Delhi – Moradabad – Sitapur – Lucknow : Road Review

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After the successful post on Delhi-Agra-Kanpur-Lucknow road review by Aditya, a strong need was felt on having a review of the other road which connects Delhi to Lucknow. In fact there were so many comment on Aditya’s post where people wanted to know about the other road viz. NH24. If two were not enough, there is one more highway which connects Delhi to Lucknow, the one which passes through Aligarh, Kannauj etc. I guess thats the old real G T Road. When I get an opportunity to travel there, I would come back and write a small note. I guess, I should at least drive to Aligarh and visit AMU sometime.

Anway, so about two weeks back, I drove till Maigalganj (40 odd KM ahead of Shahjahanpur) on the way to Lakhimpur. I didn’t intend to write this post since I have not really done the complete stretch but I met Aditya the other day and he convinced me that it still makes lot of sense to do a small review. For the remaining stretch, he promised me to get inputs from other people so here it is.

Delhi is connected to Lucknow via the National Highway – 24 and here is a snapshot of its path.

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Total Distance = 500 KM
Driving Time = 10 hours including a 30 minute tea stop and a 60 minute lunch stop

As with my all road-reviews, we can divide this stretch into following sections.
1. Getting out of Delhi. Starting on NH24. Delhi – Ghaziabad
2. Ghaziabad – Hapur Bypass
3. Hapur Bypass – Gajraula
4. Gajraula – Moradabad
5. Moradabad – Rampur – Bareily
6. Bareily – Shahjahanpur – Sitapur
7. Sitapur – Lucknow

1. Getting out of Delhi. Starting on NH24. Delhi – Ghaziabad
Distance – Depends on where you start. Lets take Connaught Place as central point then it would be 20 KM.
Driving Time – Depends. From CP it would be 40 odd minutes. 30 minutes in early morning.
NH24 goes towards East and the relevant border is called ‘Ghazipur’. Unless you are in East Delhi, you would need to cross the Yamuna river. If you take ‘Nizamuddin Bridge’ then you just need to keep straight. Road quality is very good. The drive gets slow as you pass through some of the trade-tax points but overall clean.

Now onwards, I am taking distance from Delhi Border which is Ghazipur. These are not accurate distances but pretty close.

2. Ghaziabad – Hapur Bypass
Distance – 50 Km. Driving Time – 50 minutes
The road from Ghaziabad to Hapur-Bypass is probably the best road to drive in this whole stretch. Primarily because its a end-to-end double road with no big towns in between and second because of the quality of tar. You can easily do an avg of 55-60 KM an hour on this stretch. There is a toll of Rs 10 at ‘Kali Nadi’. Its a small bridge over a rivulet. I still remember that on those early trips to Corbett, about 6-8 years back, we would hop on to old bridge which was not maintained but nonetheless functional and would save the toll. And as we would pass the old-bridge, we will look at the toll guys, felling triumphant. Over time the toll guys dig up holes on the old bridge so that they can catch suspecting customers like me as well. It was a single road then.

3. Hapur Bypass – Gajraula
Distance – 50 Km . Driving Time – 60 minutes
Hapur bypass – Gajraula is problematic. Most of this section is being converted into double road so lots of construction going on. And if there is a festival then you might find a massive jam at garh-mukteshwar. Thats the closest one can get ‘Ganga’ and hence the obvious reason for any congregation. So avoid full-moons, any festivals which entails a holy dip. You can refer this online Hindu Calendar. I think Poornmia (Full Moon) mornings as well as Amavasya are to be avoided. I am a little challenged on this aspect so would appreciate any feedback on which days are auspicious for ganga-snan.

4. Gajraula – Moradabad
Distance – 50 Km . Driving Time – 50 minutes
Gajraula – Moradabad bypass is good and bad. Good because the new double road is really well made and one can zip fast w/o worry but bad because its not completely done. There are many small kasbas/villages/towns and the plan is to have a fly-over at each of these places, the reality is that these flyovers are not done. So you get on to a good road, pick 120-130 KMph, go for a while, then you taper down to a small alley (along side being-made flyover), and then it again starts. Hopefully it would be done before this monsoon else wait till Christmas. There is an A1 plaza on the left before Moradabad. There is also a restaurant at a BP Pump called ‘Tadka’. Gajraula also hosts the famous ‘Bhajan Dhaba’, ‘Gyani Dhaba’ but these are very crowded. I would suggest to stop at either A1 Plaza or Tadka.

A1 Plaza, Gajraula

5. Moradabad – Rampur – Bareily
Distance – 90 Km . Driving Time – 90 minutes
Post moradabad, its a single road. I didn’t see any work happening on either the widening of the single road for making it double. Interestingly the road quality is pretty good.
Rampur is not a very big town and you pass through their main market. You can also look at the old heritage railway station and some of the other old buildings. A decent place to stock up the supplies of munchies and other things. As you get past Rampur, you would see an exit for ‘Bilaspur’ which further goes to Nainital. If you are coming from Delhi, you dont need to come this far to go to Nainital, you can just take a U turn from Moradabad and take Moradabad – Bazpur – Kaladhungi road. Anway, after Rampur, just keep yourself on NH24 and the next big town is Bareilly.

6. Bareily – Shahjahanpur – Sitapur
Distance – 160 Km . Driving Time – 130 minutes
You have to pass through Bareily which can get a little unnerving, so there is no bypass. But once you are out of Bareilly, you would suddenly notice that the traffic has gone much low. One reason could be that Delhi-Rampur has no alternates and it connects Delhi and beyond with hills where as Delhi-Lucknow has a better alternate (NH2). Also the train connections are good. The other reason could be that I haven’t experienced enough so it may be a case of one particular day. Shahjahanpur has a bypass sort and you can avoid the long town. You would get some double roads. Very good tar. Just keep driving.

7. Sitapur – Lucknow
Distance – 90 Km . Driving Time – 100 minutes
This is something where I have not personally driven. The information which I have is that this road is a in decent condition.

So thats about it for the drive. Since you have read this far, you deserve a bonus pic. This was just before Bareily. If you look hard, you would see there are gentleman all over the road-roller. What an apt pic for a road-review post (of a road roller).
Road Roller on a truck in India
Road Roller on a truck in India

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  1. dr singh says:

    delhi to rampur(190kms) -early morning ,afternoon & night- 2 &1/2 hrs.sitapur to lko(90kms)-anytime-1 hr.rampur to sitapur(230kms)-5 hrs.also avoid night driving between rampur & sitapur as 4 laning is going on & signages are virtually absent.add 1/2 hr for lunch & 1/2 hr through bareilly town.

  2. Anuj Mittal says:


    • Rajeev Tivari says:

      Anuj, please elaborate. How are Moradabad-Bareilly and Bareilly-Sitapur sections? Can these be done in night? How is it at Rampur? How much it is taking Delhi to Bareilly? Sorry for too many questions.
      Rajeev Tivari

  3. puneet says:

    28 april 2013 from meerut to lucknow i came via garh -muradabad-barelly-shahjahanpur
    -sitapur road constraction work is going on from rampur to sahjahanpur not advice to any body to go .single narrow road from sahjahanpur to sitapur and other factor all the heavy loaded vechles use this road to save toll and distance.

    i will go via kanpur to delhi than back to meerut.

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