A Visit to Lucknow-Photoblog

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One of my friend was getting married in his hometown, Lucknow and I got a chance to visit this city. A photoblog from this visit:

Lucknow's Charbagh Railway Station

Bada Imam Bara

Mosque inside Bada Imam Bara

Baoli inside Imam Bara

Inside the Imam Bara

Terrace of the Imam Bara

A nearby mosque seen from the Imam Bara

One of many secret alleys of the bhulbhuliya inside the imam bara

the famous tunday kababi in aminabad

another famous eatery, Wahid Biryani

At Wahid Biryani

a decorated doorway of an old house

A short but interesting trip. Go and visit Lucknow during family holidays.

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11 Responses to “A Visit to Lucknow-Photoblog”

  1. Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Vasanth,
    Very interesting pictures. Specially photo no. 3 (Mosque inside Imambara) The blue sky (Neela Aakash) in the background looks great and seems to be a blue curtain in background.


  2. Onil Gandhi says:

    i am from lucknow and it was nice to see the city from the lens of your camera… nic pics

  3. Vas says:

    thanks…good to know that you liked the pics.

  4. ashok sharma says:

    beautiful photographs!!!
    lucknow is worth visiting.

  5. amar says:

    Nice pphotos.

    Tunday Kababs….tasted it once..yummm….

  6. Patrick says:

    Five years in lucknow and I have visited these places just once. I guess proximity sheds the mystery of the visit. Do you know, Tunday Kababi has now opened branches all over the city but I am told that the taste is not as good as the original. Nice photos by the way.

  7. SANDEEP says:

    जाट की राम राम,
    भाई बढिया फोटो, साईज भी बडा,
    आप का लखनऊ का टूर हमारे भी काम आयेगा।
    मैं भी बाईक का घुमक्कड हूँ। jatdevta.blogspot.com

  8. vinaymusafir says:

    I liked all the pics. I have one friend from Lucknow, he used to bring tunda kababs for us. Really great taste.
    Thnx for beautiful pics.

  9. i am tidake same to you….i like the photos…aapaki aur mari bhout jamnewali hai …visit the jatdevta .blogspot…and plese give your comment…

  10. Ivy says:

    Hi Vas,

    Would you like to share a couple of pictures of the Imambara in our website Filmapia, which deals with shooting locations of movies?

    • Vas says:

      yes…i will be more than happy to do so. let me know the procedure…how does it work? i can be reached at 9811860054…thanks :-)

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