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2010-01-01 / Comments (11)


Finally it was destination Singapore. We reached Singapore by Malaysia Singapore rail route…a six hour journey from Kuala Lumpur. . I was in awe as I moved into city. It’s a city that has been meticulously planned and every care is being taken to nourish it. Its CLEAN. We reached late in the afternoon and […]

Our Malaysia Trip…Genting highlands

We had been planning this trip since last 4 years but it could never happen. Every time due to some reason or the other either the bookings could not take place or if that happened they had to be cancelled for some reason or the other. So till we boarded the flight, we could not […]

A Trip to Port Blair

I was out with the thought of getting on one of those short and lazy holidays. But beaches have something enigmatic about them. They mesmerize me and that panorama inspires in me all the energy that the city depilates. It happened this time too… If u have liked Kerala you’ll love Port Blair….This place is […]

A place above the clouds