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Last Saturday (July 15, 2007), I was driving on NH24 as I had some work in Naukuchiatal and thought that I would write a quick Road Review (and about Delhi to Nainital road condition), since there are lots of folks who use this road for going almost anywhere in Kumaon. Though I didn’t go to Nainital, but probably going till Bhimtal is as good as going till Nainital from Road Review perspective ;)

Delhi to Nainital by road. This road can be divided into many sections.

  1. NH 24 – Delhi, Ghazibad, Hapur, Garh Mukteshwar (NHAI)
  2. NH 24 – Simbhavli, Gajraula, Moradabad, Rampur (NHAI)
  3. NH 87 – Rampur, Bilaspur, Rudrapur (mostly UP)
  4. NH 87 – Rudrapur, Haldwani, Nainital/Bhimtal (Uttrakhand)

Section 1 (Delhi to Garh Ganga route) which starts from Nizamuddin Mode in Delhi has lots of small cities/villages en route. Expect a little jam at Ghazipur Crossing (almost all times of day), then one at Ghaziabad Trade Tax (just beyond Vijay Nagar) and usualy slowness as you cross numerous towns. Hapur bypass is lovely and amazingly smooth, you can go beyond 120 easily. I drove at 80-100 KPH (in my Mahindra Scorpio) as it was raining and road was wet, so less traction. Beyond Hapur, the road is mostly single and not too much of traffic till you get closer to Brij Ghat or Garh Mukteshwar where it can take from 15 minute to many hours depending upon whether there is anything big at Ganga. By the way, this is the closest point for Delhi-ites for a Ganga dip. Avoid mornings on major poornimas (full moons) or big festivals.

Section 2 is after Garh. Again single road for some time and then you start to see the NHAI work. There are stretches where the road work has been done and there are two roads, 3 lane each. On these stretches you can easily go beyond 120 and make merry but every 20-30 odd kilomters, you will enter a bottle neck, mostly at the places where they are trying to make a flyover, these bottle necks can actually kill your entire fun if its raining or if there is a break down. But all in all, this stretch is better than Section 1. Once NHAI is done, it would be cream. Moradabad bypass is already a marvel. I don’t know why they stopped accepting money at a single toll for the whole stretch, now you have to stop twice to pay toll. As you pass Moradabad bypass, Rampur City can get a littly stuffy but it’s just a  couple of kilometers, so, not too much of a pain.

Section 3 is when you cross Rampur city and take a left turn to get on NH87. Now the ordeal begins, now you are not with NHAI but on a road maintained (or not maintained) by government of UP. I have been driving this stretch for at least last 8-9 years and I have never found this good. You have to handle this till Rudrapur.

From Rudrapur, you again take a left leaving the road which goes till Lucknow, and now you drive along-side jungle. Infact both sides. Amazing drive. For 20 odd kilo meters you and this long serpentine road amid Tanda (thats the name of the Jungle Reserve), reach Rudrapur and then Haldwani. From there the road to Nainital is very good. For Bhimtal/Saat Tal/Naukuchia Tal or going to Almora/Bhavali/Binsar/Mukteshwar, you need to take a right exit at HMT factory, which is about 6 KM from Kathgodam station, if you don’t take a right and keep going straight you reach Nainital.

Tip – Start early in the day (5 for Summers and 6 for Winters) to avoid traffic and it should not take you more than 7 hours to reach Nainital or other places.

I was back on Sunday, July 16 2007.

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  1. pankaj says:

    hi everybdy.. i m planning to go to nainital with my wife and 3 yr old daughter on march 26… can you pls guide me the best route to reach there, and wat will be the road condition at present. as i m driving for the 1st time to any hill station.. pls tell me whether it is safe to go there driving its own… are there any blind steep dangerous turns…as i dnt have any previous experince of this kind of drive.

  2. pankaj says:

    sorry i forgot to mention that i will start from delhi…. to nainital.

    • sameer says:

      i just went to nanital on 14 april from delhi go via ghaziabad-hapur-simbhaoli-brij ghat-gajroula-moradabad-rampur-rudrapur-haldwani-kathgodam-nanital

      this route is awesome most of d road is double sided except in hapur and brij ghat and u can hve a midway stop in gajroula here u can hve MC.d or u can go to meriton MC.d while goin MC.D will b on ur left side while meriton on right and after stop before haldwani in Athithi its awesome taste and quality is good and thn go straight to nanital

      start early at 4 or 5 in mrning and ull reach their 6 hour includin stops and there no blind and sharp turns….nd avoid night driving as there is a lot of heavy traffic on highway at night….go enjoy hve fun…….and got ur fuel tanked filled bfore entering nanital as everytime u enter nanital u hve to pay rs50 so save ur money…..

  3. nandanjha says:

    Pankaj – the last comment about the road status is of ‘Dec 24 2009′. Its by Akshaya, please look at comments. I am mentioning them again here.

    I went to Nainital last weekend (19-21 Dec).

    The roads are in best state as of now. I went through “Noida-Garh Mukteshwar-Gajraula-Moradabad-Tanda-Bajpur-Kaladhungi-Nainital” route and came back through the more trusted “Nainital-Kathgodam-Haldwani-Rudrapur-Bilaspur-Rampur-Moradabad-Gajraula-Garh Mukteshwar-Noida” route.

    Both routes have very good roads now.

    General Safety rules are
    - Do not overspeed, Have lot of patience and enjoy your drive
    - Avoid traveling in night and use horns extensively at turns in hills

  4. bindaastraveler says:

    Hi Everyone

    While looking for the best route for my next road trip, I stumbled across this wonderful website and registered after reading only a couple of posts.

    Being new to the website, I am not sure how it works. But what I am searching for is a best route from Delhi to Nainital just like Pankaj

    I am planning to take the trip next week. I found two routes mentioned over the internet and in this post as well.

    It would be great, if someone could help me out with the following

    (1) Considering I am mostly a plain driver, I would like to keep the hill journey as minimum. Which route offers minimum hill journey.

    (3)What will be the best route considering I will be leaving at 4-4:30 in the morning from Delhi.

    Any kind of suggestions are welcome.

    Looking forward to a warm welcome from the Ghumakkar’s family



  5. nandanjha says:

    bindaastraveler (thats a very interesting name) – Take Delhi – Moradabad – Rampur – Bilaspur – Haldwani (so far plains) – Nainital

    All the best and do come back and update the state of the roads. Wishing you a happy journey.

  6. Neeraj Banga says:

    Hi all,

    I shall be driving first time to hilly area. kindly advice would it be safe for me to drive on the route to nainital Please.

    Thanks & Regards

  7. testerrahul says:

    It is one of the best motorable hill roads in India. So, you should not worry.

  8. Lisa says:


  9. nandanjha says:

    I drove last weekend and here’s the current status of roads.

    I took Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur-Haldwani route for the onward journey and Haldwani-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-Moradabad route for the return journey.

    Delhi – Hapur – Close to Garh (Excellent)
    10 odd Km Patch before and after Garh is Mixed. Prone to Jam.
    Then till Moradabad, its excellent.
    Moradabad to Bilaspur – Mixed. Prone to Jam.
    Bilaspur – Haldwani – V Good.

    Return Journey
    Haldwani – Bazpur (V. Good)
    Bazpur – Moradabad. (Bad)
    Moradabad – Delhi. Except Garh which is prone to Jam as well as some bad road, this stretch is very smooth.

  10. Amit Kumar says:


    I shall be driving Noida to Nainital first time. Couple of questions i have in my mind.

    1. What will be the best Route to Nainital.
    2. Which place in nainital good for accomodation.
    3. As i am seens you guys went there suggest me budget hotel.

    Thx in advance.

  11. SANDEEP says:

    without photo no reality.

    reality is here.

  12. Nandan says:

    Latest update. Just back from 7-tal.

    I took Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur-Haldwani route for the onward journey and Haldwani-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-Moradabad route for the return journey.

    Delhi – Hapur – Close to Garh (Excellent)
    10 odd Km Patch before and after Garh is Mixed. Prone to Jam.
    Then till Moradabad, its excellent except ‘Buxar’ where the flyover is still not done.
    Rampur Railway Corssing – Horrible. (I no longer use this, got a workaround which works for vehicles have a good ground clearance)
    Moradabad to Bilaspur – Good/OK.
    Bilaspur – Haldwani – V Good.

    Return Journey
    Haldwani – Bazpur (V. Good) The bridge is now done so no worries during Monsoon.
    Bazpur – Tanda. (Bad) – About 30 KMs.
    Tanda – Moradabad (Ok to Good)
    Moradabad – Delhi. Except Garh and ‘Buxar’ flyover thing which is prone to Jam as well as some bad road, this stretch is very smooth.

    I would recommend taking Route2 if you are Nainital bound. Take route 1 with the railway fatak workaround if you are Haldwani/bhimtal/7-tal/9kuchiatal bound.

    • Sandeep Sehgal says:

      Hi Nandan

      I will be travelling to Nainital day after tomorrow, need a quick update on th Bazpur – Tanda stretch. Was it bad because of the traffic or the road condition? Thanks

  13. Nandan says:

    Road conditions. I would recommend taking this route and sustain the bad roads for this section. Rest of the road is pretty good and with zero traffic its a very non-rushed and relaxed drive.

  14. Sandeep Sehgal says:

    Last update as on June 12:
    I took the following route:
    Nainital – Kaladhungi – Very good roads
    Kaladhungi – Bazpur – Excellent roads
    Bazpur – Tanda – Really Bad, there are stretches which are simply a series of potholes with no visible sign of a road
    Tanda – Moradabad – Ok

    Will endorse Nandan’s recommendation despite of the Bazpur – Tanda stretch

    • Mahavir says:


      I am planning to go to nainital next week. Can you please tell which route to take from delhi. I have read all the above, but not able to decide. please help.

      • rajvir says:

        Hi Mahavir,
        believe you must have travelled to nainital. which route did you take :-
        how were the road conditions.
        am planning to drive down to nainital shortly.

  15. Nandan says:

    Take Delhi – Moradabad – Tanda – Bazpur – Kaladhungi – Khurpatal – Nainital.

    Remember to not go towards Haldwani but go directly to Nainital. Also please update here on current road conditions.

  16. Nandan says:

    Rajvir – I drove down Dli-Moradabad-Rampur-Haldwani-Naini during 15 Aug weekend. We returned on Aug 17 and it was very bad since a lot of landslides had created a havoc.

    The only route we could take was Nainital – Kaladhungi – Bazpur – Tanda… so we started on that road. Bazpur was submerged and before Tanda we were diverted towards Rampur since Moradabad was submerged as well. Rampur – Moradabad (NH24) connection was not available and closed so we came via Rampur – Shahbad – Bellari and finally meeting NH24 at Pakwada.

    This was about 2 weeks back so connections to Nainital were really bad so I would recommend that you call up your Nainital contacts (Hotel, friends etc) and if you can delay your plan, then delay it for at least a couple of weeks.

    In any case, avoid Tanda route.

    • Rajeev says:


      I drove to Nainital by Noida-Moradabad-Tanda-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-Nainital on 16th Sep 2011 weekend. And road from noida to Moradabd is very good and after Moradabad to Bazpur its very bad condition, so you wont find even a 20m road to drive without big potholes. So its straight no.
      Once we reached Bazpur, there was a small river which was overflowing and leaving 2-3 feet water on road, from which passing car is impossible. So we had to toe our car by tractor.
      After this, road is very good till Nainital

      And on return journey, we followed Naianital-Kathgodam-haldwani-Rampur-Moradabad-Noida.
      Road is good but there was lot of traffic in Kathgodam/Haldwani. And road from Rudarpur to Rampur is also in not very good condition. Another problem on this route was jam in Rampur, which after enquiring we found, it usually happens after 4pm in the evening so we crossed around 3pm and there was no jam.

      Hope, this will help you to plan better.

      • AS says:

        Planning a road trip from Ghaziabad to Nainital next week. Is Kaladhungi route in a very bad shape? Also are there too many jams on the Haldwani route? Which of the two routes should we take?

  17. BIBHAS says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am plaanning to travel from Janakpuri (New Delhi) to Nainital on 14th October by Maruti Alto. I would prefer to start in the morning 6AM. Can somebody guide me which road to follow for 1. Janakpuri to Hapur bypass, 2. Moradabad to Nainital. I want to travel in shortest time.

  18. Nandan says:

    Just back from Bhimtal. I took

    Date of Journey – Oct 7, 2011
    Start Time – 0630 hrs from Indirapuram
    Bhimtal – 1400 hrs

    Dli – Moradabad – Rampur – Haldwani – Bhimtal route : We lost about 40 mins at Garh Mukteshwar Bridge. Ramur Fatak was a breeze, still can not believe that we got through. Roads are overall good except some stretches between Bilaspur-Rudprapur. Rudrapur was under curfew. We reached there at 1130. Police was non-helpful. After asking around we came to know that it opens from 12.00 in the noon to 4.00 PM so we waited at the closest restaurant (Sahaj Restaurant, avoidable). I do not know that how long the curfew would go on.

    We returned from the same route today. Started at 12ish from Bhimtal and it took us about 6 and a half hours. We had a 40 minute lunch break at Apni Haweli, just before Moradabad Bypass. OK Place.

  19. Sahil Sethi says:

    @ Nandan Ji , I too drove back Haldwani today. Yesterday from Moradabad went to Kashipur. Today Haldwani- Delhi.
    Moradabad – Delhi was 3 hours. Now the whole highway is good.
    I feel you go to Bhimtaal quite often ?

    BTW , 5 days ago drove back from Dhanaulti…

  20. Nandan says:

    Manish Kumar was also on the road :-), seems like a lot of us were there.

    Yes, I go there almost every 6 weeks, if not sooner. Work related, personal.

  21. Kunal says:

    Hi All,

    Plannig an excursion to nainital on 21st of this month, please suggest a viable and comfortable route to nainital as i will be driving with my family. Thanks

    • Sameerg001 says:

      hi kunal,
      The best route is delhi-hapur-gajraula-moradabad-rudrapur-haldwani-nanital,the road from delhi to moradabad is good double laned with some single road patches in between.It will take around 6 to 7 hours depending upon time you leave the delhi.Dont take route from ramnagar as on that road there are lots and lots of potholes.

  22. Sandeep Sehgal says:

    Any update on the following stretches?

    Kaladhungi – Bazpur
    Bazpur – Tanda
    Tanda – Moradabad

  23. Nandan says:

    @ Sandeep – I was last there 4 odd months and it was BAD. Moradabad was closed because of some flood situation so I would suggest that you stick to the regular route.

    Came back from Nainital last night only through Haldwani-Rampur-Moradabad-Delhi route. If you take the different route for a reason then please update there on the condition of the road. Thanks

  24. Nandan says:


    I am just back from the drive to tal area. The much awaited, ‘Railway Crossing’ flyover is now open so no jams at ‘Rampur Railway Crossing’. I went yesterday and came back same day. Both ways, It worked pretty well.

    The 4-laning between Moradabad-Rampur is under way in certain sections. Bilaspur continues to crawl, and right before Uttrakhand border (6 Km short of Rudrapur), you have a bad batch of half a KM.

  25. Rostan says:

    Is is safe to drive in night from Delhi to Nainital. I’m planning to start from Delhi at 5:00 PM.

  26. Nandan says:

    I do not see any security issue but I do see road-saftey issues so I wont recommend. If you can not leave by 2PM then try leaving for 4.30 AM next morning.

  27. Satyander says:

    we are planning to visit Nainital in last week of april 2012, so just want to queries:

    1. We will start from Panipat, haryana. Google Map is showing 2 routes
    – one is via muzaffarnagar – bijnor- dhampur – bazpur-nainital and the 2nd one is Panipat- Merrut- mordabad-bazpur-nainital.
    so just want to know which one of the above is better one. 2nd route is around 30 Km more than the 1st one.

    2. Can u pls advice about the road condition of the preferred route.

    3. Any other suggestions as i will be travelling with my wife and 2 kids in a small car.


  28. Nandan says:

    @ Satyander –

    1. I would suggest that you take Panipat – Meerut – Moradabad – Rampur – Bilaspur – Haldwani – Nainital. I am not sure on the condition of Bazpur road so would recommend that you avoid it. It was very bad during the last rains.

    2. Moradabad onwards the road is perfect. I have not been to Meerut-Moradabad and Panipat-Meerut off late so can’t comment.

    3. Start very early. Take small breaks after every 3 hours and enjoy your time.

    Best Wishes.

  29. Gaurav says:

    Planning a road trip from Delhi to Nainital day after tommorow. Is Moradabad-Tanda-Bazpur-Kaladhungi route in a very bad shape? Also are there too many jams on the Haldwani route? Which of the two routes should i take?Please suggest me i am waiting for your reply

  30. Nandan says:

    I drove last weekend. Pls take Delhi – Moradabad – rampur – Haldwani route. Pls go through comments for latest update. I have not been to the other route since last monsoons so do not know. I am not very hopeful that it would have improved whereas the Haldwani one is getting better and better.

  31. Sandeep Gupta says:

    Requesting for Apr – May 2012 inputs about the following routes –
    Moradabad – Kashipur – Haldwani.
    Moradabad – Rampur – Haldwani.

    Leaving at 6a.m. tomorow morning. Hence regret short notice.

  32. Nandan Jha says:

    Sandeep Sir –
    Moradabad – Rampur is OK. Road widening is going on after Jubilee Dhaba so prone to Jam.
    Rampur – Haldwani is pretty good with brief snarls and non-existing roads at Bilaspur and just shy of Rurdapur.

    Take Moradabad-Rampur-Haldwani only.

    If you spot a Green Scorpio then give a shout. If I cant leave today afternoon than I would be there on the road as well. All the best. Nandan

  33. aravind says:

    iam planning to go to nanital from 22 jun. is it advisable to stay in rudrapur and then travel around or go directly to nani? hotel booked in rudrapur.are the ghat roads tough to negotiate?please advice

  34. aravind says:

    iam planning to go to nanital from 22 jun. is it advisable to stay in rudrapur and then travel around or go directly to nani? hotel booked in rudrapur.are the ghat roads tough to negotiate?please advice


  35. Navjit says:

    I am planning a trip in July from Delhi to Sitla. Please advice what is the best route to take? How many hours is it taking now if one leaves at 5 AM.

    • Nandan Jha says:

      @ Navjit – I am guessing that it is on the way to Mukteswar. Take Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur-Naini-Sitla. Till Naini it would take 7 hours, including a 40 minute food/fuel break. Jubilee Dhaba (beyond Moradabad) is a good point to make a halt. Good luck.

  36. Kamal says:

    I am travelling to Nainital on 4th to 5th july by my own car.

    driving is my passion and I drive very patiently. I only went to Mussuorie (uttrakhund) with my friend.

    I would like to know following:

    1. Is driving to nanital is difficult?

    2. Which route u guys suggest me.

    thank s and regards

  37. Nandan Jha says:

    @ Kamal – No it is not at all difficult. The roads are pretty good. Just have a lot of patience and drive safe. Take Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur-Kathgodam-Nanital. Good luck and best wishes.

    • KAMAL says:

      thanks @ Nandan… thank u so much for information.

      Do u think july would be crowded that time…

      what about parking?

      • Nandan Jha says:

        Naini is always crowded. Beginning July, the tourist season begins to wane off because schools open, rains begin etc. For parking, if your hotel doesn’t have a parking then you can park it near ‘Flats’ (INR 100) but if your hotel is a little away then try to work something out with your hotel guys.

  38. Raj says:

    Kamal, Roads are good and if you are travelling in a day time you can also take Delhi – Moradabad – Ram Pur – Suar (Swar) – Bazpur – Kaladhungi – Nainital. this route is more scenic, but I suggest you to take this route on in a day time as it is less crowded and some stretches is from forest area. In july it may be some crowded but not as in the month of June. Best of your journey. Raj

  39. Raj says:


    There are two parking one is Flats just adjecent to Naini Lake as nandan suggested and there is one more parking I dont know the exact name may be Metropolis. Raj

  40. Siddhant says:


    I am planning to drive to Nainital on 10 of August with my family from Delhi. I will be driving for the first time to the Hills. It will be helpful if anybody can please provide me the update on the following queries.
    1. Condition of the Kaladhungi / Haldwani road currently?
    2. Which one to prefer ?
    3. How much travel time will take generally ?

  41. Nandan Jha says:

    @ Siddhant
    1. I have not personally gone recently but heard that it is all good now.
    2. I would suggest to stick to the more common route. Dli – Moradabad – Rampur – Bilaspur – Rudrapur – Haldwani
    3. Close to 7 hour from Delhi-UP gate if you start early (5 AM) morning.

    • Siddhant says:

      Hi Nandan,

      Thanks for the quick and prompt reply. One thing i want to ask is that you always prefer the Haldwani route instead of Kaladhungi . Is there any specific reason for this ? I mean what i heard is that the other one is shorter , does not have city traffics and is much more scenic in nature. Your opinion.

      • Nandan Jha says:

        Yeah, I have been preferring this one. Within last 3-4 years, a LOT has changed for better for the regular route. Also, Kaladhungi is better suited for Nainital (via Khurpa Tal, w/o coming down to Haldwani) whereas I am usually BhimTal bound. I would try it one of these days. :-)

        • Siddhant says:

          I will try the rotues and will definately update the post. For time being seeing this monsoon season i have postponed my trip. May try out the yamuna express way.

  42. RANA MEHROTRA says:

    We will be visiting India during the month of December 2012 and we have to attend a wedding of our nephew which will held in Nainital.

    Please comment in details the road conditions right now from Delhi Airport to Nainital. Also, how long will it take to reach there. Is it safe to drive in this route and what would be best time to depart from our Hotel so we can avoid first crazy Delhi traffic to cross Delhi.

    What kind of car or van will be comfortable?

  43. Raj Gupta says:

    Hi friends! I would like to inform you that I am planning go to Nainital in this month January 2013. And that’s reason I would like to know that how is roads are there. And whether save to go with my personal car or not. Kindly give me suggestion about it.

  44. Nandan Jha says:

    @ Raj Gupta – In terms of road quality, Delhi-Rampur is great except that there is now a jam happening at Moradabad Bypass often (because of road construction work). Rampur-Rupdrapur is mixed with bad stretches at Bilaspur. Rupdrapur onwards is Brilliant.

    If you love driving then take your personal car since it is 8+ hrs drive from Delhi. All the best.

  45. Pawan says:

    The reviews above has been very useful ….. I am planning for khurpatal …… but heard that kaladhungi route is not that good from the above posts……but suits best for khurpatal……pls guide.. as i will be leaving from delhi on this 4th June 2013.

  46. Nandan Jha says:

    @Pawan – Pls take Delhi-Hapur-Moradabad-Rampur-Swar-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-Khurpa tal.

    Please avoid Moradabad-Bazpur connection. Wishes.

  47. Pawan says:

    @ Nandan …….thanks a lot for the update…u r doing a great job…!!!!

  48. deepak says:

    hi nandan..,
    i want to go nainital (from delhi) tomorrow by my car ‘itios’ app 2 yrs old model…, please tell me very recent update of road condition’s considering lot of rains in last month…, also route advisable and any other important tips for my two days journey.

  49. Nandan Jha says:

    I drove to Bhimtal last week and tried both routes. Here is my recommended route

    Route – Take NH24 i.e. GZB, Hapur, Moradabad till Rampur. Just before Rampur, leave NH24 and go towards Swar. Then sustain a 20 minute / 6 Km very very bad road to Bazpur, Kaladhungi. At Kaladhungi remember to go directly to Nainital (and not to Haldwani) via Khurpa Tal.

    Food Stops – Moga/Udupiwala at Gajraula or else at Bazpur.

    • deepak says:

      thanx a lot… nandaanji,

      due to some reason was unable to travel last week…, and will travel towards nainital in coming week…, but m also worried about the cautioned 6 km road explained by u as a very very bad road….,can u please explain what kind of problem is this…, frankly m scared because recentely i traveled from bhopal to delhi in my car via UP bina gwalior route had some horror memories with road condition so many path holes.
      also is this six km road is avoidable ?

  50. Nandan Jha says:

    @ Deepak – This is the best route among all at this point of time. No, you can not avoid these 6 KMs. It is about having patience for 20 odd minutes, just go very slow and it would pass. :-) All the best.

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