Manali and around / Hotel review: Tourist Hotel

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Now after sharing our main focus in the previous parts of story, I should give some words about the hotel as well.

Tourist Hotel, perfect venue to stay

Tourist Hotel, perfect venue to stay

While choosing the hotel, I had four things in mind; Cost, Parking facility, location and good reviews. While the rates may vary over time, Rs. 1150/- per day was quite reasonable for the season even if late of June and one doesn’t expect five star facilities but trust me, there was nothing left to us to wish for.

युथ होस्टल कैम्प – घर से बाहर एक प्यारा सा घर (YHAI)…

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Table of contents for हिमाचल (शिमला-कुल्लु-मनाली) यात्रा

  1. कालका-शिमला पर्वतीय रेल – एक अद्भुत सफ़र
  2. सपनों का शहर शिमला
  3. युथ होस्टल कैम्प – घर से बाहर एक प्यारा सा घर (YHAI)…


इस श्रंखला की पिछली पोस्ट में आपने पढा की रात लगभग आठ बजे हम लोग शिमला से मनाली के लिए हिमाचल परिवहन की बस में सवार हो गए, हमें मनाली से कुछ पंद्रह किलोमीटर पहले उतरना था क्योंकि हम वहां 19 से 21 मई तक चार दिन युथ होस्टल एसोसिऎशन औफ़ इंडिया के फ़ैमिली एडवेंचर कैंप में रहने वाले थे. यह जगह कुल्लू-मनाली रोड़ पर स्थित एक कस्बे पतलीकुहल के पास ब्यास नदी के किनारे थी.

कैम्प का प्रवेश द्वार

My Udaipur Diary – 8 must visit local places

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It is often called ‘Venice of the East’ or ‘city of Lakes’. It is located in Southern Rajasthan and very close to Gujarat. One can reach here easily by road and rail. Udaipur is famous for its lakes, gardens, palaces (many of which are now converted into luxury hotels), arts, crafts and about its miniature paintings. Every year many foreign and domestic tourists visited it.

As the distance from Gurgaon to Udaipur is 650 kms and road condition on Delhi-Jaipur Expressway is not good due to on going construction, we decided to go by train. I searched on IRCTC website for tickets but due to ongoing school vacations all trains were booked. My friend advised me to take a break journey from Gurgaon to Jaipur and then take the train from Jaipur to Udaipur as there is more chances to get a reservation from Jaipur. We did the same thing, boarded the Ranikhet Express (Kathgodam to Bikaner). We reached Jaipur railway station and enquired for the train’s seat from the reservation center for Udaipur. We came to know that during vacations special Holiday Express – Lakecity Train runs daily. We immediately booked the tickets and luckily we also managed to get the reservation for our return journey on Chetak Express.

After crossing Ajmer Junction our train stopped at Nasirabad station where we saw a very big Kachori. The name for this big Kachori is Kachora. Kachora is very big round shape chapatti/kachori (bigger than the serving plates – please see the picture in google as I forgot to click it). The weight of one kachora is more than a Kg. It is made of dal, potato and local spices. It’s the most famous mouth morning snack in this area. Our fellow passengers told us that this is only found in Nasirabad and not any other part of the Rajasthan and many people specially came here to eat it.

Finally we reached Udaipur in the afternoon and here is my guide of “10 Must visit places within Udaipur”

Weekend trip to Corbett Tiger Reserve from Noida

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Hello Everyone,

Guys, it was all about my planning skills that I have made a 2-day trip to cover the most areas of Nainital and nearby Jim Corbett Park and that too with full enjoyment. So here is all about my and my hubby’s journey that starts from Noida. Previously, we were thinking to go by our car but I thought that will be costly and risky so I suggested to go by public transport as it can be more adventurous. I cover only 2 days as office work didn’t allow me to take leave on weekdays so me and my hubby thought of spending our weekend in near-by cool destination. We have already been to Mussoorie in Feb so this time is for Jim Corbett and Nainital. Below is the successfully executed plan:-

I have booked a Tatkal ticket from Ghaziabad to Ramnagar as Ramnagar is the nearest station to Jim Corbett. The Tatkal train tickets 3AC for 2 cost me about Rs. 2064. On 27 Jun 2014 after leaving from office, we reached to Ghaziabad station at 11:00 pm. Our train “Ranikhet Express” timings were 11:20 pm and the train arrived at Ghaziabad station at the right time. The train was in good condition in cleanliness.

On 28 Jun 2014 at 6:00 am, we reached at Ramnagar station. From there we took a shared auto till Ramnagar bus stand. As we decided to stay in a hotel near Ramnagar bus stand so that next day we can take the bus to Nainital easily. Ramnagar is a small town but it is good. The hotels are Ok Ok.

At 7:00 am we booked a room in hotel “Hotel Everest” for Rs. 1000 for one night stay. The hotel is nice and we ate breakfast near the hotel only. As we were having sufficient time so we thought to visit Garjia Temple and we took a shared auto to Garjia. It is 45 mins journey. It is situated near Kosi river. The river is so clean and many pilgrims were taking holy bath there. Then we visited nearby Jim Corbett Museum. And in 2-3 hrs, we returned back to our hotel and took the lunch and then took some rest.

Beautiful View of Kosi River

Beautiful View of Kosi River

Road Journeys – Mount Abu: “An oasis in the Desert”

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Mt. Abu, with an altitude of merely 1220 meter is the only hill-station in Rajasthan. It attracts maximum tourists from Gujrat for its very easy access, being at the borders and also serves as a water hole for booze parties. The shop owners and hoteliers are mostly Gujratis or can speak Gujrati fluently due to their largest inflow. It would be however, injustice on the part of this extremely charming and soothing place, if it is underestimated as a place for boozing only.

Post Card View of Abu

Post Card View of Abu