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Working with Government and presently posted at Mumbai. I like to explore the cities. I wish to see various cities in India till my last days.
Thinker, dreamer, traveler, photographer, rail enthusiast, activist. Also a software professional.
I am a Cost Accountant working in a maharatna central PSU. I am located at Kolkata. I have a strong liking for travelling. I also love to listen music and prefer reading as past time passion .
Finance professional, work for PSU and love to travel. Juggling between work and home, but somehow manage to steal time for travelling.
Graphic Designer by profession, living in New Delhi. I want to visit Historical, Religious and Natural fun-filled Great Indian places which I heard from my Friends and Relatives. जीवन...
(vo) Puchhte Hain Kii Ghalib Kaun Hai, Koi Batalaye, Ke Hum Batalaayen Kya. An avid book lover, a passionate traveller (always looking for the next destination) and a lover of Indian and Western...

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