan of Bhadkeshwar Mahadeva temple in sea. In between my eyes saw Dwarka city and Rukmini Temple. Lord Shiva in left , Lord Dwarkadhish in right, Shakti Rukmini and  people. Wow.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

My Nose :- was the best beneficiary , as it got the thing which was purest that is fresh oxygen coming from breeze from sea . No pollution and no Carbon di oxide and no Sulphur di oxide..Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

My Skin :- Cool Sea breeze was touching my skin along with warmth of sunrays at 5.00 pm. The best possible mixture of warm and cold atmosphere. No AC or Heater required.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

My Ears :- were hearing only two things silently. One of those pleasant sound was seabreeze gently touching and going inside my ears.And Other pleasant sound was of sea waves hitting the rocks below the Light house. My ears were hearing the mixture of both plesant and contrasting sounds still enjoying the natural music of highest level.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

My Tongue :-  was least beneficiary here . But I forgot that I had something called tongue . But still it was enjoying the taste of pure  cool sea breeze.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

 My Mind :- I was there for 45 mins to one hour. My mind felt that it had no more requirements of materials. It became peacefully blank.No thoughts no hypertension, everything vanished.Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

I felt that is this feeling of Nirvana , where all material desires vanish and you get Paramananda. Great.Thus my long post ends here. Even My tour ends here.Next day on 6th January we caught Saurashtra mail from Dwarka and reached Mumbai early morning at 7.00 am. Jay Dwarkadhish……………….

I hope you all  liked the series.Hope so it helps lot of other devotees which is my sole purpose here.





  • RITESH GUPTA says:

    Vishal ji…

    My first present here (Comment)… I will comment after read this post.


  • Mukesh Bhalse says:


    What a nice post.

    Yes vishal you have included so many places in this post where the pilgrims to Dwarka generally don’t prefer to visit. The thoughtful write up and beautiful pictures.

    The legends were interesting and the way you have concluded the series is worth appreciation, the description of each of you senses which got highly benefited in the surroundings of Dwarka was awesome.


    • Thank you Mukesh……………………

      Yaa already Kavita Bhabhi has told me to visit Dwarka again.So this time you visit Dwarka Light house also. Before planning for Dwarka please call me ………………………….

      Jay Dwarkadhish………………………

  • SilentSoul says:

    Bravo Vishal !!! How beautifully you have explained everything in minute details. I was feeling as if I am taking a tour with you.

    Later photos around lighthouse are awesome.

    When I visited Mathura, the priests told that Meera Bai entered into idol of Krishna in Bankey Bihari temple, and same is claimed in Gujarat too. How to know what is real fact.

    The sparkling and colorful Auto rickshaws were amazing.

    tks for sharing !!!!!!!!!

    • Dear SS,

      Thanks for your comments.

      No. Mathura Priests are telling wrong. I am 100 % sure on this. Meerabai left her body in Dwarka. You read any of her biography any where it is dwarka where she along with her body disappeared in the idol………………

      Jay Dwarkadhish………………………

      • SilentSoul says:

        that is OK. we have many such confusing claims. Like Sati’s eye fell in Naina devi temple near Bhakhra, but in Nainital also they have Naina devi temple claiming same thing. There are so many Vyas gufas claim Vyas wrote mahabharat there.

        I think in old times when travelling was difficult, they put such claims on different places just to satiate bhaktas..

        Kya farak padta hai… Man changa to – Kathoti mein ganga

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    ?? ???? ?? ????? ??? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ?? ……………………..

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Great series Vishal. It is going to be very useful for anyone planing a trip to Dwarka. It was unfortunate to know about Temple-Auctioning biz. Things like these keep me away :-)

    No pics from the top of lighthouse ?

    • Thanks Nandan………….

      I have added 5 pictures taken at the top of light house . 4 views and one pic of the light there………….

      Jay Dwarkadhish…………………….

  • Ritesh Gupta says:

    ????? ?? ……
    ???? ?? ????? ?? ????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???????? ?? ???? ??? ???……..?? ??????????? |
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    ???? ?????? ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ???? ???? ????? ?? ?????? ??? ???, ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ??? …………?? ??????????? |
    ???? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???????? ??? ?? ???????? ?? ???? ??? ?? ??? ……………………….?? ???????????? |
    ??????? ! :)

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Yeah, now I see it. Thanks.

    I also have same views as Ritesh about having bigger photos. Also, if we put too many of pics then on slower internet connections it takes a while to load.

    • Actually when I was in light house my camera was damaged.

      Some pics above were the last images on my camera. the big ones are taken by Nokia N8 by a fellow tourist. He then send those pics via bluetooth on my cell.

      That is why the pics are bi. And I wanted them big to show minute details of Dwarka………..

      Jay Dwarkadhish………………

  • injamaven says:

    I was at Nageshwar before the new temple and great Shiva Murthi were built. Priest at Bhadrakeshwar very unfriendly [maybe didn’t like mlecchas] did go to Balkha Tirth also, or is that nearer Somnath? I can’t remember. I was allowed to have Darshan of Lord Krishna. Very powerful moment when the curtain was parted. Nice photos.

  • AUROJIT says:

    Hi Vishal,

    A very interesting post; and nostalgic for my family as well, since we have stayed in that part of our great country for a couple of years.

    The details contained herein are quite enlightening.

    The motorcycle rickshaw, photographed here, are called chhakda (????? ), a common mode of public transport there.

    Bhadkeshwar mahadev temple is quite unique and has a real soothing aura. Our friend had told us that the name is actually ‘Bhatkeshwar’ and originated from the fact that the temple and deity therein would help out those fishermen who got lost in the sea (?? ??? ???? ?? and thus ????????).

    Great place and great writing.

    Thanks, Auro.

    • Hi Aurojit ,

      Wow, which part did you stay near Dwarka………….

      I don’t know the legend of Bhatkeshwar Mahadeva ,but nice to hear the fact about it………..

      Thanks for commenting.

      Jay Dwarkadhish………………

  • AUROJIT says:

    So forgetful of me….. CONGRATULATIONS for being the featured author for the month.

    Agree with Vibha about being an ‘Honest’ writer and I would say that yours ‘specialised’ genre of writing (spiritualism/ pilgrimage) adds a dimension which may not be found elsewhere, in other travel sites, in such a distinctive form.

    Keep writing and keep enlightening….


  • Manish Kumar says:

    The photograph from top is really nice.

  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Hi Vishal. This is probably your first post after being featured as author of the month. Thanks for the lovely series and for the virtual pilgrimage. Loved the picture of the Bhatkeshwar temple during high and low tides. The contrast between the two is amazing.

    I was however surprised to read that the Makaradhwaja temple in Gujarat claims to be the location of the place where Hanuman met his son. This incident occurred during the war with Ravana in Lanka and Ahiravana was the Lord of the subterranean world known as Patal. So geographically it could not have been in Gujarat nor could it have been located on the surface of the earth. Probably it is just a bit of over-enthusiasm from the priests there to boost their income. However, in the words of Silent Soul, “Kya farak padta hai Man changa to Kathoti mein ganga”

    Jay Dwarakadheesh.

    • Thanks DL very much…………

      Yaa Bhatkeshwar Mahadeva is excellent place and anyone who goes there enjoys and feels spiritual peace away from sounds of crowd and city , with gentle sounds of waves……………….

      And Yaa DL , according to information you have you are absolutely right. Ahiravana was king of Patal. And Makardwaja was son of Hanuman who was born by drop of sweat of Hanuman inside mighty fish when he placed his burning tail in the sea . And then he was appointed by Ahiravana to guard the door of Patal. So What your are thinking of Patal was actually Patal’s door. So Makardwaja Hanuman temple is the place where Makardwaja ( son of Hanuman) was guarding the door to Patal.

      Now Ahiravana took Rama and Lakshmana to Patala from this door only after stealing them sleeping under coil of Hanuman’s tail , although he took them from Lanka.

      Now I tried my level best to clear this…………….

      But Again I agree with you and Silentsoul many times …………..
      Kya farak padta hai Man changa to Kathoti mein ganga

      Because I may find another place where priests might say same story……………..

      Ultimately it depends on feelings or emotions ( ??? ) with god the real purpose matters and thats all……………….

  • vibha says:

    Very nice post Vishal.

    Religion + adventure always seem to go hand-in-hand in India. Almost all of our shrines are located high up in the mountains or other such beautiful yet challenging places.

    Nicely brought forward and we appreciate your efforts in getting the permissions to use the images. Very inspiring indeed. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Vibha for appreciation…………………..

      While writing the posts before i never used to think anything regarding copyrights because I was not aware of it……………..

      I used to get disturbed when my pics were removed before . But now I am enjoying taking permissions……………………

      • Vibha says:

        It is rewarding indeed!

        And I am glad that you are getting all the support that you need from the websites! Touchwood! I’m very pleased about it.

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      ?? ????? ??????? ?? ?? ????? ????…………………??? ??.

  • Vikas Verma says:

    Wonderful covergae of the entire trip…..i was feeling bliss to read all the above…..looking fwd 2 go there some time soon…HARE KRSNA


  • ANAYAAS says:

    I feel a canvas view of Somnath/Dwarka,it nice feeling,if You don’t mind can you ask minimum time for sight-seeing for SOMNATH & DWARKA,B’coz I am Planning for it & unfortunaly Not enough time for it………

  • shamboo shukla says:

    Dear Vishal ji
    wonderful and interesting stories along with your experiencnces. I was living in Dwarka in 1962-63 and after that we ( me and my wife )have visited Dwarka 5-6 times and Somnath twice but never knew these details. Thanks for your eye opener interesting details and one cannot leave unless completing.
    Again Congratulations for such post. Our blessings,
    Shamboo and Rani Shukla(now in Australia )

  • B.K.MOHANTY says:

    Dear Rathod,
    Blessed One. May you help other interested people.

  • Sujeet says:

    Thanks Vishal for a beautiful description. It has made my trip planning very easy. While sitting in Sydney , I was just wondering where to get the info to plan and luckily came across your blog . Well Done. May God bless you with all the best. I am planning to be in Dwarka during Mid Dec and might give you a call prior to my visit.

  • Shachindra Pandey says:


    very nice post I really loved it.I am planning to visit Dwarka and this post is really helpful for me.
    God bless you.

  • n. gupta says:

    dear vishal ji,
    your post is very nice.I am planning to visit dwarka & somnath in Dec 12.reaching jamnagar on 10th. how i will proceed for dwarka & somnath to cover maximum areas? I have to come back to jamnagar on 13th evening.

  • Dattatray Z says:

    Dear Vishal,
    Thank you for such a graphic post. We are planning to visit Sasan Gir in Jan 13 and will be certainly going to Mt. Girnar. Found your post while searching for some info, and thereafter did not have to look anywhere else. For me it was virtual tour of the sites, it was so immersive for me.

    Thank you again.

  • Shyam Bhadada says:

    First of all thanks a lot for giving a very informative & interesting description. we are planning a visit around March / April this year. How many days we need to keep for a comfortable visit for Dwarka & near by places including travel time to & from Mumbai. which are good accommodation near the temple ( would prefer to stay near temple – that feeling of staying near the lord is so good.)

    is there any tour operator from Mumbai. alternatively if one reach there by train or air what is the best mode to see the places around

    with your so extensive knowledge could you pl give a KMs chart with the places and looking to logistic the sequence to visit them

    all the best

    • Dear Shyam jee

      For Dwarka only one whole day is required and if you want to rest then two days are maximum.

      For Dwaraka and Somnath Three full days are required

      There is no requirement for tour operator. Trains and Hotel Car or Bus bookings . How many days are you planning so that I can guide for these ?

  • ramesh bharthi gosai says:

    Dear devotees…

    Request to join NGESHWAR JYOTIRLINGA on Facebook

  • Mahendra S says:

    Dear Vishal

    Thanks great information for devotees visiting Dwarka.
    Plan to visit during the May holidays, is this she correct time to visit ?
    Need to know where we can we get good food / dinner in Dwarka.

    Would surely be visiting the places mentioned by you.

    • In this yuga of ghor Kaliyuga and ignorance each moment is precious and correct to visit Lord’s house . For doing good deeds one does not need to check good muhurat , he can perform the good deeds any time .

      Regarding temperature it will be hot but since it is near the sea, the climate will be equable.

      There are many joints in Dwarka who seve good food. Hotel Dwarkesh is very good hotel for having Gujarati and Rajasthani thali both the times.

      happy journey .

  • Surbhi says:

    Thanks for the detailed information …it is very helpful as i am planning my trip this year !

  • Ramakant says:

    Dear Vishal,

    We are planning to visit Somnath & Dwarkaji, please find below travel plan.

    Sat-Departure from Dadar by Train 19005 Saurashtra Mail @ 20.38
    Sun-Arrive at Veraval @15.45 & Proceed towards Somnath approx 5 km, Night stay at Somnath
    Mon-Dep from Somnath towards Dwarka @3.00 pm by bus, night stay at Dwarkaji
    Tue-Full day at Dwarkaji & local site Seen, Night Stay in Dwarkaji
    Wed-Departure from Dwarkaji by Train 19006 Saurashtra Mail @ 12.58
    Thus-Arrive at Dadar @ 6.40am

    Please advise if any changes required or we can extend one more day so that we can cover nearby place.

  • Anjali says:

    It was a pleasure going through your experience. Its a whole glimpse of Shree Dwarkadheesh , especially the pictures.
    Helped us a lot to plan our Dwarka Trip well :)
    Your post was a great help ;) Good work !! ;)

    • Anjali says:

      We, group of 10, will be arriving from Delhi to Dwarka on 7th oct in the noon and wil be returning to Delhi on the 13thoct from Vadodra Railway Station. We wish to visit Dwarka, Somnath, Gir and Diu within these days. Could you please suggest can time permit us to visit Rann of Kutch too ? Or are there any places that can be visited instead of Rann of Kutch ?
      Any of your suggestions will be great help.
      Thank you !

  • Ashabharath says:

    Vishal Sir,
    It was really a beautiful experience
    reading ur experience and seeing ur photos made us wanting to visit teh place
    its really superb..
    thanks for sharing such a nice experience…

  • ankit says:

    Hi vishal,
    please tell me that if there is some locker/cloak room available in dwarka nare temple
    As i am planning to visit but will not stay in night. just need to kept my luggage


  • ankit says:

    Hi vishal,
    Please also tell what is the frequency of bus from dwarka to somnath..and at what time.
    and how much time those bus take to reach somnath.and how to book in advance.

    And also want to ask that if i start in early morining in dwarka will i cover all which you had mention before 2 pm.
    and how much private taxi cost for covering all this.


  • Vijay Pandya says:

    Hi Vishal,

    Appreciate your article on Dwarka.

    We are visiting Dwarka on 1st & 2 nd May 2014.
    Will try to cover places you visited. Hope two days are sufficient for visit ?

    Could you suggest, a decent place to stay for two days in Dwarka?
    Would like to talk to you could you provide contact no.

    I am from Mumbai as well.



  • Vivek maitra says:

    Hi Vishal,
    Thanks for posting this document on net. This was very useful document which helped us in covering all important spots during our visit in last week to Gujarat wherein we visited Dwaraka & Somnath.
    One additional information you can add regarding Dwaraka Temple opening/ closing timings that can help tourist to plan there visit accordingly. Dwarkadhish Temple in Dwarka as well as Dwaraka Bet is closed from 12.30 PM to 5.00 PM & also remained closed in morning for 15 mins to 30 mins for Aarati, Bhog Pooja etc…



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    ??????? ???????? ?? ?? ??? ???? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ??? !
    ????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?????? ??? !
    ?????? ?? ????? ?? 05 ??????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ???? ?? ????? ?? 3AC ?? ????? ??? ?? ???? ?????…….
    ?? ???? ????? ?? ??? ??? ?????????? ????? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ??????? ???? ????? ??? !
    ??? ?? ???? ???? ????? ??? ?????????? ?? ??? ??? ????? , ??? ?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ???? ?????? ????? ?? ?? ???? ???? ????? !
    ???? ???????????
    ????? ??????
    M. No. 9236075255

  • Krishna says:

    Thank you so much for posting this.

  • Divya says:

    Please guide me:
    What is the best way to reach Dwarka from Delhi?

    • There is direct weekly train to Dwarka from Delhi and also thrice a week train to Porbander which is 100 km from Dwarka. Or come to Ahmedabad from Delhi . From there are daily trains

      You can reach Rajkot via flight and from there you can hire a cab or by state transport or private luxury bus .

      • karan Thakral says:

        Hi Vishal,

        Such a nice sharing of these beautiful places to visit. Please suggest if 2 days are sufficient if we have to Darshan only Dwarkadhish Ji & Jyotirling.

        karan Thakral

  • Nupur Bhadra says:

    hello sir, I am an architecture student. I require pictures of site between road to Dwarka temple and Gomti river , and the site where panch kui is placed. It will be really of great help if u can upload some if you have. Or plz mail me at [email protected]

  • nidhi sharma says:

    Sir, Im planning for Gujarat Darshan… kindly tell me will it be feasable to take local sight seeing bus at Dwarka or a taxi so that i can catch the bus to Somnath in afternoon around 2.30 or 3.00pm.

  • ashu says:

    beautiful coverage of your trip

  • Suresh Jayaraman says:

    Nice write-up Vishal. Helps planning.
    Question: Is there any Dharmasala in Dwaraka (like in Somnath) ? What is the best place to stay would you recommend ?


  • Raj Kumar Agarwalla says:

    Really amazing i have got a overall views before my plan to visit

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