Naukuchiatal – a comfortable weekend getaway with family

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Our Visit to Naukuchiatal – June 11 to June 14, 2015

To write or not to write? That was the question:-
I was actually in three minds whether to write this Post or not, because:
– it was such a short trip-just 4 days and 370km!
– quite a few other ghumakkars had already written about this place accompanied with some great pictures, I read all those posts.
– and got the feeling that this place, a lake among many others was just a place only for “touch & go”, done it, and not for a 4-day stay.

On top of it all, I had nothing new to say about this place, and felt like a Pigmy among Giant Ghumakkars like Mahesh Semwal,Vishal Rathod, Uday Baxi, Mukesh Bhalse, Vibha, Ram Dhall AND not forgetting the World-Trotter Nandan Jha!

But we decided to go to Naukuchiatal and write about OUR experience of the place, for our memory.

The Lake of all Seasons

The Lake of all Seasons

The motivation to go to any nearby hillstation was two-fold. 1, our grand-daughter, who had come to Gurgaon to do her internment with one of the companies as her Fist-year project, had completed it and was flying back to her institute for her final year. So we wanted to spend some quality time together, peacefully. And 2, as someone said, it was the time of the year when one must rekindle one’s affair with the hills. So we took the path most taken and the nearest – Naukuchiatal!

रंगीला पंजाब – चंडीगढ़ में एक दिन

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अभी तक आपने अमृतसर के दो दिनों के बारे में पढ़ा। प्रोत्साहात्मक टिप्पणियों के अलावा कीमती सुझाव भी मिले जिनका ध्यान इस पोस्ट में रखने का पूरा प्रयत्न करूंगा।

अमृतसर से ट्रेन चली तो जालंधर, लुधिअना, मोरिंडा और मोहाली होती हुई कुछ 4.30 घंटे में चंडीगढ़ रात 10 बजे पहुंची। स्टेशन से निकल कर होटल टॉय के लिए ऑटो लिया और 20 मिनट में हम होटल पहुँच गए। वहां पता लगा कि हमारा रूम कॉम्प्लिमेंटरी अपग्रेड कर दिया गया है और हमें सुइट दिया गया।

यह होटल सेक्टर 34 की मार्किट में है और एक अच्छा बजट होटल है। रूम टैरिफ Rs. 3000 से 4000 तक है जिसमें ब्रेकफास्ट शामिल है। हमारा रूम बहुत ही बड़ा था। होटल मैन रोड पर होने के बावजूद रूम बिलकुल साउंड प्रूफ था। दिन भर के थके हम जल्दी जल्दी डिनर कर के सो गए। होटल का खाना काफी अच्छा है और प्रति सर्विंग में मात्रा भी काफी ज्यादा है।

Hotel Toy room

Hotel Toy room

Parasnath Hill – completing the revered pilgrimage with Jal Mandir, Madhuban and more temples

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Table of contents for Parasnath Temple

  1. Parasnath Hill – the revered pilgrimage of Shikharji in Giridih
  2. Parasnath Hill – completing the revered pilgrimage with Jal Mandir, Madhuban and more temples

Jal Mandir is a work of art made out of white marble, where civil engineering and aesthetic sense joined hands together to create a poetry in stone. Art work in the ceiling was different from the other temple we visited on way. There was a lotus, but was a small one, pink coloured, unlike the nearly wall to wall marble work we saw in the previous temple. Even the gate, “Parshwa Sushil Dwar” was magnificent, where sculpture of mythological security persons and various religious symbols were depicted.

Ceiling of Jal Mandir

Ceiling of Jal Mandir

Rajat in front of “Parshwa Sushil Dwar”of Jal Mandir

Rajat in front of “Parshwa Sushil Dwar”of Jal Mandir

Majestic Ladakh : Shanti Stupa and Sindhu Ghat

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Shanti Stupa

The most famous tourist attraction in Leh is Shanti Stupa. Why? Well, it’s not easy to say one reason. The architecture of the stupa as well as its location attracts the visitors most. As the name suggests, the Shanti Stupa is a part of the world peace pagoda mission. To promote world peace and commemorate the 2500 years of Buddhism, it was built by Japanese and Ladakhi Buddhists. Different in architecture from the Ladhaki style, this white dome Stupa (Chorten) was built facing the Leh Palace on a steep hilltop at Changspa which locates 5 kms from Leh. Construction work of the Stupa was started in the year 1983 and it was inaugurated by his holiness 14th Dalai Lama (also the present Dalai Lama) ‘Tenzin Gyatso’ in August 1991.

Shanti Stupa in Leh

Shanti Stupa in Leh

Kaila Devi Darshan – The deity of Durga Ma

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From where to start… the silly question always strikes in my mind, whenever I get done with my tremendous trip & try to pen down something, especially when I try to write something about my travel, its experiences etc. How could I express how it felt then? Should I follow a story telling method or write a simple experience note? Or should I go for some other modern method. Naah… !!!! But whatever method I adopt (you are critic for my write-ups), I always try to be informative rather than talking about my enjoyment. So that my readers, the fellow travelers, can plan their trip accordingly. It doesn’t mean if I like something then the others may have same feeling and vice versa…

For many days, my wife was after me to plan for Kaila Devi (Karauli, Rajasthan), their family’s Kul Devi. Due to the pressure of a same-day return and the hectic journey of 700KM, I kept delaying with  lots of excuses. Next thing is I don’t like to go to any temple due to the pandas and their racket of fooling people. She requested me several times that we need to go for a blessing for our daughter. It is not a point of having faith or not, but as the Kul Devi of their family, it is my duty to respect their feelings. The request came into full force when the father-in-law bought ad new XUV. So, we decided to go on 14th June.


Large bell at the entrance of the temple – donated by someone