A Trip to Omkareshwar Jyotirling Day – 2

Next Day (06.02.2011) we woke up in the morning at 07:00 AM and after getting fresh, having bath we started for Mamleshwar temple which was at a walking distance from our guest house. This is an ancient temple, there are 7-8 other temples in the Mamleshwar Temple campus (Please note that Omkareshwar temple and Mamleshwar temple are different and both are considered as jyotirlingas, but even between these two Omkareshwar temple is given more importance, they are located on opposite banks of holy river Narmada, steam boats are used to go on either side also two bridges are there to cross the river). There are monkeys in plenty here and be cautious, they may atch the bags from your hands.

Mamleshwar Temple

Photo # 19 View of Mamleshwar temple sanctum sanctorum from out side

Mamleshwar Jyotirling as seen inside

Another Shiv temple in Mamleshwar Campus

Sanskriti (My daughter) inside Mamleshwar campus

From mamleshwar we proceeded to Omkareshwar Temple for darshan and abhishek. It was 12:00 noon.

Omkareshwar Temple as seen from Mamleshwar temple side bank of river Narmada

Omkareshwar Hill

Boats waiting for passengers

Reaching Omkareshwar Ghat

Bridge to cross river

Entrance to Omkareshwar Jyotirling Mandir

Shri Panchmukhi Ganesh on the Entrance to Omkareshwar Jyotirling Mandir

And finally the rare photograph of Omkareshwar jyotirling

Shops on the way to main temple

A View of Omkareshwar Ghat

A Dharmashala on the bank of River Narmada

A view of Omkareshwar Temple

Market in Omkareshwar

After 3-4 hours wandering around omkareshwar we went on the ghat to have a holy dip in the narmada, but the water was so cold that Kavita (my wife) and Sanskriti decided not to take bath and sit only on the wall made on the ghat. Me and my 4 yrs son took bath and enjoyed the cool water.

On the ghat

On the Ghat

After spending one hour on the ghat we came back to our guest house at 03:00 PM and checked out from there. We then started our return journey.

On the way back from omkareshwar at 4 km in the village Shivkothi there is a ashram of Swami Shivoham Bharti in the name Namah Shivay Mission. Here free of cost food is always available for everyone.

Namah Shivay Mission, Shivkothi

Around 40 KM from Omkareshwar there is a beautiful temple of Bheru Baba, We stopped there and took darshan there.

Bheru Baba

This way our journey ended and we reached home at 08:00 PM with lots of sweet memories of this cherishing family holidays to Omkareshwar.

How to Reach:
Air : The Airports close to Omkareshwar are at Indore (77 km) and Ujjain (133 km).
Rail : Nearest Railway Station is at Omkareshwar Road (12 km) on the Ratlam-Khandwa section of the Western Railway which is not a mainline. The other nearest railway station connected to Delhi and Mumbai is at Indore (77 km).
Road : Omkareshwar is connected to major towns and cities of Madhya Pradesh. There are regular bus services from Indore (77 km), Ujjain (133 km) Khandwa (61 km.) and Omkareshwar Road (12 km). By bus, it takes 2.5 hrs from Khandwa railway station to Omkareshwar.


  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Mukesh,

    Very informative post supported with awesome pictures. Saw first time Panchmukhi Ganesh , any details about that ?

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Mr. Mahesh,
    Thanks for your nice comments. In last post i have replied on your query about 12 jyotirlingas. Have you seen that? If not please see.


    • Satish says:

      I would wish to visit Omkareshwar temple and also have a holy snan at Narmada. I am from TamilNadu. Xan you please guide me and take me along with you?

  • Bamaprasad Mukherjee says:

    Mukhesji, Today accidentally I came across the photos snapped by you at Omkareswar. These are so nice to look at. I felt that I have personally reached again at the lotus feet of Bhole Baba. We had been to that place in 2006. Could you please inform me about the other temples that are situated on the Mandhata Hill? Thank you again for such nice photographs.

  • vinaymusafir says:

    Beautiful photographs. Was photography alowed in temples or took special permission there?
    very well posted travelogue. Thanks

  • jojo says:

    chachu u are looking smart

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Mr. Mukherjee,

    Thank you very much for your sweet words.


  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Vinay,
    Thank you very much for your appreciation. Sorry for getting delayed in replying. Well officially the cameras are not allowed inside the temple, but they are not very strict on this so…….after taking utmost care one can do it.


  • akhila says:

    Dear mukeshji,
    very informative , wonderful photographs about omkareshwar. would appreciate if you could guide us for ujjain, maheswar & mandu in & around important places or temples & accomodations, as we are planning to visit by 20th of this month.

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Akhila,
    Thanks for liking the post and sorry for replying bit late. Well, Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain is one of the most significant and secred Jyotirlinga and also there are so many religious place to see, in fact it is a complete religious city.

    Ujjain & Omkareshwar:
    As far as Abhishek in Mahakal Temple is concerned, it starts from Laghu Rudrabhishek whose charge is Rs. 1500, it can be done through temple management committee for which you need to pay Rs. 1500 and take a receipt from counter (Counter is located just adjecent to the main enterance gate) the comittee will send a pandit with you, who will take you to the temple through short route and he will make you do abhishek for 5-10 minutes.With this abhishek receipt only you can enter the Garbhagruh, otherwise you will be bound to take darshan from outside (Sometimes it is allowed for everyone to enter the garbhagruh but there is no guarantee, its purely on your luck ).

    In the campus there is a temple of Navagruha where nine shivlings are located to represent navagrahas and its worth seeing (Your father in law will be happy to see). Also there are many small temples inside the campus.

    For food there is a hotel named Hotel Satyam (Its a lodging cum restaurent), its good as we have taken food here for 2-3 times. The hotel is just adjacent to the main gate of temple (Few steps ahead). Please note that main gate and entrance gate are different.

    The famous Bhasm arti is carried out at 4:00 AM and you need to be in queue from 12 to 1 AM in night, it becomes difficult to attend the Bhasm arti with small kids in midnight, we also have not attended the same yet.

    Ujjain is very good place for shopping religious texts, poojan samagri, shivlings, copper and brass god idols, rudraksh mala etc.The Kumkum (That ladies use as sindoor) of ujjain is famous on national level. This shopping can be done from market around Gopal Mandir. Gopal Mandir is also an ancient and a beautiful templeand in the top 10 sight seeing spots in Ujjain.

    In sight seeing main attractions are: Kaal Bhairo temple, Ram Ghat (Beautiful Ghat of Kshipra river where boating also can be done), Garh Kalika temple, Harsiddhi Temple, Pir Matsyendranath Temple, Mangalnath Temple, Navagrih Temple, Jantar Mantar (Astrology), Siddhavat, Chintaman Ganesh ( 9 KM away but must see), Sandipani ashram (Where lord Krishna took their primary education), Choubis Khamba Temple, Patal Bhairavi Temple, and many many more, Its a temple city of ancient India, also there is a group of 84 shiva temple (Chourasi Mahadev).

    Please keep one thing in mind that Ujjain carries many religious attractions in its lap and always there is a lack of time for ujjain darshan, so please keep sufficient time for ujjain in your plan.

    Also one thing I want to tell you that in Omkareshwar a shayan aarti is carried daily in night around 9:00 PM, Its miraculous, the main musical instrument in this aarti is Damru and you will be mesmerized hearing sound of damru. You’ll be able to see the sleeping arrangement of lord Shiva……. Its really amazing (Please don’t miss this shayan aarti).

    Well I have already stated about nereby places to see, but just don’t skip Chintaman Ganesh Temple, its good to visit (Special request from my wife Kavita for you people). Also she has told me to remind you to purchase Mehandi & Kumkum of Ujjain (Its famous). Its very good experience to bath in Kshipra at Ramghat. As far as parikrama at Omkareshwar is concerned, its bit difficult and I have not done this yet but I have heard that it takes approx. 4 hours and is around 8-9 kms (Very few devotee do this that is also limited to locals, outsiders generally avoid this). In any case you will be allowed to do Pooja / Abhishek for 5 minutes only, so its Ok to do abhishek any time (It is done by your pandit during running queue so you’ll have a couple of minutes).

    Maheshwar is in the Khargone district and is approx 95 Kms from Indore and it takes approx 4 Hours to reach there from Indore the commercial capital of MP. Maheshwar was the capital of the great Maratha Queen Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar, there is a beautiful Ghat here on the river Narmada and many beautiful temples, a fort inside which you can see the exhibition of the things used by Maharani Ahilya devi Holkar and her seat. She was the great devotee of Lord Shiva. “Maheshwari Sari” The sari produced by the local weavers of Maheshwar is extremely reputed for its intricate designs and texture. These are very comfortable to wear. The traditional drape made in Maheshwar retains an ethnicity. The saris can be procured from the local shops of the region. The artistically made saris of Maheshwar can be purchased at a small price rate. The trip from Indore to Maheswar is one of the most popular excursion from Indore.

    Mandu is approx. 100 KMs from Indore close to the city of Dhar which was the capital of famous king Bhoj “Raja Bhoj”. Mandu is a beautiful ruined city which shows has some beautiful monuments like Jahaj Mahal, Rani Roopmati ka Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Asharfi Mahal, neel Kantheshwar Mahadev Mandir etc……from Rani Roopmati Mahal you can have the view of river narmada in a very thin strim form which is flowing many kilometers away from Mandu. Mandu was the capital of Muslim rulers of Malwa. Hope the information will be fruitful to you.

    Please feel free to ask anything more about Indore, Ujjain, Omkareshwar and other nereby places.


  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Akhila,
    You may feel some part of the text irrelevent to you in my last detailed post just ignore that, because I had prepared this write up for one of my friends on Ghumakkar and in cut paste there may be some mistakes.


  • Murali says:


    Thanks for a very detailed information about Omkareshwar & Ujjain.
    I am from Hyderabad. I am traveling to Omkareshwar & Ujjain in the month of August 11 to 13th.
    Hyderabad–> Khandwa Junction –> Omkareshwar –> Ujjain –> Bhopal –> Hyderabad.
    Reservations are already done in the above mentioned route. I am starting on 10th and again i have a dhakshin express train from bhopal on 14th. Hope three days is quite enough to cover these two places.

    I am having a concern about the bus facility between Khandwa Junction to Omkareshwar and Omkareshwar to Ujjain. I don’t find any frequent trains between these two places.

    I am specifically coming to see Bhasma harati in Ujjain. I heard a lot about this. Do we need to purchase the tickets for this before a head or are they available on any day. How much it cost?

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Murali,

    Thanks for your sweet words.
    Yes three days are enough. As far as bus facility is concerned, the buses from Khandwa to Omkareshwar road are in plenty, Omkareshwar is on the Khandwa – Indore route hence there is no problem of buses from Khandwa to Omkareshwar road (The distance is 65 kms). Actually these buses (& also trains) will drop you to a place called Mortakka from where Omkareshwar is again 15 KM’s but the god thing is that you’ll get the bus immediately for Omkareshwar. After Omkareshwar you will need again to come to this place and from here you will get a bus for Indore and from Indore the bus for ujjain will be available on Sarvate Bus Stand Indore.

    Bhasma Aarti:
    There is no special entrance fee for the Bhasma Aarti, The procedure is – At approx. 11:00 AM, the application forms for entrance to Bhasma Aarti are distributed at Temple Trust office, one needs to fill in this form and submit the same to authorities along with xerox copy of the photo id (Pan Card/Voter ID / Driving License), photo id of any one person is enough. After approval on your application the temple trust will issue a pass (Ticket) in your name and 7-8 persons will be allowed to attend the aarti on one pass (Ticket). This pass can be collected from the same window(Where you have submitted the application) at 08:00 PM the same day. The aarti starts at 4:00 AM and you need to reach temple VIP gate at 3:00 AM the following morning along with your pass (Ticket). This allows you the privilege of entering first and getting a good seat before the general crowd surges in. Gents wearing silk dhotis are allowed inside the sanctum during the aarti. As I said before, this service is entirely free of cost. Hope this info serves you. For any other query please feel free to contact me at mukeshbhalse74@yahoo.co.in any day any time. Om Nanah Shivay.


    • VK KAUSHIK says:

      Dear Mukesh Ji

      I have seen the info given by you. it is very useful and helpful for everybody.

      I would just like to know the good place for stay in OMKARESHWAR. It is of BUDGET price and we are family group of 15 peoples.

      I will be thankful to you for this info.



  • Geetika Gupta says:

    Could you plz give me the phone number and distance of main Omkareshwer Temple from Shree Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Guest House . It would be pleasure to me.

  • Geetika Gupta says:

    Its urgent as our trip is from 24 August 2011.Kindly give more respected advice to us .

  • Murali says:

    Hi Mukesh,

    Thanks for your valuable information. I am there in Ujjain on Sravana Pournami (13th August) and attened Bhasma Aarti. It was great and I enjoyed a lot.

    Hi Geetika,
    In Omkareshwar, Shree Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Guest House is back side of Mamleshwar Jyotirling and it is in a wakable distance. As said by Mukesh, you can’t find much better place to stay in Omkareshwar. Accomodation will not be a problem there, as most of the people visit the temple and return back on the same day and that to you are going there on a week day. It is a very economical and very much neat. It cost us Rs.225/- for three beds.

    Please let me know whether you required any further information.

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Geetika,
    Extremely sorry for getting late in replying on your query. Yes the info. provided above by Murali is correct, The Mamaleshwar Temple is on walking distance from Shri Gajanan Guest House and for Omkareshwar Temple you need to cross hanging bridge, so we can say that both the temples from guest house are on walking distance.

    @ Dear Murali,
    It is very nice to heard that you attend the Bhasma Aarti and enjoyed it. How was your entire journey?
    Please let me know your experiences.


  • Murali says:

    Hi Mukesh,
    It was great.

    A Small write up about My Experiences in Ujjain & Omkareshwar

    It was my long lasting desire has been fulfilled to visit Mahakal. It is the first time I like to put on paper, so that whenever I read this again, I can get the glimpses of Mahakal.

    As I keep on travel to different places, this is the Most Successful trip which I remember forever. Usually when we travel, there will be some kind of hiccups or tensions to reach the destinations on time or what we heard and what we expect is different from the realty. But this one is well formatted, scheduled and executed as per our expectations in all places. The most memorable event.
    In general most of the people travel to Ujjain and from there they proceed to Omkareshwar. But because of train schedule we preferred to go Omkareshwar first and then Ujjain. We dropped at Khandwa Junction from Hyderabad on 11th Aug.

    Travel to Omkareshwar
    From Khandwa it is around 70KM. Khandwa is bit interior of MP. The environment is not so good. We will get busses very frequently from there. But the Bus conditions will be very poor, crowded and most of the buses are private transport. It is not preferable to go via Khandwa while you are with family and kids.

    We stayed in Shri Gajanan Maharaj Seva Sansthan Guest House. Accommodation is very good and neat, even economical. Apart from this we dont find much better place to stay in Omkareshwar. It is a small island very interior and kind of village. You cant find much better food outside apart from guest house. Accommodation will not be a big problem in guest house as most of the people visit the temple and returns back.

    It takes around one hour to do dharshan in Omkareshwar. If you want to attend Shayan Aarti or to perform Narmada Parikrama then its ideal to stay there.

    Travel to Ujjain
    From Omkareshwar to Ujjain it is around 150 KM. We have direct busses from Omkareshwar, again most of the buses are private.
    You will find good number of hotels near temple. It is ideal to stay near temple because to attend harathi or for dharshan it will be very easy. There are few ashrams but they are little bit far around 1Km plus.

    Ujjain is a Temple City, where we find temples in every street similar to Kanchipuram in south.

    I have attended nearly 8 Jyotirlingas all of them along with my father. This is the first time I have spend more time in temple premises. That too attending on auspicious day sravana pournami is special. Entire temple is well decorated. Even the idol is very different with compare to other shrines. It is very big shiva lingam. And the kind of decoration always makes us to mesmerise to stay for a long time. If we see the eyes of shiva lingam, as if Mahakal is sitting there and looking us. It is very difficult to describe about Mahakal. One should practically experience this and enjoy the beauty from their inner heart.
    Temple is also a very big and you will find multiple temples inside the compound. It takes at least 1+ hour to cover.

    About Bhasma Harathi: One should visit this at least once in their life time.
    1. We need to carry our original ID Proof.
    2. We need to fill the form and submit along with photo copy of ID Proof between 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM for the next day dharshan. It is very limited and on first cum first basis.
    3. We need to collect the token between 8.00 PM to 11.00 PM by verifying the name in the list displayed.
    4. We need to be in the queue around 2.00 AM early morning.
    5. We need to dhothi & for ladies to be with saree.
    6. They will start verifying your pass from 2.30 and allow inside.
    7. We need to perform water on shiva linga and then we need to sit in the hall residing opposite to Main gopuram. It will be good if we sit as straight to idol, so that it will be very clear.
    8. Abishekam will be performed first and then starts harathi with lots of damarukha sounds. It will be amazing to see and lures us to dance.
    9. When performing bhasma harathi inside the garbha gudi, we can feel it looks like entire fog because of bhasma and harathi.
    10. After completion of harathi you can go for dharshan with in the premises.

    Evening Harathi around 7.00 to 7.30
    It will be awesome, then idol will be with alankaram and perform the harathi for 20 minutes. Its a regular dharshan doesnt require any pass. We can stay there in the hall until it completes. We need to be there inside around 7.00. If there is rush then they will stop allowing inside the hall. Hence, it is ideal to go inside early.

    Shyana Harathi around 10.30.
    I am not aware of this. Hence, i couldnt able to attend.
    I dont think it will not be a problem for accommodation or for dharshan during off season. Only you need to spend a time rather than running quickly. So that it will be easy for us to see other temples in Ujjain. The only hard-coded rule is spend your time there, then we will enjoy the place very well.

    Most of the time it will be raining during Rainy Season and during Winter. So be prepared with the environment doesnt look good on the roads as the water will logged everywhere. Even it will be difficult to walk on roads. But our priority is lord Mahakal. Hence we can ignore this.
    Regarding Food, we can find good Rajastani Food. We will get idly sambar, but try to avoid unless you cant take masala.
    My Next desire is towards Somnath.
    I thanks to everyone who helped by providing valuable information either through blogs or personally and making most successful trip. Thanks to my father where i accompanied 8 jyothirlingas along with him.

    • Samir Athalye says:

      Regarding food in Omkareshwar, I will suggest ‘Maharashtrian Bramhin Bhajnalaya’ run by a family. You get homely food. Twice I had food here. Its location is opposite private parking lot around 100 mtrs away from the ‘Pakka bridge’ connecting island.

  • Sanskriti Bhalse says:

    Hey papa i really liked your post and also the pictures were great.

  • kavita Bhalse says:

    the post was excellent.

  • Kirit Doshi says:

    Dear Friend,

    Accidently I have come acrossed this web page of yrs while searching for Ujjain/Indore/Omkareshwar/Mamleshwar.

    Please note that I am Jain however my wife is a devotee of Shiv and we have visited all Jyotirlings except Pashupatinath at Kathmandu. In fact all tckts etc were booked for K’mandu etc. for 6th to 17th Nov. but due to ill health we had to cancel that trip. Though we already have had Darshans/performed Abhisheks/Aartis etc at Mahakal and Omkareshwar I want to take my wife again to both these Jyotirlings and Mamleshwar too. The time convenient to us is between 4th Dec (leaving Baroda on 3rd night) and leaving Indore/Ujjain/Vikkramgarh/Alot on 6th Dec to reach Baroda on 7th morning.

    We would also like to visit Jain temples in and around Ujjain and Indore and Nageshwar Parshwanath, a Jain temple about 12 kms from Alot.

    During our last visit we found the bus service from Indore to Omkareshwar ‘rotten’ that took nearly 5 hrs to travel 75 kms! Mukesh, can you suggest the route that we shud take?

    Can you contact me at the earliest? I have to book tickets etc. I can talk to u on phone/mobile!( Perhaps I am asking for too much).

    If some body wants info on other places I shall do that willingly.(For e.g. some body from Hyd wants to visit Somnath in Guj. I can help him!

  • Umamaheswary says:

    Thank you very much for the information regarding Omkareswar and Ujjain. In fact suddenly I wanted to visit Maha Kaleswar and searched for train facility from Hyderabad. I thought that two days will be sufficient for Ujjain and Omkareswar and have reserved tickets for 5 members before reading the above. Our tour starts on 8th Feb,2012 from Hyderabad through express which reaches Khandwa at 10 a.m on 9th.I wish to go Ujjain first and then Omkareswar so that I will be nearer and reach my departure train station at Khandwa at 11.30 a.m.on 11th Feb. Is it possible to have Bhasma harathi?
    The duration that is taken bus travel I dont have idea. Sri Kirti doshi letter regarding bus service horrifies me.

    Please let me know bus travel time between Khandwa to Ujjain to Omkareswar to Khandwa on 9th and 10th.Can we reach Khandwa /catch the train ,if we start from Omkareswar at the early morning on 11th.
    Mukeshji,the photos are excellent and the information is very inspiring.Muraliji your information regarding accommodation and food is very useful.Please help us for our tour .May God bless you both and your families.


    • Murali says:

      Hi Uma,

      Nice to see you are visiting Mahakaleshwar. I have traveled via Hyderabad to Khandwa to Omkareshwar to Ujjain. I travelled locally in public transport. But Bus service from Khandwa is very horrible. Any have you have already book all you train tickets, please go a head as per your plan. Visiting to Mahakal is great experience for each individual. I love the place very much.
      1. Get down at Khandwa.
      2. Go directly to Indore. (I just have a doubt whether youwill have direct buses from Khandwa to Ujjain. Hence, ideal is to go to Indore.). Have a nice Lunch.
      3. From Indore, Ujjain is 70 Km and you will have a regular buses from there. At the max you can reach ujjain by evening.
      4. Get the accomodation very near to temple. you can find the accomodation inside the temple premises. if not you can also get near by hotels.
      5. Unfortunatley, you don’t have a chance to visit bhasma harathi. We need to register before 11.00 a.m for the next days visit. But you can visit the Harathi during evening at 7.00 pm and at 10.00 p.m. Harathi will great and there is no words to explain.
      6. Next day morning, again visit mahakal and have a local sight seeing.
      7. By evening, make sure you reach Omkareshwar. Have a nice accomodation at Shri Gajanan Maharaj Seva Sansthan Guest House. You will have a dinner from 7.00 to 9.00 pm. After that you will find difficult to get dinner outside guest house.
      8. Have early morning darshan at Omkareshwar.
      9. From Omkareshwar, Khandwa is 70 km. Easily, you can catch your train.

      All the best and have a most memorable journey in your life. Hope the above information is sufficient, if not please let me know any other info required for you. You can also contact me over phone 9866170767.

      Jai Mahakal

  • Kirit Doshi says:

    My Dear Uma,

    Pl note that there is a Luxury bus service by MPTDC plying between Ujjain and Omkareshwar. This time, at Shri Mukesh’s suggestion we tried that and cud get the bus resevation etc.
    It starts from Ujjain, just outside the Mahakal temple premises at about 0700AM. (Not sure of timings but it wud be a differencec of at the most 60 minutes.) Takes abt 5 hrs to reach Omkareshwar via Indore. And it returns from Omkareshwar to Ujjain earliest by 0300 P.M.

    After reaching Khandwa by abt 10 in the mrng and then from there to Omkareshwar 1st, have darshan pooja etc and then catch the MPDTC bus to reach Ujjain by early night hrs. U can do all these within 3-4 hrs that u’ll have.

    However my suggestion wud be to have some extra time and replan everything. Pl remember one generally goes to such places only once or at the most twice in the life time.

    Luxury bus service is not costly. I don’t remember exactly how much did we pay. If it is necessary I’ll check my records and can give u more info.

  • Kirit Doshi says:

    The luxury bus service between Ujjain and Omkareshwar is started recently.

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Murali & Kirit Bhai,
    I thank you both for providing Uma such an authentic and genuine information about Mahakaal and Omkareshwar tour.


  • Kirit Doshi says:

    The luxury bus leaves Mahakaleshwar ( Ujjain) at 0700 hrs and reaches Omkareshwar at abt 1100hrs. The return jrny from Omkareshwar to Ujjain starts at 1600 hrs from Omkareshwar bus stand to reach Ujjain at about 2000hrs. There are other private buses also.

    One way fare for the luxury bus is Rs.130/- ( plus Rs.10/- for the “agent’ for which no receipt is issued).

    Can &/or will, anyone provide more info on Pashupatinath at Kathmandu? With that we also plan to visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, and Pokhran in Nepal and Shravasti in India which is the birth place of Shri Sambahvanth, a Jain Tirthankar and has many Buddha temples .

  • umamaheswary says:

    Dear all,
    Thank u very much. Having gone through your suggestions, now I want to re plan my tour.It seems that we reach khandwa around 10 a.m.From there we may go to omkareswar and spending there till night is it possible to reach Ujjain by early hours so that bhasma harati ticket can be taken?spending there till early morning of next day,to return to Khandwa by 11 a.m.

    I think it makes our trip more meaningful.Please tell me the buses availability of buses from khandwa to Omkareswar and Omkareswar to Ujjain either directly or through Indore.Help me please.

    Thank u once again please

  • Murali says:

    Yes, this is much better. Directly go to Omkareshwar and then from there you can reach Ujjain. You can attend Bhasma Harathi on 11 early hours. You can get frequent direct buses from khandwa to Omkareswar and Omkareswar to Ujjain. Which train you are catching in Khandwa?

  • Umamaheswary says:


    Thank you very much. We have to catch Ajmeer -Hyderabad express at Khandwa at 11.40 a.m.Is it possible to reach Khandwa after Bhasma Hariti.Please advise me about the buses availability,their speed and their punctuality in M.P. Other wise alternates like Taxi etc.,

    Thank you once again please.


  • Kirit Doshi says:

    As full details not available I shall try to suggest what wud I do to attend the Bhashma Aarti at Mahakal also.
    Day 1 :- Reach Khandwa by train frm Hyd at abt 1000 AM. (The train cud be late. This factor I am ignoring!). Reach omkareshwar by about 1200-1300 hrs. Have darshan, perform pooja,abhishek etc. and catch the 1600 hrs bus to Ujjain. Skip the formal lunch if required! Reach Ujjain by abt 2000hrs. U can also plan (and extend) yr stay in Omkareshwar so that u do reach Mahakal temple in Ujjain in time to apply for the Bhashma Aarti of day 3.

    Day 2:- Apply for the next day Bhashma Aarti, in the early morning hrs. Then u r free for the whole day to do whatever u want in Ujjain!
    Day 3:- Reach Mahakal well in time before the start of Bhashma Aarti. That shud be over by 0530 hrs.
    Then u can catch the train for Hyd from Ujjain or Indore! Why do u want to go to Khandwa again? In all likely hood the Ajmer Hyd train wud either touch Indore or Ujjain or both. PL CHECK.

    BOTTOMLINE:- If u want to attend the Bhashma Aarti U have to apply one day in advance and that too before the schedule of closure. Some one has referred to these timings etc in the earlier mails. Pl check.

  • Venkata Chandra Sekhar says:

    Hi All,

    I’m from Hyderabad… Planning to visit Ujjain and Omkareshwar….I’m starting from Hyderabad on 25th April by Ajmer Express and getting down at Ujjain aorund 17:50 hrs on 26th April 2012 then planning to visit Mahakaleswar temple. my Question here is Can i fax the details to pandit in Ujjain to get registered and will be collecting on evening so that i can attend next day Bhashma Aarti .Since i have little time .Planing to start Omkareshwar on 27th morning and visiting the places there and staying in Omkareshwar ,please suggest good place,nextday morning traveling back to Khandwa and boarding the train at 11:45on 28th April and will be reaching hyderabad on 28th Mid night .Please give accomodation details at Ujjain and Omkareshwar and about Bhashma aarti darshan booking from hyderabad by sending the fax or xerox copy of driving licence and asking pandit to book for us ?

    Please give advise me , Murali please share your number or please contact me so that i can plan better 9963460002

  • Rakesh Sharma says:

    Hi alll

    We are planning from Delhi to vist Maha Kaleshwar Ujjain and from Ujjain to Om kareshwar / Mamleshwar and back to Indore. Can any one advise

    1. Economy neat and clean accommodation place near by temple? is it require to book in advance or we can book there, any telephone number

    2. How much time bus takes to reach Omkareshwar from Ujjan by bus? bus timings?

    3. Best (Economical, neat and clean) place to stay and for pure vegetarian food in Omkareshwar? Any Phone number? can we get accommodation after reaching there or we have to book in advance.

    4. Which is the best time to for Darshan at Om kareshwar?

    5. How far is Mamleshwar from Om Kareshwar? can we visit in one day.

    6. Bus timings from Om kareshwar to Indore? how much time it takes to reach Indore?

    Please mail your advise at my e.amil id rakesh.b.sharma@gmail.com also

    Thank you

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Mr. Rakesh,
    The post on which you have commented is authored by myself so you can directly put your queries to me. Also you can put your views here on the post.

    Coming to your queries:
    1&3. At omkareshwar, there is a very nicely maintained Shri Gajanan Sansthan Guest house near Mamleshwar Temple, but they don’t do advance booking and provide accomodation at first come first serve basis. At ujjain there is a Dharmshala run by Mahakaal temple trust, its behind Mahakal temple. If there is no any room vacant here you can find a lot of private hotels just in front of temple.
    2&6. MP Tourism runs AC bus facility between Ujjain and Omkareshwar, Bus Starts at 7:00 AM from Ujjain and reaches Omkareshwar at approx. 11:30 and from Omkareshwar Starts at 04:00 PM and reaches Ujjain at 08:00 PM for further details please log on MPTDC Website – http://www.mptourism.com/web/Transport/bus_service.ASP.
    4. Its good to have darshan in morning hours, Shayan aarti which starts at approx. 9 PM is worth watching.
    5. Omkareshwar and Mamleshwar are just on 5 minutes distance through ferry / motor boat. You can see Mamleshwar Temple easily from Omkareshwar temple easily.

    For any further query / help please feel free to contact me on my cell 7898909043 or my e mail id mukeshbhalse74@yahoo.co.in


  • rakesh Sharma says:

    Dear Mr Mukesh

    Thanks for nice advise.



  • ramachandrasekaran says:

    thank u all the ppl. who ‘ve posted & given valuable tips. i plan to visit bhima shankar/grishnesh/omkaresh/mahesh/mahakalesh/somnath/nageshwar in sep.2012. i shall post my experiences.
    After visit of jyothirlingas ,it is the custom of hindus to perform “samaradhana” (?????????)with rudra abhishek/archana/pooja with the help of good vedic pandits using the sacred waters which we brought from all these sacred rivers in our homes inviting our near&dear as a get -to gether & giving them the sacred waters after dinner with them &share the joy, bliss of our visits. This is done after completing the last leg of rameshwaram jyothirlinga &Dhanushkoti sea bath. This is for ur info.

  • Murali says:

    I am planning to visit Kedarnath in July. This will be the 9th Jyothirling that I will be visiting. The tour starts on July 22 2012 and ends on 27th July. This is a tour conducted by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam(gmvnl.com) which is a Uttarkhand govt. enterprise. The tour cost is very reasonable (Rs. 8200/-). this does not include food but includes stay and travel cost (visit the site for details). I understand that there are enough seats left in the tour and though they conduct multiple tours for which seats may be available, I thought that a trip with like minded people like you all would be a good experience. All those who are interested can book through online.

  • Murali says:

    Forgot to mention they have different tours and the tour I was referring to is Tour No. 1 in their list. The one that starts from Rishikesh and goes to Kedarnath and Badrinath. This seemed the shortest covering both the places and other important places enroute.

  • Kirit Doshi says:

    Goodluck Mr.Murli for your Kedarnath pilgrimage. In my opinion Himalayas + Cleanliness = Any place in Europe. Try to cover Chofta Valley , a place near national park for Kasturi Mrugs – deers.

    We can join you for a Pasupatinath – Nepal tour some time in February 2013. Interested?

    Also I request all the bloggers to guide us for that tour.

    • Murali says:

      Thank you for your wishes and suggestions Mr. Doshi. Since it is a guided tour not sure if they will be covering the same. I suppose one cannot go on his own to Kedarnath.

      I have actually covered Pasupatinath and can almost say that was the starting point, though I have not included the same in the Jyothirlingams visited. I covered it when I was on an official visit so may not be able to say much about accomodation etc since ours was already arranged. But the temple is quite close to the airport for those who want to fly down. I also understand that there are regular buses or so running from Gorakhpur, varanasi or Siliguri (http://www.seat61.com/Nepal.htm#Delhi%20to%20Kathmandu%20by%20train%20&%20bus). Just outside Pashupatinath temple there are a lot of shops selling Rudrakshas (single mukhi to 14 mukhis + Gowri Shankar rudraksh and Ganapati rudraksh). Apparently it is cheaper in Nepal since most of the Rudraksh trees are there (based on hearsay so not sure if it is true).

  • Ruchi says:

    Hello Mukesh Ji,

    Its really interesting to read the details. I am planning to visit in the month of Sep to Mahakaleshwar and Omkaleshwar.

    I wanted to check with you if there is any provision on Darshan pass for both the mandir’s? if yes is there a way to book the same online.

    your inputs will really help as we are visiting for the first time

  • Murali says:

    Hello Ruchi

    In my memory, there is no such thing as a darshan pass. In both the temples though there are priests who would be able to take you without waiting in the queue. In Omkareshwar temple if you are planning to use any of the pandits please ensure that you first decide and agree how much you would pay as they would otherwise lead you through an elaborate con job asking you to donate for brahmins well-being etc. Once they take you into the temple and bring you out, it is best to stay away from them because that is when the con job starts. If you are staying overnight, you will find that the temple is relatively empty after 5 pm.


  • Murali says:

    Hi Ruchi,

    I am Murali from Hyderabad. If you want to visit Bhasma Harathi at Mahakaleshwar Temple, then you required a Dharshan Pass before one at temple premises. It is explained above in the comments section, how you can get Dharshan Pass. If not you don’t require any Pass. Bhasma Harathi is only performed at Mahakaleshwar Temple, it is good to visit atleast once in their life time.

  • Sh.Mukeshji,, Very nice infm… We didn’t know, about Shivkothi,We will definitely visit next trip…

  • sujata venu says:

    Dear Mukesh ji

    Its really interesting to read the details. I am planning to visit in the month of Dec to Mahakaleshwar and Omkaleshwar along with my husband, children and mother.

    I wanted to check with you if there is any provision of booking rooms online at Shree Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Guest house or is the rooms are easily available. Also if you suggest some good place for stay at Ujjain

    your inputs will really help as we are visiting for the first time

    • Mukesh Bhalse says:

      Dear Sujata ji,
      Thanks you very much for commenting here. No, in Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan there is no any provision of advance / online booking. The only way to get an accommodation here is to approach directly to the sansthan after reaching Omkareshwar and normally you get a room here for sure, provided it is not a very special occasion / day.

      In Ujjain also, there is no any problem in getting a room in the dharmashala (Guest house ) run by Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple trust which is located just behind the temple. Even if you don’t get a room in this dharmasha, there are a lot of other options too. There are several dharmashala’s, Guest houses and private hotels just around Shri Mahakaal Temple on a walking distance.

      For any further assistance in this regard, you can contact me any time on my cell phone – 07898909043 or on my e mail – mukeshbhalse74@yahoo.co.in


  • Sweta says:

    Dear All,

    I want to plan a visit for Ujjain Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar and last indore. And i will be reach at ujjain on 26th Nov at early in the morning and my retruning ticktes is from indore on 29th Nov in the evening.

    Now pls suggest how can we plan for Darshan and sight scenes in Ujjain or omkareshwar and indore.
    pls also suggest for dharmashala for stay (Budget).

    Please explain in details.

    • Mukesh Bhalse says:

      Dear Shweta,

      On reaching Ujjain first you should book a room near by the Mahakaleshwar temple, Dharmashala’s, Guest houses and Hotels are available in plenty just on a walking distance from Mahakal shrine. After checking in and taking bath you should move to Temple for having darshan of Mahakaaleshar Jyotirling, It would take approx 1.5 hour in queue and entire process of darshan will take 2 and a half hour.

      After darshan and Abhishek (based on your will) you hire a cab or Auto Rickshaw for Ujjain Darshan. Auto rickshaw will charge approx Rs. 300 and also Ujjain Darshan Buses run by MP Tourism are available on per person charge approx Rs. 60. Cab may charge Rs. 800 – 1000. After Ujjain Darshan you can use remaining time for rest and leisure at your hotel.

      In next day’s morning (27.11.2012) I suggest you to leave for Omkareshwar. MP Tourism runs Bus from Ujjain to Omkareshwar. It starts from Ujjain, just outside the Mahakal temple premises at about 0700AM. (Not sure of timings but it wud be a differencec of at the most 60 minutes.) Takes abt 5 hrs to reach Omkareshwar via Indore. And it returns from Omkareshwar to Ujjain earliest by 0300 P.M. So you’ll reach Omkareshwar at 12.00 noon.

      After reaching here take a room in Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan guest house, Check in and take some rest. Leave hotel for darshan at both Omkareshwar and Mamleshwar Jyotirling and get Abhishek done if you want. Stay night here in Omkareshwar.

      Next day (28.11.12) start Omkaar Parikrama (Circumambience of Omkaar hill), It takes approx four hours, you should start it as earliest as possible in the morning, after completing Parikrama return to hotel and have some rest and take your lunch. At 3.00 PM catch MP Tourism bus which will take you to Indore.

      In Indore have an accommodation and evening you can plan for your sight seeing here. There is nothing remarkable in Indore Except Lal baag palace and Raajwada (I would suggest you not to plan anything for Indore and Just move to Dewas which has a spectacular and beautiful temple of godess chamunda on the hilltop).

      On 29.11.2012 I don’t know at what time your train will leave, If time permits visit Lalbag Palace/ Rajwada.In case of any further assistance please feel free to call me on my cell no. 7898909043 or you can send your queries on my e mail – mukeshbhalse74@yahoo.co.in


  • sweta says:

    Thank you very much sir for your nice replying..

  • sweta says:

    Please tell a safe place for taking bath (Shipra And Narmda) we dont know swimming.

    • Mukesh Bhalse says:

      In Ujjain you can take a safe bath in Kshipra river on Ram Ghat and also you can enjoy boating here. In Omkareshwar the ghat is just below the Omkareshwar jyotirling temple where you can have holy bath or you can go to Naagar ghat (The main bridge devides the Omkareshwar temple and Naagar ghat) or Triveni ghaat which is just above the Omkareshwar temple.


  • sweta says:

    what about 84 mahadevs in ujjain..how can we visit?

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    They are small small shivlinga temples spread in the city of Ujjain. But all 84 are not available now some of them are unavailable. Its not popular here to visit them and even I don’t have much information about them.


  • Satya says:

    Hi Mukesh,

    Thanks a lot for all the valuable information that you have provided on this site. I need some additional info. I am planning to go to Shirdi from Omkareshwar. What is the better route? Do you want me to take Indore route or Khandwa route? How long it takes from Omkareshwar to Khandwa in bus? Are there any busses from Khandwa to Shirdi?

    Thanks in advance,

  • bharat says:

    Thanks for your info, I am looking for bhasma aarti at mahakaleshwar temple, Lastly i went some 6 years back, I stood at the temple entrance by night 2am, early morning i was able to view the bhasma arti. After the artti i went in and poured milk on the Lord. Won’t this be possible next month?
    1. Without any pass won’t i be able to view the bhasma aarti?
    2. Won’t the temple allow me to do abishek of the LORD?


  • BNShanbhag says:

    Thanks for all information by pilgrims visited omkareshwar & Ujjain and GOD BLESS them all and the web site in particular. The information are crystal clear and should be useful to me as I will be visiting on this sunday 17th Feb 2013 and 18th/19th at Ujjain. I have booked for Bhasma Arti on online and I got receipt for that also. No cost at all.Amazing. I believe my journey shall be smooth with all these information.
    Smile improves face value
    Have a nice time

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