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Visit Srinagar in spring and you would be very much inclined to believe that heaven indeed exists on earth. Millions of flowers bloom in spring infusing the valley with their vibrant colours and fragrance along with rain showers that add to a divine experience. Situated at the heart of Kashmir, ... Read More

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"The Land is so barren and the passes so high that only our fiercest enemies or Our best friends would want to visit us" -Ladakhi Saying I was planning to visit Leh by road since past couple of years, reading blogs, preparing itinerary, detailed p... Read More
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“There is always a silver lining behind the dark clouds”, overcoming the dark cloud of “Fear” did we touch the silver lining of the beautiful “Valley Of Kashmir”. Little did we (our family) know this trip would leave us with so many spect... Read More
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It was about 2 months when I had not travelled outside Delhi. So it was in Oct'09 that we decided to go to KASHMIR. We booked our flight tickets and the date to leave was 28th Oct. I was really excited to visit this place. I was with my family. Our F... Read More
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I just got back from the famous Delhi- manali-keylong-leh--kargil-dras-zozila-srinagar-patnitop-delhi highway and the writeup from bikerdude is really gr8. Atleast for me it would have been of gr8 use...if i would have read it before my trip...prima... Read More
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Jhakri-Kaza-ChandraTal-Gramphu-Tandi-Keylong A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving- Lao Tzu 23/09/2010 Jhakri Jeori Sarahan ( 38 km ) Instead of waiting at Jhakri for weather to clear, decided to get off the ... Read More
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DAY - 4 PAHALGAM next day the taxi driver came at 9 am. We left the hotel and started for Pahalgam. PAHALGAM is situated in the ANANTNAG District ( again the name is more heard in the News :P).It is around 100 Km from Srinagar and a drive of about ... Read More
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Not even 20 days had passed after my Himachal Trip , The Ghumakkarism in me was again enduring me to visit some place. Luckily my father had some work in Kashmir in the last week of April , so I asked him wether I can accompany Him.The answer was a b... Read More
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Continuing my exploration of the beautiful valley of Kashmir, my second visit was more like returning back to my second home. The enthralling beauty and the warmth of the people haunted me long enough to make me revisit Kashmir and I boarded the indi... Read More
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DAY-3 GULMARG Our taxi driver came at our hotel at 8am. We were ready by this time. We ate our breakfast in the Hotel and left for Gulmarg. It is about 50 Km from Srinagar and is situated in the BARAMULLA District (no need to tell about Baramull... Read More
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This is the visual tour of the Snow Capped Kashmir of 2011 . It includes random set of pictures from my three day trip to Kashmir from 16th to 20th Jan . As there is a saying that " One Picture is worth a Thousand Words ". I too believe Pictures e... Read More
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After spending first two days in Srinagar , and after experiencing that tension in Srinagar the first day , we were ready for the third day. In my earlier trip to Kashmir I had covered Gulmarg and Pahalgam , but this time I wanted to experience the U... Read More
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In my earlier post "Kashmir - The Paradise On Earth" , I had described the beauty of Kashmir in Winter Season. In that trip I experienced everything - Beautiful Lush Green Gardens , Flowers in full Bloom , Snowfall , freezed Gulmarg everything, reall... Read More
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Age No Bar 16 or 60 Keylong-Leh-KhardungLa-Nubra-Leh-Nurla 06/10/2010 Keylong Pang ( 184 km ) We started in the morning, little bit apprehensive as to the suspense what lay ahead. But all went well. We crossed Jispa ( 3200 Met , 10498 feet ) ... Read More
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What a beautiful New Year has begun. I am saying this because in 2011 my first trip was to the Heaven on Earth Kashmir. And believe me , when covered fully with snow Kashmir looks all the more beautiful. I have been here in all the seasons that is in... Read More
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Age No Bar - 16 or 60 12/10/2010 Nurla Khaltse Lamayuru Fotu La Mulbek Kargil ( 160 km ) The UP boy prepared good dinner to our liking and gave us good service. He brought water from the stream and supplied us hot water as well. Prepared black... Read More
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With assembly elections declared in UP, schools & offices being closed for 2 days, it was 4 day long weekend. My sister insisted on going out and after exploring various options, we finally decided for “Srinagar” and competitive air ticket pr... Read More
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Day 3 Patnitop to Srinagar (190 km) Waking up to the beauty of Patnitop was an enchanting experience for all of us. The Deodars and Pines all around complimented the awesome view of mountains. It was a scene that was completely out of the wor... Read More
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Hello Ghumakkars Thank you people for a wonderful response to the previous post. If you still haven't read it then click here. It was our second day in Kashmir. We had covered Sonamarg and we back to our hotel by 4:00 PM. According to our itinerar... Read More
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Hello Everyone! As they say beauty is in the eyes of beholder. And that is so true of the Valley. In Kashmir there is as much hidden as revealed. So the Valley has to be seen with the eyes of the soul. These words were true as soon as I visited K... Read More
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Hello Folks, It’s the second last month of the year & the peak season is about to begin. To avoid the rush & hustle bustle, my family decided to visit Kashmir. We planned a 9 day trip and the ghumakkar in me was just waiting for the jour... Read More
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Jammu and Kashmir has seen a long period of ruthless militancy, resulting in the killing and torture of hundreds of innocent people. And now, this region has risen from its brutal history to a new dawn of happiness and hope. True, there are still min... Read More
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Hello Ghumakkars We had spent three days in Kashmir and had covered Gulmarg and Sonamarg. If you still haven’t read the previous posts then click here. Moving on, next day was our fourth day in Srinagar. According to the itinerary, we had to lea... Read More
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It was a crisp, fresh morning, sun rays making their way into dark waters of Dal lake. The landmark ‘Shankaracharya Hill’ was just in front of us. All covered in green trees, the winding road that takes us to the top was covered in minutes by... Read More
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Hello Ghumakkars We had spent two days in Srinagar, and were off to Gulmarg. If you still haven't read the previous posts then click here. After spending some quality time in Gulmarg, we left for Srinagar. We still had to cover Mughal Gardens &... Read More
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[caption id="attachment_44271" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="The drive to Sonamarg"][/caption] Day 5 Srinagar to Sonamarg (85 km) After our first and memorable day in Srinagar, our next destination was Sonamarg. At an elevation of... Read More
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सुबह 3:30 बजे अलार्म बजा। मैंने शुशील को उठाया और उसे राजू के बेटे तनु के साथ दोबारा बस की टिकट लेने... Read More
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We were 6 of us, boys - I, Amby, Ekansh, Avnish, Amit and Gourav who decided to see the ‘Paradise on Earth’ and booked a rail ticket from Delhi to Udhampur for 20-Dec-2013. On the day, we boarded the metro from Gurgaon for New Delhi Railway Stati... Read More
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“There is always a silver lining behind the dark clouds”, overcoming the dark cloud of “Fear” did we touch the silver lining of the beautiful “Valley Of Kashmir”. Little did we (our family) know this trip would leave us with so many spect... Read More
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I was 17 years perhaps, when I have for the first time made a trip with my friends to Digha, a sea beach at East Midnapore, West Bengal. We have come across a gang of ghumakkars, who were discussing about a trip to Leh-Ladhak by road. They were thoug... Read More
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With assembly elections declared in UP, schools & offices being closed for 2 days, it was 4 day long weekend. My sister insisted on going out and after exploring various options, we finally decided for “Srinagar” and competitive air ticket pr... Read More
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We don’t see what life has to offer us because we lack the vision that God has for us. Until last year I did not even think of going to Kashmir. Soon it became my vision for 2013. This July ’13 it became my reality all thanks to a good old local ... Read More
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So for a re-cap: We reached Holy Cave at around 8:30 AM and after having Darshan, We came down from the cave. We took some breakfast and hot Masala tea from the Bhandara and started return journey. When we reached at the shop where we have kept ou... Read More
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I had dwelled upon the valley of Yousmarg in my previous post. We had passed the holy shrine of Charar-i-Sharif on our way about had decided to visit the shrine on our way back to Srinagar. Yousmarg as a destination was decided on impulse and some mo... Read More
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So folks , it was 4th day for we people in Srinagar and covered a few places in these 4 days sans the popular spots of Gulmarg and Pahalgam and still these places were not in our radar . The plan for the 4th day was to  visit S SHANKRACHARYA TEMP... Read More
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It was the third day for us in Kashmir, a lovely morning and still undecided which part of Kashmir was to be explored that day. I got a chance to talk with a senior member of another tourist party staying in the same guest house who incidentally were... Read More
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After our lovely outing in Dal Lake we all were refreshed totally and hunger had started spreading its wings now. There were numerous Dhabas, fast food stalls and restaurants on the opposite side of the Boulevard road. All of us decided to have some... Read More
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Each year during Amarnath Yatra we try to cover one new place of Kashmir excluding Srinagar. By this method we have covered Aru Valley, Betab Valley, Lidder valley, Pahalgam, Anant Nag, Avantipura, Verinag spring ( the chief source of the river Jhelu... Read More
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[caption id="attachment_82720" align="alignnone" width="359"] Map of Dal Lake[/caption] Many lakes adore the world scene and this is true for India also which is home to many lakes but when one utters the word DAL LAKE from the mouth, an image com... Read More
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Agli subah ki shuruaat garmagaram chai se... To kahan le chalen aaj aapko... I'll take you all on the virtual trip that had been talked about by Swami Vivekananda and Swami Ramtirtha also. I woke up quite early next day and along with my wife w... Read More
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[caption id="attachment_82313" align="alignnone" width="640"] Yours truly with wife and Pavani[/caption] RAMBAN: Ramban can be taken as a midpoint on this highway till Srinagar. Though at that time rush of Sri Amarnath yatra had not started yet bu... Read More
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To baat shuru karein... [caption id="attachment_81476" align="alignnone" width="640"] A view of Mansar lake[/caption] I had heard only about this lake so about other members of the party. It was the first visit to this beautiful lake as an addi... Read More
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[caption id="attachment_81213" align="alignnone" width="640"] Pavani and her Mummy on the way[/caption] So folks back again to apprise all of you about my yatra to the paradise on earth which I undertook before my Udaipur yatra but wanted to share... Read More
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Sarchhu-Pang-Upshi-Karu-Leh (सरछू --> पांग --> उप्शी --> कारू --> लेह) In the morning we got up early and soon after daily chores and with a good breakfast and tea, we loaded our stuff. Whatever ... Read More
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To read the series from start please click here. My actual Amarnath Yatra has started in this post, because I will reach the destination here which is called Pahalgam which is quite important as far as yatra is concerned . I will tell you its impo... Read More
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देर शाम श्रीनगर पहुंच कर वहां की विश्वप्रसिद्ध बुलेवार्ड रोड पर काफी भटकने के बाद भी जब हमें अप... Read More
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[caption id="attachment_64044" align="alignnone" width="640"] जम्मू तावी की सड़क : सूर्योदय से पहले[/caption] सूर्योदय से कुछ पहले, आधे अंधे... Read More
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गौमुख की विशालता देख के दंग रह गया, बड़ी बड़ी बर्फ की चट्टान धारा के साथ निकल रही थी, कई साधू संत ध... Read More
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Whenever I read about someone's excursion to Leh, it's a heroic story all about grit and determination. It's about a man, his machine and the mountain. It's about how one faces the vagaries of nature, the treacherous roads and the numbing cold. It's ... Read More
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21/ 22/ 23-May-2012 DAY 7 & 8 & 9 After a hot shower, I was ready to face the cold winds. It was 4.30 AM and hot tea was waiting for us. By the time we left Pahalgam it was 5.30 AM. Katra is a good 280 KMs away. We stopped around 8.30 AM for brea... Read More
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17-May-2012 - DAY 3 After an early breakfast we proceeded to our first stopover - Hazratbal Durga, an ancient mosque with a rich history. It is going through a facelift as some modernization efforts have been undertaken. Women were not allowed in... Read More