Delhi – Ranthambore : Road Review

Ranthambore seemed far, three years back. After our attempt at Delhi-Jaisalmer in end-2007 followed by Delhi-Allahabad in mid-2008 and finally polishing 2008 by Delhi-Khajuraho (till Jhansi and then to Khajuraho), it didn’t seem that far. “Ab dilli door nahin”. Remember the song ‘Chun Chun kartee chidiya’, well it’s from the movie with the same name. So our set of chun-chun chidiyas ranging from three kids aged between 4-6, two drivers (one bulky with a social sense of humor while the other a rather snappy, both middle-aged), a calm doc and two vocal ladies, topping with a college-going engineer made the band a wholesome. We started off on a Saturday morning in two cars and here’s a quick road-review.

We consulted “Map My India” and for the third time it failed to deliver. I don’t blame them but their back-end map services are neither complete (most of upper Hills in Kumaon) nor accurate (Look for Nainital-Kausani) and not updated (Delhi to Ranthambore). But you dont know what you don’t know till you… So the plan was to do following

Delhi – Gurgaon – Dharuhera – Shahpura (NH8) – Dausa (NH11) – Lalsot – Ranthambore

When we reached Shahpura, we were advised at the Toll Gate to go all the way till Jaipur and then go towards Dausa, which we did. But on the return journey, we tried an alternate route which came out to be 1.5 hours shorter and about 50 KM less than the TO route.

So let me take you through both the routes.

Route 1 : Delhi – Gurgaon – Dharuhera – Shahpura – Jaipur – Dausa – Lalsot – Ranthambore
Route 2 : Ranthambore – Lalsot – Dausa – Sikandra – Rajgarh – Alwar – Bhiwari – Gurgaon – Delhi

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Route 1 can be divided into following sections.
1. Getting out of Delhi. Delhi – Gurgaon
2. Gurgaon – Jaipur
3. Jaipur – Dausa
4. Dausa – Lalsot
5. Lalsot – Ranthambore

1. Getting out of Delhi. Delhi – Gurgaon
Distance – Depends on your starting point in Delhi.
Time – Depends on above.
Quality of tar – Excellent
Toll – Rs 17

Nothing great to write home about. Depends on where you are. Ask for ‘Dhaula Kuan’ and get on to jazzy new-age Delhi-Gurgaon expressway. Be very careful since this high-speed drive is very new to this country. More so if its early morning or late evening. It’s just impossible to spot jay-walkers. Very unfortunate that this highway has seen too many accidents in the limited time of its operation. Pay toll as they ask and keep going.

2. Gurgaon – Jaipur
Distance – 220 KMs odd
Time – 3.3 hours (Avg of 65+ with no breaks)
Quality of Tar – Excellent
Toll – Rs 21 + Rs 55 + Rs 35 = Rs 111

You are on NH8. Super quality high-speed roads which only gets slowed because of numerous toll booths and small cities. So watch out for petty traffic while you cross Dharuhera, Behror, Kotputli, Shahpura. After Shahpura, enjoy Amer fort on your right followed by Jal-Mahal. Go all the way till transport nagar and then take the left which goes to Agra.

3. Jaipur – Dausa
Distance – 50 KMs
Time – 1.2 hours
Quality of Tar – Excellent to good

You are now on NH 11 which connects Jaipur to Agra. The most interesting thing on this route is that, as you take a left, you feel like as if you are entering a grand castle or a palace. On both sides of the narrow road, Government of Rajashthan seems to be doing some kind of renovation project for all the old Havelis, fort-castle kinda architecture building. You are actually flanked by these structures till you reach ‘Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh’.

Photo Courtesy – ‘Deepender Sehajpal’

This is an old mini-palace which is now more famous for hosting parties and acting as a venue for marriages. We did stop since we knew that it has large lush lawns and we could probably use it as a lunch-pad but the guards at the gate didn’t allow us to take our food inside, though we could see a large shamiana which was being dismantled with the debris pointing to the lavish and wild party of previous night. We still decided to pay for the entrance but came out even more dejected. The loos were stinking and the palace was locked. On being challenged, the guards did offer us to show the palace but we moved on.

Photo Courtesy – ‘Deepender Sehajpal’

From now till Dausa outskirts, a new high-speed highway is being laid. So at most of the places only one side of carriage-way was open but since there was hardly any traffic, we could clock well. Dausa is famous for Rajesh Pilot.

It also seemed that we were not really driving through the hinterland, it was pretty close to NH8 experience.

4. Dausa – Lalsot
Distance – 25-30 KMs
Time – .8 to 1 hour
Quality of Tar – Poor

As you enter Dausa, you need to now leave NH 11 and get inside the city. After maneuvering city traffic which never ends, you now find yourself in true countryside. The average speed takes a hit but we didn’t mind that. Somehow those long boring dry highways cease to give you any high beyond few KMs. We passed through what looked like the ruins of old cities.


dausa-lalsot road

At times passing through narrow lanes, paved ways, looking at village life from too close, hen sheds, wells, occasional school and what not.

5. Lalsot – Ranthambore
Distance – 90 KMs
Time – 1.5 hour
Quality of Tar – Excellent
Toll – Rs 30

By now, you would have lost all hope of finding a good road only to be surprised pleasantly to find a road which seemed like freshly baked. It was part of ‘Mega Highway Yojna’ and road-signs were fairly ambitious. We were pretty far and away from Bhopal and we could find signages for Bhopal, Jabalpur and Ambala (on the other side).


Lalsot-Ranthambore, Mega Highway Yojna

We went on and reached ‘Sawai Madhopur’ by 1.00 PM. Post Sawai, you find yourself in a maze of high-life hotels thinly spread over the large landscape. We had started from Ghaziabad at 6 in the morning. We reached our hotel, Pugmarks, by 1.30 ish making 460 KMs in 8 odd hours. So far so good.

Whatever goes up, comes down
If you have read so-far then I would save you more effort by making this section shorter,without driving too fast. We returned through an alternate route.

Route 2 can be divided into following sections.
1 Ranthambore – Lalsot – Dausa
2 Dausa – Sikandra
3 Sikandra – Rajgarh – Alwar
4 Alwar – Kishangarh – Bhiwari – Daruhera
5 Dharuhera – Gurgaon – Delhi

1 Ranthambore – Lalsot – Dausa
Similar experience as in ‘To’ journey.

2 Dausa – Sikandra
Distance – 30 odd KM
Time – 20 minutes
Quality of Tar – Excellent (out of the world)
Toll – Rs 40

From Dausa, ask for the road which goes to Agra. As you get out of the city, you would have to blink many times to believe what you landed on to. Super shiny surface, tolled road. But this road is yours only for next 25-30 KMs which you can cover in 15-20 minutes. Turn left from Sikandara towards Alwar.

3 Sikandra – Rajgarh – Alwar
Distance – 75 odd KM
Time – 75 minutes
Quality of Tar – Excellent
Toll – Rs 35

While Dausa-Sikandara was out of the world, this one is no laggard as well. After driving for a while we read the boards and found that this is again part of the same ‘Mega Highway Yojna’. This is a single road so you have to more careful but we could hardly find any traffic on a Monday afternoon. Its a tolled road and there is not much action beyond the road. You get past royal Rajgarh, and since we were heading towards Delhi, there were enough signs to guide us. Post Alwar, you have to take few turns so as to avoid the main city.

4 Alwar – Kishangarh – Bhiwari – Daruhera
Distance – 90 odd KM
Time – 100 minutes
Quality of Tar – Good
Now you are out of the maze of highways and its good old solid black tar with its own share of jhilmil Dhabas, tractors, small towns. The road is pretty good and its almost a one straight single road till the industrial and house-booming town of Bhiwadi. Post Bhiwadi, turn right and latch on to busy NH8.

5 Dharuhera – Gurgaon – Delhi
Distance – 60 odd KM
Time – 60 minutes
Quality of Tar – Very good

Nothing great to write home about. Usual good roads with a the routine highway rush. As we entered the city, we felt like the part of melee doing our chores. And after surviving BRT and falling back on DND, we reached our place by 7.30 PM. We started at about 11.30 AM. This route is shorter by 1.5 hours and by about 50 KMs.

Three days, close to 1000 Km of drive, one Tiger and gallons of good time.


  • Sudhir says:

    Crisp and well structured account of the road trip. Ably supported by pics. You have made Ranthambore sound so close to Delhi.

  • nandanjha says:

    Thanks Sudhir. I know we both share our interests around being-on-road :)

  • Ram says:

    Your very well wriiten and explicit account reminded me of our journey to Rajgarh, which is the starting point for going to Village Dewari Gowra, the down- trodden area in the Aravali Hills, about which I wrote.

    Of course, Ranthambore looks much closer now.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Patrick Jones says:

    I think the division of responsibilities is just right. Both the accounts road and the jungle – turned out crisp; one is immensely enjoyable and the other extremely useful.

    Ab Ranthambore door nahin.

  • ashok sharma says:

    acchha hai,nandan bhai
    abhi humlog Panipat se Gaya gaye the on 20 feb’2008.
    fir gaya stay kiya aur wahan se via mokama ,barauni Dalsingsarai gaye.
    raods in Bihar seem to have gone thro’ some real KAYAPALAT.and night driving is now no problem,i mean law & order to shandar hai
    kabhi full detail bataunga,it took 24 hrs to cover 1200km(panipat-gaya) with around 2-3 hrs.for lunch/dinner/breakfast and around 4 hrs we lost in allahabad to cover around 60km,because of no bypass and around 7 pm trucks r allowed to enter,so big chaos.


  • smitadhall says:

    Amazing how you made a road review so interesting and readable. Very nice!

    And for the ‘vocal’ ladies…. ahem!… point noted and sent to archives.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Thanks Ram.

    Thanks Patrick. I know that my story didn’t have a big superstar to get the initial hits but I am happy that it passed your test :)

    Hello Ashok – Glad that my ‘Delhi Patna’ story was helpful. I would suggest that you please write a detailed comment on the ‘Delhi Patna’ story so that fellow travelers on that route get benefited.

    Smita – thanks for liking it. Some day, I would want to write a book detailing the route and everything around it.

  • dpndr says:

    Ranthambore, Lalsot, Dausa, Sikandra, Alwar, Ramgarh, Nuhum Sohna, Gurgaon route is under four laning and can be an intersting option as well.


    • dpndr says:

      read that as alwar ramgarh nuhun sohna gurgaon under four laning…and by the way you forgot to mention the leopard in the summary!!!

  • arvindpadmanabhan says:

    I am not much into road trips. Those who are hooked to it, you might want to try NH7, India’s longest NH at about 2400 kms! That will be some experience.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    thanks dpndr for the additional option. Guess everything everywhere is going four lane. Leopard appeared too briefly so skipped to mention it in the brief at the end.

    Arvind – some day for sure :)

  • Joseph says:

    Pics are fairly true in this artilce, especially last one.

  • Che Guevara says:

    Thanks a TON…cant thank you enough for this review…

    We are going for our Motorcycle’s Club’s Anniversary Ride to Ranthambore in November 2009 and would be using your route plan 100%…just a minor difference…your Ranthambore-Delhi would be our Delhi-Ranthambore route n vice-versa…

    Keep the great work going…


  • nandanjha says:


    When I get my next opportunity, I plan to do following
    Delhi – Mathura – Bharatpur – Dausa ……

    I am guessing that this would be quicker and you can do Bharatpur on the way or even Agra with a minor detour. Following makes a interesting itinerary

    Delhi – Jaipur (stay) – Ranthambore (Stay) – Agra (Stay) – Bharapur (Stay) – Delhi

    • Che Guevara says:

      Wish we had so much time with us, we just have 3 days with us and we can only manage a Ranthambore Ride this time.

      Maybe some other time we would make it happen.

      I am also planning a Golden Triangle Ride in 2010.


  • rkumar02 says:

    Nandan..thank for this nice road review. I just return back to Delhi from Ranthambore day before yesterday. Your review helped me much throughout. I printed this alongwoth google map as well.

    Well, I started from Delhi at 7am and took NH8 till Manoharpur. I am really no impressed with NH8 anymore, quality of tar has degraded and and upgradation of lane really required to handle increasing traffic. We are total 9 people and had plan to go till Jaipur and then Dausa. However, I also did some reserached about NH11A between Manoharpur and Dausa. We stopped at junction of NH8 and NH11A after Manoharpur and enquired about the completion of this section. Finally we decided to go Dausa via this NH11A. This is an really wise decesion and we zoomed to Dausa without any traffic. This section is still underconstruction and 3 bridge need to be completed where we had to drive in rough patched…total approx 4 km only. But in total we saved approx 40KM and on one hour by avoiding NH8 traffic.

    From Dausa I took same route as you suggested but again got stuch in city as main road was closed due to construction of flyover on railway line. It took approx 45 minutes to get our from Dausa town. Again Dausa to Lalsot…road is as usual countryside. However..from Lalsot to Ranthambore….amazing toll road and took 45 minutes to cover 65KM.

    Spotted tiger as well in Safari.

    In return, I took similar to your suggested route…ranthambore-Lalsot-Dausa-Sikandra-Alwar-Bhiwadi. And reached Delhi in 8 hrs with 6:30hrs riving time only. Specially Dausa to Sikandara is amazing…really eanted to go on that road. Alwar to Bhiwadi ..road is good but bad traffic. I would suggest to go toeward Sohna from Alwar as road seems good. This way, again traffic can be avoided well.

    Now I am planing to go to Bikaner by same route that you have given for Jaisalmer road review.

    I do not find any link to post photographs in comment section, otherwise have nice snaps….

  • nandanjha says:

    rkumar – Glad that it was of use to you. I went there again, this time in a Volvo and we took the Dausa-Sikandra-Alwar route in the return journey. While I dont think fellow passengers could see the benefit :-) but I can imagine that had we take the NH8, it would have meant a dangerous/jerky/longer ride because of the heavy rush of trucks and low-quality tar.

    Before my last Ranthambore trip, I drove to Jaipur (both in Oct 09) in my Honday City and I totally agree with your assessment. Even for that kind of Sedan, the ride was not very smooth. Till Manesar, you need to compete with factory/industry traffic and then there are these numerous towns. NH8 is losing its old world pride.

  • rkumar02 says:

    I am looking for the latest road condition of Gurgaon-Sohna-Palwal section. Planing for Agra in next weekend and really want to avoid delhi-palwal rush on NH-2 since I really can’t manage to leave my residence in Dwarka before 8am. I heard that Gurgaon – Sohna is 4 lane with divider (not sure) but could not find any details between Sohna-Palwal section. Do any one has any idea?

  • shikha says:

    We went to bharatpur last winter. We live on sohna road in gurgaon. So we took gurgaon-sohna-palwal-mathura-bharatpur. We left late evening and reached bharatpur mid-night.
    Remember to take left turn towards palwal immediately on entering sohna. We went almsot 20 kms ahead then realised that we are on the wrong road.
    Sohna road is bad. And sohna palwal is very very bad. But once you are in palwal, bharatpur is just a little while. Overall you won’t mind as it is just 35 kms strech which you may take 60-90 mins!!

  • rkumar02 says:

    Hi Shikha,

    This means bad strech is only 35km between Gurgaon-Sohna-Palwal? if that is the case then I will take this route to save precious time. How bad is road really..can I make that by my wagonR?

  • Tanya says:

    Excellent detailing, thanks for the help. We took your recommended route on the way back and its definitely shorter and the highways were practically empty on a sunday afternoon. We returned last night. Lalsot to Dausa is the only bad patch rest is very cool

  • nandanjha says:

    Tanya – Glad that it was of help. As I suggested in one of the comments above, someone should try Delhi – Mathura – Bharatpur – Dausa – Ranthambore route, I am guessing that it might be quickest.

    Ranthambhore is definitely a driving distance away. :-)

  • Aman Jain says:

    From your write-up it seems that you belong to ghaziabad.
    I also belong to Ghaziabad. Really your review is of great help. I am planning for Ranthambore for 22nd January 2010.
    It would be of great help to me if you can please tell me some thing about Good place to stay, Gypsy booking for the safari (like charges, office address, contact no., person to contact, etc.) I think that availability of gypsy is a constraint. What is the case if all the gypsy are booked, can we take our vehicle with guide, etc……….

    Please guide as much as you can.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Thanks Aman. Yes, you are right, I am from Ghaziabad.

    I recently went there again and stayed at “Welcome Heritage” property, Forest Resort. Here’s the official website. It was nice in terms of infra, food needs improvement, big lawns for kids to enjoy winter sun and so on.
    A friend of mine has some pics here –

    In my prev run, I stayed at Pugmarks and you can read a quick review –

    One can book a Gypsy or a Canter from the booking office, usually your hotel-guy should be able to arrange this. Its difficult to get gypsies in season unless you prebook them. They allow a fix number of gypsies every day (15 odd each seats 6) and some canters (dont remember the number, each seats 20). I have found Canter to be better since they are taller and offer a better view. Per seat the cost is Rs 300 (again not rem’br, sorry) and its not too difficult to find one. Do some google search, there is a online way to book gypsies.

    You can not take your vehicle inside.

    All the best for you Ranthambhore trip.

  • ashutosh Mishra says:


  • Vinay says:

    Has anyone been to Ranthambhor in the last few weeks? Not sure what the road conditions are post the rains. I am planning to take the Delhi Mathura Bharatpur Dausa Ranthambore route – has anyone taken that route? any reviews?

  • Deepak says:

    We too are planning to drive to Ranthambhor from Gurgaon, any updated advice on the quickest route we may get. Our return includes a stay in Jaipur so we may avoid NH8 while going to Ranthambhor.

  • Pranab says:

    I am planning to travel to Ranthambore via Jaipur Dausa lalsot. Can anybody tell me whether I can drive in a Maruti Alto ?

  • Vinay says:

    Dausa to lalsot is about 40 kms and the road is pretty bad. you can drive through in alto but allow 2 hrs for that stretch. lalsot to Ranthambore is a very nice toll road and will take an hour for the 70 kms or so.

    i believe there is another road from jaipur to lalsot so u dont need to go to dausa and that road i heard is in good shape

  • dharmender says:

    i want to go ranthambore kindly tell me the best rout to go the ranthambore and how many time we take from delhi to ranthambore.

  • Nandan says:

    Take Delhi – Mathura – Bharatpur – Dausa – Lalsot

    Plan for 8 hours if you start at 5 from Delhi. If you start at 6, plan for 9.5 – 10 hours, if you start at 7 then plan for 11-12 hours. All the best.

  • Thanks a lot.

    Last week I took the route number two suggested by you (Delhi-Bhiwadi-Sikandra-Dausa-Lalsot-Ranthambore) and I actually reached in 8 hrs.

    Roads are excellant except for 20 kms between Lalsot and Dausa.


    Abhishek Varma

  • Anurag Lall says:

    Hi, planning to drive to Ranthambore later this month. I am told the best route at the moment is Delhi to Jaipur to Kothun (on Tonk Road) to Lalsot and then to Sawai Madhopur (which is Ranthambhore). Using this route will save both the bad patches which are from Dausa to Lalsot and from Tonk to Sawai Madhopur. Any one traveled on this route; please let me know especially of any pitfalls. Thanks.

  • Sandeep says:

    Want to go dausa from delhi by road .What is way to go ?

  • Harsh says:


    Thanks for your information its really very helpful…

    Harsh Shukla

  • J Mandody says:

    Hi, Planning a trip to Ranthambore from delhi by road in an Alto Car. Can anyone please tell me the best route and time for travel.

  • Nandan says:

    Last info is of March (See Abhishek’s comment)
    (Delhi-Bhiwadi-Sikandra-Dausa-Lalsot-Ranthambore) , 8 hours

    I would recommend the same route. Request you to update here once you are back.

  • Anurag Lall says:

    J Mandody. The best way to travel is to first reach Jaipur, that the Tonk road; turn right at Kothun (on Tonk Road) to Lalsot and then right again to Sawai Madhopur (which is Ranthambhore). Time taken on steady speed, not fast, driving would be about 3 hours from Jaipur.

  • Nandan says:

    Anurag – Did you take the above route recently ? How much total time (including breaks which you might have taken) did it take for you ?

    I am contemplating a drive in November and was thinking of going either via Mathura-Sikandra or Bhiwadi-Sikandra ?

    • Anurag Lall says:

      Yes…I took this route in May 2011.

      I started very early at about 4 am from Delhi and was in Ranthambore at around 11 am having a glass of chilled beer.

      Did not take any longish break on the way, only at Jaipur for fuel filling, some light snacks, and toilet break – about 15 minutes. Road from Kothun to Ranthambore is very good except for a few kms around Lalsot.

      Hope this help.


  • bharat says:

    Dear Mr. Anurag,

    i have to go from ranthambore to delhi on saturday, the 12th of this month. can u recommend the best possible time to leave so that i can reach delhi the fastest adn what kinda car should i take. i have to hire 1.

  • Anurag Lall says:

    If you read the post above you will know what route I would suggest. Delhi-Jaipur (NH-8), Tonk road; turn right at Kothun (on Tonk Road) to Lalsot and then right again to Sawai Madhopur. Any car would do but bigger the better. Leave early, as early as possible. See noting above.

  • Prakash Kaushik says:

    I recently went to Ranthambore from Gurgaon.
    While going we took Gurgaon – Manoharpur (NH8) – Taken left after Manoharpur toll to NH 11 A – To Dausa- Then To Lalsot – Ranthambore
    The road of NH 11 A is pathetic, infact there is no road after a couple of kilometers. Its like you have to drive in sand. It took 3 hrs to reach Manoharpur (on Vento) and then took 6 hrs to reack Lalsot. Once you reach Lalsot you have a real nice road and you can really enjoy driving. Taken another 1 hr to reach Ranthambore. Total time taken 10 hrs. Bad experience.
    While comming back, we took Ranthambore -Lalsot- Kothun (11A, but this section is excellent, single lane…but hardly any traffic)- At Kothun, turn Right on NH 12 towards Jaipur (taken 2 hrs to reack Kothun from Ranthambore)- Jaipur- Gurgaon( NH8) (Too much of traffic at every junction, as we hit jaipur by 4 PM, took around 6 hrs to reach back). Total time 8 Hrs.

  • Vikram Pathania says:


    We are planning to go to Ranthambore this friday for new Year, can you please suggest some nice place to say not very expensive but where you can stay with your family.

    PS: The dercription is really great.

  • Nandan says:

    A friend/acquaintance runs a camp/cottage setup. Abhay Tamaria , 9999431998 ,

    Getting something for a good price during New Year Weekend at Ranthambore would be difficult.

  • Vivek says:

    Just returned from Ranthambore . Providing my experience as I took inputs from here

    from North Delhi -While going took the Jaipur route . 440 Kms . Didn’t go via Kothun as advised by locals. Took a left from Chaksu- drove 40 Km on an ok road before hitting Lalsot. Total road time was 8.5 hrs (started 6.30 AM) and the only traffic point was crossing Jaipur.

    On return took the Dausa route via Sikandra->Tijara-> Alwar->Bhiwadi. Distance was 390 KM. Total road time was 10 hrs.(started 10 AM).
    An important point- the road from Lalsot->Dausa is 40 Km.. Out of this the first only first 20KM is bad. The next 20 is very good.

    My verdict- Given the same starting/traffic conditions , the second route is better if you can drive on a rough road for an hr or so. The highway from there on till Bhiwadi is excellent (much better than NH8) and very scenic. You also have to put up with NH8 evening traffic for a very less time .
    Hope it helps further.


  • Anil Dev says:

    Left Delhi on a dense foggy morning- only to reach Jaipur in 7 hours.Took the Dausa Lasot Sawai Madhopur route-reached sawai madhopur in 3 hours
    Totald riving time 10 hours

    Highly RecommendedReturned via Sawai Madhopur-Lasot-Dausa-Sikandra-Alwar-Bhewadi-Gurgaon -Delhi- Reached Delhi in 7 hours- Excellent road except for 20 kms Lasot-Dausa road

    • varun says:

      hey.. your comments are really helpful. I am planning a trip to ranthambhore. kindly suggest route details from alwar to dausa and also whether the road is good??

  • Bibhu Mohapatra says:

    You are GOOD. Thanks.

  • vikhandan says:

    We went to Ranthambhore from Delhi during January 2012. We also tried two different routes:

    ROUTE 1: Delhi – Gurgaon – Jaipur – Tonk – Ranthambhore

    ROUTE 2: Ranthambhore – Lalsot – Kaithun – jaipur – Gurgaon- Delhi

    Rote 2 is definitely better as the road from Jaipur to Kaithun and fron Kaithun till Ranthambhore Excellent and it reduces travel time by two hours.

  • Rajiv Goel says:

    Excellent information provided here. We are planning to go this thursday from Delhi to Ranthambore. Going by all the feedback, the right route seems to be as under i.e. Ranthambore Lalsot Dausa Sikandra Rajgarh Alwar Bhiwari Gurgaon Delhi Kindly guide if wrong or should we opt without hitch. My car is fusion with excellent ground clearance. Also guide best options to stay at Ranthambore in price bracket of around Rs 2500 – 3000/- for a double room per night in month of May. Rgds Rajiv Goel

    • Nagesh says:

      Hi Rajiv,

      Did you go to Ranthambore. Please share your experience.

      I am planning a trip from Delhi to Ranthambore next Friday. Would appreciate your inputs on following:

      – Route (Any suggestions here)
      – Any suggestions on hotels/resorts
      – How did you book safari?
      – Wheather
      – Any other important details you would like to share.

      Thanks in advance


  • Nandan Jha says:

    Opt without hitch.

    Regarding stay, I have stayed at ‘Welcome Heritage’ and ‘Pugmarks’ and both were pretty good. I guess they might be priced a little higher though. A friend runs a place as well called ‘Badi Guadi’ (Abhaya Tamaria). You might want to try it.

  • Ravindra Nerpawar says:


    I am planning to travel Rajasthan next month, my plan is accorodingly.

    Dates Day Destination Transport
    20-Dec-12 Thursday Start to Ahmedabad by Railway Train
    21-Dec-12 Friday Travel from Ahmedabad to Udaipur BUS
    22-Dec-12 Saturday Udaipur Site Seeing Local
    23-Dec-12 Sunday Udaipur –>Rankapur –>Kumbhalgarh Car
    24-Dec-12 Monday Kumbhalgarh -> Bishnoi Bus ( ST / Private)
    25-Dec-12 Tuesday Bishnoi –>Sam Dues ( Travel by Car ) Car
    26-Dec-12 Thursday Sand Dues –> Longewala –>Jaisalmer Car
    27-Dec-12 Friday Jailsamer Car
    28-Dec-12 Friday Jailsamer -> Jodhpur Via Osian Temple Car
    29-Dec-12 Saturday Jodhpur To Ahmedabad in eveing Train
    30-Dec-12 Sunday Ahmedabad ( Rest ) Local
    31-Dec-12 Monday Ahmedabad Local-Site seeing
    1-Jan-13 Tuesday Ahmedabad to Pune – Shoping Local / Train

    I will be hiring car from Udaipur –> Ranakpur –> Kumbhalgarh ( Drop ) for one day.
    I want to know what the transport facility from Kumbhalgarh to Ranakpur like State Transport Bus or Auto or Taxi and howmuch will it cost.
    I want to know what the transport facility from Ranakpur to Bishnoi village ( near Jodhopur ) like State transport Buses or Private Bus, whether I can book tickets in Ranakpur or should I book it from Udaipur only.
    Please advice accordingly.

    Thanks ,
    Ravindra Nerpawar.

  • shalabh says:

    Can anyone suggest good budget hotel to stay in Ranthambore. We will be reaching late in night around 12Pm or 1 AM. Not sure we can get hotel then. better book in advance.
    Will be starting on 22nd Dec from Delhi.

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